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And Then There Was This Two Year Old

(originally published by OpEdNews)

You may have been asking yourself, “Hey, where’s that guy who wrote those outstanding articles about letters written to the editor?” nutritious

Well, I don’t know where that guy is, but you may remember I wrote some columns which were inspired by letters to the editor as well. I stopped doing that, at least for a while. Maybe for good, who knows?

One of the reasons I’ve stopped writing those particular columns was that far too many of the letters to which I responded were written by people who were exercising their first amendment right to exhibit the courage to write about subjects without the safety net of factual information. I found myself lately defending President Barack Obama. The issues that the people were choosing to write about dealt mostly with the economy. The letter writers were accusing Obama and the Democratic Party of attempting to create a Socialist nightmare within the borders of The United States, as well as Hawaii and Alaska. I felt it necessary to remind people that even a Libertarian government which federalized a miniscule armed force would be practicing socialism. A lot of the benefits of living in the US are the results of socialist systems.

A lot of the real estate upon which tax hating, tea bagging racists held their “passionate”, “grass roots” protests were state or federal parks paid for with taxes. It would have been neat if Obama showed up at one of those so called rallies and said, “All of you tax haters, get off the grass.”

There was the letter writer who wrote that Obama was pushing that rotten Stimulus Package, meant to help the economy “unBush” by giving the states money to pump into their education programs, fix godawful roads and other infrastructure. He wrote that Obama’s methodology of getting this legislation passed was a “my way or the highway” approach.

I don’t think I reminded the writer of anything because I don’t believe the writer has ever heard of OpEdNews or even Common Dreams or maybe even MSNBC. Besides, who has time to read or watch that propaganda when you know exactly where to go to get a “fair and balanced” news report? However, I did respond by reminiscing about Bush’s Iraq War, preemptively started to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction punish Iraq for its part in 9/11 as proven by the infamous yet mythical meeting in Prague free the Iraqi people from the torture of Saddam Hussein and give them some variety by introducing them to our own brand of torture knit some democracy for the Iraqi people. I reminisced about The Front Man’s diplomatic “You’re either with us or against us” message to our “allies”.

Of course what makes the Stimulus Package so disgusting is the fact that it’s going to strap future generations with taxes needed to pay for it. The invasion of Iraq? That’s going to strap them as well, as the money for most of that worthwhile war was extracted from The Department of No Fucking Thing.

The final letter I’ll mention is one written by a woman who was certain Obama was not going to close Gitmo, that he made that promise just to get elected and that he was either a liar or too stupid to realize that closing Gitmo would not be a piece of cake. The letter was published on the day on which Obama signed the order that would have Gitmo closed within a year. I hope that this fortune teller, aka, Obama hater, doesn’t dabble in the horses or hounds. It appears that she may possess a propensity for guessing wrong.

As mentioned, I defended Obama in some of my responses. However, I was frustrated with the shallowness and even the poorly veiled racism that propelled these writers to write first and check facts – never! Maybe, just maybe, as I was “giving Obama his chance to prove to me that he was really sincere and was not just another one of them, I was arguing against poorly researched and emotional letters written by people that are just pissed that Senator White from Indiana or Congressman White from Georgia, all white and shiny and phony to the most casual of observers aren’t in the White House instead of a Mulatto who definitely fits the description of an African American and even likes basketball. When he speaks, he sometimes lets loose some of that “Black” accent, that homey speak which just proves his inferiority to those who protested with tea bags and Jim Crow sentiments.

I repeat that, however marveled I was that a Black man was elected President of the United States of America by a significant margin, I did listen to his foreign policy plans and I did note that he voted to give a pass to communications corporations that worked with The Regime in its attempt to secretly spy on anyone, American citizen or not, and made sport of some of the more “humorous” dialogues between two parties who they knew were not in any way, shape or form connected with terrorism of any kind.

You may believe that Middle Easterners hijacked planes on 9/11 as well as where that story goes. I submit if you believe that, you believe it because the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists are obviously wrong and you probably aren’t going to “waste your time” researching any of the facts that, basically, make a fool of you for believing the government sponsored fairy tale. I submit you haven’t read nearly enough if you disagree with any of the arguments which demand a real investigation into what happened on 9/11 to, first and foremost, decide “who done it”. If you’ve done any research, you wouldn’t be fair to deny that there was any reason to begin a real investigation starting from that point.

However, let’s say, just for giggles and whatever else, that the government sponsored attempt to outdo Grimm’s Fairy Tales is honest injun true. We all know what happened.

At first we were told that Al Qaeda, based in Afghanistan, was responsible for what happened on that day. If I remember correctly, at one of the more sober “vigils” in response to this attack, a New York firefighter or policeman, one or the other, walked out on stage, dropped drawer and honored us with a look at his crack while he yelled, “You can kiss my white Irish ass, Osama bin Laden.”

I can’t help but believe that this man and his white Irish ass were on the front line cheering when The Regime decided to send troops into Iraq, a move having nothing to do with bin Laden’s desire or ability to kiss any white Irish ass. There was yet another American surge of blind hate toward an ethnic group about which most Americans knew/know little if anything. This placed The Front Man high in his diamond studded saddle as he rode into the sunset to invade Iraq for what Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and other non-Iraqi related entities did on 9/11/01. Clear, lucid thought was not part of the process in this “hate anyone who might be mistaken for an Arab” fest.

