Thursday, May 01, 2008

They're Takin' Our Jobs!

They’re Takin’ Our Jobs!

There was an episode of South Park which was a spoof of the ongoing immigration debate in The Former United States of America. If I remember correctly, the aliens were just that, aliens from another planet, but they were taking the jobs of the citizens of South Park, Colorado nonetheless. As with most South Park episodes, I found this episode “fall on the floor ” hilarious.

Of course, what isn’t hilarious is the intensity of the real life immigration debate and the traumatic effect that some of the solutions have been and can be both on illegal immigrants and on Americans.

What should one logically think of when hearing the phrase, “They’re taking our jobs”?

Think of it. Here’s this factory, office, vineyard, hotel room which needs cleaning and here are a bunch of Americans doing the work in those places.

A group of Hispanics breaks in and, armed to the teeth with all kinds of weapons, beat the Americans, causing them to run away and abandon their jobs. Of course, the logical next step is for the illegals to put down their weapons, change into the hotel room service uniform and begin doing the jobs. Right? Isn’t that how one “takes” a job from someone else?

And that’s how one would think it happens if one reads letters to the editor which ask, “What part of ‘illegal’ don’t the immigrants understand?”

Now, if one hears the phrase, “They’ve been given our jobs” – well, in my humble opinion, it should create a completely different image and the onus for the “crime” can then be placed where it belongs, as Joshua Holland of AlterNet explains in his article:

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Anonymous said...

The "they" who were "takin our jobs" in South Park were actually immigrant time-travelers from the future, not aliens from another planet.

Just sayin ...

Michael Bonanno said...

Sir and/or madame, I stand and/or sit corrected.