Friday, October 26, 2012

Again; and Maybe this Time with Feeling

One can hardly write opinion pieces anymore. The rich are rich and just keep getting richer and the rest of us are stagnant if we're lucky and worsening if we're not. All three branches of government in The FUSA (The Formerly United States of America) are owned by The Corporatocracy and one has to be wealthy to even think about running for national or even state office. This means that one has to be part of the wealthy class before one gets into office. Once in office, who do we think members of the wealthy class will support?

The Corporatocracy owns the media; so I ask, is there still an Occupy Wall Street?

So all OpEds are the same. They state what I just stated or they play along with "let's play American politics." Some people actually still believe that there will be a difference if Barack Romney or Mitt Obama is elected corporate front man.

However, I was inspired to write this piece by a bait and switch which one of my service providers is attempting to pull on me. This service provider has very few competitors and is one of the largest American corporations.

I will not go into detail about my own personal situation. What follows has been written and said thousands and thousands of times, but Americans don't seem to want to bother doing what has to be done to change the status quo. Consequently, the only difference I see between what I and others have previously written and what follows is the intensity of the ultimate conclusion, however one wants to take it.

The earth has just so many resources. CEOs and top officers of many, not all, but many corporations, especially American corporations, are on their yachts, discussing where their third, fourth or fifth home should be. They continue to accrue riches by misleading customers like me. They also behave immorally in other ways for certain. Mistreating customers is not the only way they become wealthier and wealthier. I'm not writing this because of my heritage, but the Cosa Nostra has nothing on these corporate miscreants.

Naomi Klein brilliantly showed us how corporate villains take advantage of disasters which befall nations in the global south in her book SHOCK DOCTRINE. In fact, these billionaires are probably wondering how to reassemble Haiti to make it a paradise for other millionaires and billionaires to use for vacations. As they do in Jamaica and other nations in the global south, they are most likely planning to use the people who live in Haiti to work at their resorts, paying them, at most, subsistence wages.

This opinion piece is about people who are worth billions continuing to behave unethically and immorally in order to get more billions! This is about CEOs and top officers of corporations talking about buying more homes or yachts or jets or other luxuries that the vast majority of us believe that one does not need. Even if we were given the opportunity, I believe that most of us would gladly pay more taxes to help those who are less fortunate in lieu of owning such unnecessary luxuries.

What do Americans do about it? We "occupy Wall Street". We purchase Halloween costumes which depict skeletons so that we can show our fellow citizens that people in the world, like the people in Haiti, are starving and, hopefully, we tug on the heart strings of the billionaires. We carry fake coffins while walking down the middle of streets in major cities. Or, as some would have us do, we get arrested daily for blocking entrances to certain buildings or handcuffing ourselves to fences.

We find our way into meetings of wealthy people and either do what's come to be known as a human sound check or break out into song and dance. We're removed from these places within seconds and the people at the meeting get quite a laugh out of the stunt. It, for sure, doesn't move even one of them to think of income disparity differently than they thought of it before the stunt was undertaken.

Our children and grandchildren will, as surfs, or possibly even as straight out slaves, appreciate our walking down the streets of this country dressed as skeletons or carrying fake coffins. Protesters in the Formerly United States of America aren't peaceful, they're chicken shit.

How has this worked so far?

We "peacefully" demonstrate, looking like fools with our painted faces, our costumes and our fake coffins and they respond with violence. They pepper spray us and throw tear gas canisters into crowds of unarmed people. Do you know why they respond with violence? They respond with violence because that's all they understand and it really works for them. They want the oil in Iraq? They tell the so called government to start a war. Is this not correct?

They respond with violence because they know we're peaceful and we won't physically force ourselves into their gated communities and disturb their lives or force ourselves into their offices and truly occupy those offices.

As the Vietnam War progressed, The Students for a Democratic Society, The Black Panthers, The Weathermen and other groups became less and less nonviolent. Finally, the war, the true war at home, became too much for the government and the hawks to handle and, just like that, after 58,000 Americans were killed on the basis of lies told by the president of the United States, we were no longer at war in Vietnam. In fact, the Vietnamese people are, today, just another civilization that billionaires keep in squalor by using their labor but paying them little to nothing. Feel good about any of those 58,000 deaths now?

The CEOs, top shareholders and top officers of most American corporations no longer serve a useful purpose in American society. They add nothing of value to it and take as much from it as they can. When someone or something not only has outlived its usefulness, but is standing in the way of true human progress, it is removed. The people to whom I refer are impediments to the success of most of the citizens who live in The FUSA. In fact, they are the reason I've been adding the word "Formerly" to The United States of America for quite a while. The most fruitful interaction that these filthy rich people have had with most American citizens is to turn those citizens against one another. They've done this to prevent American eyes from seeing who the people behind the downfall of the working class really are. They are no longer needed and they have to go.

They're not impressed by Halloween costumes or painted faces.

They're not impressed by fake coffins.

They're not impressed by human sound checks or spontaneous song and dance.

They're not impressed by people who continue to get themselves arrested for temporarily blocking building entrances or handcuffing themselves to fences.

The good news is there is no need to impress them. They merely have to be removed from the picture.

People can remind me that Martin Luther King was arrested frequently and he and his followers protested peacefully while the authorities used violence. At that time, it looked bad for a president who was killing young Americans in Vietnam. What made it look bad was the fact that the media actually showed the protest activities. Johnson finally had to do something about it.

However, that was then and this is now. Today, Martin Luther King or Gandhi or any of those we hold up as peaceful resisters would be laughed at just as much as today's protesters are mocked and ignored. In 1965, corporations did not totally run this nation -- this world. If Martin Luther King was protesting peacefully today, we may not even know it. The media would not allow the rest of us to see the speech he made from the Lincoln Memorial, one of the greatest speeches ever delivered. Unethical corporations own all of the media and that speech might or might not be mentioned on the nightly news. Of course, Fox News would cover it as if King was an outlier, a troublemaker who hated successful people and the millions of people who mentally fellate each and every reporter or pundit who works for Fox News, as well cretins such as Rush Limbaugh, would believe them. Don't use Doctor King as an example to prove that peaceful resistance works; use Doctor King as an example to show that peaceful resistance worked at one time.

And the wealthy keep getting more of our money. Do you not believe that we're tucking Mark Zuckerberg more comfortably into the 1% by letting him and his sponsors lead us to see Facebook, Twitter and other publically traded "social media" as positive entities? Were there not so called unsponsored, untraded Message Boards online at one time that basically served the same purpose? This is how we will lose -- are losing - the neutrality of the internet, folks. Corporate America has figured out a way to take over the internet and we're helping them.

As I originally mentioned, we know who's destroying the lives of so many people in The FUSA and around the world. If they were no longer in power, what a wonderful world it could be! However someone has to remove them from power. There are many, many, many more of us than there are of them. I'm just sayin', ya know?

There's a line in a song made popular by The Who. The song is "We Won't Get Fooled Again". The line is, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Maybe this opinion piece might lead one to believe that, if we get rid of them, we'll just get more of them in their place. This lecture by Economics Professor Richard Wolff presents an alternative to that. It's long, but anything but boring. He's a dynamic speaker and makes a whole hell of a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, I bet you'll be able to buy Halloween costumes cheaply on November 1.

To friendship,

“Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.” - ThomasH. Huxley
“Soldiers Of Peace”