Sunday, May 30, 2010

Follow-Up to Arizona Article

The news outlet for whom I work, OpEdNews, has recently strongly suggested to authors that they should be the first to comment on their own articles. The Editor-In-Chief of OEN, Rob Kall, insists that this will “prime the pump” for further comment and help increase the popularity of article. Hey, Rob’s the boss and I, therefore, believe him. I’ve always believed my bosses (whether I did or I didn’t).

At my age, I don’t write to impress an English teacher. I write because I believe that’s how I can best help make changes in the world. I write with the idea of either influencing another or, if I’m convinced that my thoughts and/or approach aren’t the best, to make changes in the way I think.

Consequently, increasing the popularity of any article I write would naturally be something that I’d want to do. So, I, as suggested, made the first comment to my article.

If anyone wants to add any further comments, feel free to do so. You can find the article at “Arizona, My Personal Assessment of Some Obvious Facts”.

However, I’m not sending this out to solicit comments for my article. I wrote my pump priming comment and, as I read it, it dawned upon me that it would be an appropriate stand alone follow-up to the article. It’s in this spirit that you are now receiving it.

By the way, even though I’ve tried to steer clear of run-on sentences in the past with mixed success, if read with the passion I possessed while writing this article, I find the run-on sentences to be good tools.

And so the comment begins:

This (Arizona’s march toward ethnic cleansing) is just more proof that teabaggers don't know the difference between capitalism and corporatism.

This is just more proof of their unbridled enthusiasm to be against anything “the other side holds dear” rather than learning what they’re against and making up their own reality show drenched excuse for a collective mind.

Many conservatives say that Americans are too lazy to work, no matter that the jobs have been pulled out from under them. I don’t believe that’s true. I think many Americans are too lazy to think. I know damn well that, as long as they have people like Limbaugh and Beck and Insanity giving them their thinking orders, they’ll remain too lazy to read.

This is just more proof that many Americans will work as hard as they can against their own best interests.

This is more proof that Western Europeans took a perfectly good land away from competent gatekeepers and, in a mere 390 years, killed off the responsible keepers of the land, ruined the vast majority of that land, expanded to other lands in which they had no business being and ruined many of those lands and killed many of their inhabitants and have become whiny, self-centered, materialistic, narcissistic hypocrites whose main goal is to increase and hoard personal wealth and to turn their backs on anyone who may be in need while talking about christian values, family values and the value of owning an arsenal of guns with which any one of them could have defeated both the north and the south in The Civil War.

This is more proof that the democratic capitalism experiment that’s been tried in The FUSA has been a dismal failure because democratic capitalism, the way “capitalism” has been played out in The FUSA, is a contradiction in terms.

This is more proof that national sovereignty is in the last steps of giving way to corporate globalization and, if it’s not somehow miraculously stopped, our “posterity”, to use the word of The Constitution, will be singing anthems to corporations before sporting events in the future and places of worship will not be Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Islamic or Mormon, but will be Hewlett Packard, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs, AIG, Bank of America, etc.

For you believers, you followers of those violent and hate filled books, to mix metaphors, your golden calf has come home to roost and you’ll have no Moses to square you away this time. There won’t merely be one bush burning this time. The whole planet will burn and, while it’s burning, the CEO of some corporation or some corporate sycophant masquerading as a politician will be fiddling that corporate favorite “Accidents Happen”.

To friendship,

“I think the world is run by 'C' students.” - Al McGuire

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