If Osama bin Laden coordinated what happened on 9/11 from Afghanistan and we had reason to capture or kill him, most preferably capture him to get him to talk, we should have sent some of our sharp shooting, never missing, super duper Navy Seals, Marine Green Berets, Army Rangers, Delta Force or The Air Force Commandos to flush out Osama bin Laden quicker than one can say “Allah is great.” We could have even sent the CIA covert Special Commandos to track down the overpowering desert rat and cave dweller, capture him and bring him to face trial for the crime he supposedly “blessed”.

I don’t know for sure, but when I hear three Navy Seals knocked off three pirates with three bullets, I can’t help but think that these special operations units could have tracked down and captured bin Laden by now with one hand tied behind their backs.

But, no, he and his magic troop of mountain climbers seem to be too much for our super duper shooters and trackers and covert James Bonds.

Why go after the guy who did it, if that’s what you insist on believing without bothering to read that “other crap” which you know has no merit? No. Listen to the Front Man tell you it was bin Laden and then hang Saddam Hussein. And, most importantly of all, no matter what the facts may prove, stick your fingers in your ears and say, “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, I can’t hear what you’re saying, nah, nah, nah, nah” like big boys and girls.

I really didn’t want to write quite so much of what’s already been written by people who’ve poured hour upon hour over all the evidence from all angles.

I did want to write that Obama has finally proved that he is the new Front Man.

“See these? These are memos that prove The Regime tortured in violation of domestic and international law. But we must move forward so that it never happens again. If we release these memos, it’ll teach some future Regime that it better never commit war crimes or maybe the next administration will publicize those war crimes. Of course, they’ll also want to look forward.”

“OK, your honor, sure my client murdered his wife. But will prosecuting him bring her back. Of course not. She’s gone, your honor and I promise that my client won’t do it again, especially now that everyone knows. Wallowing in the past won’t bring her back. Looking to a future where no other wife will ever be murdered again is what we have to do.”

“Oh, you’re so right. You’re so forgiving in a Christian sort of way and, as we are a Christian nation, your client is released pending the promise that he will not kill another wife and, as far as he’s concerned, no man will kill another wife for fear that the murder may be revealed in a court of law.”

We invaded Iraq. It was wrong. We never captured bin Laden because, let’s face it, our lame special ops forces on whom we waste so much taxpayer money are just not up to the task. Mark that down, another tea party aimed at wasting the taxpayer money on special ops groups who can’t capture one man because they just don’t have that kind of talent.

Obama’s as much as admitted it, right? He’s not sending any special ops forces to Afghanistan to capture bin Laden. Like The Regime, he’s sending thousands of troops to build a Kabul Disneyworld. And when the first of his troops dies, he’ll make a speech, like the Front Man before him, saying, “Oh yeah, well it hurts my feelings, too, ya know. I almost started crying last night. But we must continue the effort so that Al Qaeda and The Taliban have no place to go and practice. If we make Afghanistan a democracy in our own image, where will The Taliban go and practice? Afghanistan is its last refuge. Turn Afghanistan into a democracy with a Starbuck’s on every corner and that’s it for The Taliban. Where else in the world could they go to practice being bad guys? We will have stopped them. It’s a small world after all.”

Politicians have to spend upwards of $70 million dollars to buy the presidency. That’s the way Americans like it. They like two years of stupid, brainless political commercials which talk about everything but the issues. $70 million to run for president. Is the most qualified person to be a really effective president residing here in the US? My guess is absolutely. Will he or she come up with the $70 million dollars to make a run at it? Probably not. However, if he or she does come up with it, he or she will have ceased to be the most qualified candidate. It’s just the nature of the game.I saw my two and a half year old granddaughter today. I hadn’t seen her in a over a year. My she’s gotten big. I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face or the joy from my heart. She may be taxed to kingdom come when she’s older in order to pay for what was done well before she even knew what a tax is.

Right now, today, I saw her and, believe me, she’s just beautiful. I love her. And that’s life! The rest of the stuff I wrote about above should be land-filled, along with the thespians who make their dirty money perpetuating the hate between right, left, red, blue, green. It’s their living. Keep this half of America hating the other half and the money will continue to flow into your pockets.

Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Bill O’Reilly, Thom Hartmann, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow, all of you. Your paymaster is hate and as long as he’s alive, you’ll do well for yourselves.

Even Thom Hartmann who is maybe the most knowledgeable of all who own voodoo dolls does nothing with his impressive repetition of history short of validating that hateful division between one half of human kind and the other half. This keeps vegetables on the tables of people who make a living of exploiting the division.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a beautiful little girl to spend a week with. Keep up the good fight, no matter what side you’re on. It’s good for you and your bank accounts.

Oh, by the way, Sean, Thom, Keith, Ed, Glenn, Rachel, if you truly attempted a small degree of introspection, something that I’m sure scares the bejesus out of each and every one of you, you’d realize that, as much as Americans hate one another, your insistence upon broadcasting that hate does nothing but grow it. You won’t look within yourselves. After all, promotion into a higher tax bracket is your goal and that introspection would just ruin the whole thing.

“To friendship,

“When we got into office, the thing that surprised me the most was that things were as bad as we'd been saying they were.” - John F. Kennedy

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