Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The One True Political Party – But You Still Believe, Don’t You?

(originally published by OpEdNews)

We are not seeing politics, we are seeing theatrics. These are not candidates, these are the “plasticine porters with looking glass ties” about which Lennon once penned. The mirrors, no doubt, are invaluable tools by which the thespians can be certain that they are wearing their flag pins.

The fact that America may see its first African American president has now been crushed by the passing of the politics which once elected genuine presidents of The United States of America.

What’s surely not new is that there is merely one political party standing between choice and no choice. That’s one more political party than Iraq fielded under Saddam Hussein.

As proved on June 20, the members of the parties can hardly be distinguished from one another, although they can be distinguished by the redish/blue, rightish/left packs in which they travel.

Barrack Obama says that he will probably vote for the FISA legislation when it reaches the Senate but he will be careful not to take parts of it seriously. George W. Bush has been doing that with legislation for seven years and many have demonized him for it.

There’s a cliché that’s used often that ends or even sometimes starts with, “If it wasn’t so sad, it would be humorous.” What’s sadly humorous is watching the porters weave themselves into unrecognizable twists and turns as they to try to explain how being in total agreement with their competitors differentiates them from their competitors.

Let’s face it. In order to see Republicans and Democrats do what the media and most of America think Republicans and Democrats do, one need only ask Alice to lend her looking glass, if only momentarily. In fact, looking through that glass longer than momentarily has been known to relieve people of their sight altogether.

This unfortunate consequence blocks the sun which shines on the fact that there is only one political party on the face of the earth, The Corporacracy.

The presidency is a position of prestige, not one of relevance. Whomever The Corporacracy purchases to wear that prestige will unquestionably obey his liege.

Meanwhile we Conservatives and Liberals will fight in pages like these about same sex marriage, immigration and reverence for the flag. We will shoot invectives at one another fighting about patriotism as The Corporacracy erases nations’ borders and steals the sovereignty of the people. Its goal is to expunge any reason for patriotism.

The fires and divisiveness will grow as we fight about the difference between “happy holidays” and “Merry Christmas”, just as The Corporacracy desires.

It will not always be thus. We will find ourselves standing side by side in the abyss forged for us by The Corporacracy, wondering how we ever could have used labels as swords, American violently thrusting American as we did not notice that the world around us was being sold.

We will, however, be grateful for the compensation which will keep our families usefully alive for at least one more day.

To friendship,

“Every increased possession loads us with new weariness.” - John Ruskin

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