Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Is Important!

I received the following from a friend and a member of my mailing list:

A friend and former classmate of mine J. S. Tissianayagam has been arrested by the govt. of SL. He has not been charged with a crime, and has been detained for almost 2 months. They will not charge him nor release him and will not let anyone see him. The govt. wants him to admit that he is a terrorist, which he is not. If he will not admit that then they want him to rescind everything he has written about the the govt. He has been a critic of the govt. and this is their way of getting back at him.

I have attached a website from AI where they have a form letter that could be sent to the Sri Lankan ambassador in the US and the president requesting his release. Those of you who know him could also add to the letter.

He has a degenerative eye condition that could lead to blindness if he does not get treatment. The sooner he gets released the quicker he could get this taken care of.

It only takes a minute. If you could do it I would greatly appreciate it. Attached below is the website.

The link takes you to Amnesty International’s site.

Doing this is not only important because an innocent man is being held unethically and illegally, even according to Sri Lankan law, but it’s important to do this because, for all of us, it expresses the fact that We The People don’t condone this behavior no matter whose government exhibits it.

Please sign the petition.

Thank you.

To friendship,

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