Monday, March 02, 2009


(originally published at OpEdNews)

I hope that you allow me this small space for a personal utterance.

I’m very passionate about what goes on in the world. Innocent men, women and children die daily so that a particular person or group can steal resources from other countries and/or gain more power over the earth and its inhabitants. These horrors simultaneously frustrate, anger and sadden me.

However, I am, as I bet most of you would be, just as deeply saddened by the lost of a close friend. Jamie, who's been with us for 10 1/2 years died two nights ago and I haven’t been up to finishing a column that I was writing about the Employee Free Choice Act.

This picture is of Jamie on the right and her mate, Bella.

Jamie was 11 and Bella’s six months younger.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe some people are saying that a dog, used by some cultures as food, shouldn’t mean as much to a person as the horrific acts to which I refer above.

However, I received from Jamie and I receive from Bella what I think everyone needs now and again, unconditional love. In fact, if the relationship among all of the people of the earth was merely based upon conditional compassion, the possibility of the kinds of activities such as those mentioned would be unthinkable.

I intend to resume my Monday “Debatable Opinions” column on March 8.

To friendship,

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