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The Progressive that Progressives Love to Hate

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Anthony Wade wrote an article at OpEdNews entitled The Nader Illusion, This is No Time for a Protest Vote.

The article was, of course, the first shot across the bow at Ralph Nader because the 74 year old activist had the gall to give the American people a real choice in the 2008 presidential election.

We all knew this was going to happen, though, didn’t we? Mr. Wade’s premise, naturally, is that the 5% vote that Nader picked up in Florida in 2000 would have been enough to make the results unquestionable and, consequently, make the results too definitive to allow The Regime to steal it.

Nobody knows what The Corporacracy would have had Al Gore do if he was elected. There's lots of talk that Gore would not have gone into Iraq or would have captured bin Laden. Was there a Gore presidency film that we’ve previously seen? Would it have been a rerun? Are that many people clairvoyant?

We have to remember the things that have been done while one leg of The Corporacracy or the other owned the person who we euphemistically refer to as president of The Former United States of America.

Whatever Truman was thinking, whatever plans Eisenhower may have had, even though Kennedy was OK with putting "advisors" in Vietnam, the person who occupied the position of fantasy during the time when most of the 58,000 American military personnel died was Johnson, that's Johnson-D.

Some believe we didn't have to get involved in WWII and others say that the first group is nuts. I won't get into how I feel about that, but Roosevelt, that’s Roosevelt-D, was playing the role when Americans died and Japanese Americans were incarcerated.

There are even more people who are convinced we had no reason to lose soldiers in WWI. That's the war that happened during the so called Administration of Woodrow Wilson-D.

If Franklin Roosevelt had anything to do with putting America on the right track for the right reasons after The Depression, I have to admire him for that. I hope he didn't use the death of war to help him.

Herbert Hoover had lots of friends and he did what Republicans seem always to do and that's cronyism America into that very Depression.

A road was built during the Eisenhower years, but he didn't stop people from dying in Korea.

Ford let a criminal go free to save the country from divisiveness which actually might have been good for the country. We may not have fallen asleep to awaken to the fact The United States were finally no longer united.

Carter, well, I'm not sure what Carter did. Some say he caused the energy crisis, some say that bills coming due from Vietnam were doing that. The point is he didn't have the diplomatic skills nor the staff with enough diplomatic skills to free 52 Americans from Iranian captivity. Of course, the presidency is a front for The Corporacracy and the Carter years were slow.

Reagan did very well and I'm sure received good grades from his bosses.
He began escorting American workers to pasture while smiling and being ridiculous enough to be considered America's human sunshine.

His bosses made him and his buddies introduce Iran to El Salvador.

We had our made for TV miniseries war as cameramen and newscasters waited for American soldiers to land on the shores of Grenada. That might be when TV news started to become really silly.

HW screwed Saddam Hussein after years of foreplay. If not for trying to stuff his buddies’ pockets with money in a short period of time, he may have accrued the legacy of being a good president or whatever they call such thespians.

Bill Clinton? Having the stage while the bosses forced the American workers' best friend, NAFTA, on a nation divided by a blow job shouldn’t be something of which to be proud.

Bush may very well be the worst person to ever play president, but it's not because he was behind 9/11. Oh, I'm a supporter of a real investigation into 9/11 and wouldn't be the least bit surprised if The Regime played a small part, had knowledge of 9/11 or did everything from soup to nuts. I don't believe, however, that the guy that some people say is a "terrible president but might be a nice guy to have a beer with” knew 9/11 was going to happen until The Corporacracy was ready to tell him.

Now we're watching more American political theatrics. We actually can now watch the phoniness daily on C-Span.

The Corporacracy won't own President H. Clinton, President Barrack Obama or President John McCain. No, they won't own them. They already do.

I don't want to be negative, but it is what it is.

It won't change anytime soon, either, because the American people don't realize what it is. Those who care about elections view them as sporting events, sort of November madness, if you will and, truth be told, the people who have the most power to change our so called political system are the very people who benefit from it most. It will be amazing if this nation will ever graduate from The Electoral College and, in light of the fact that people say we should fix smaller, more manageable problems first, The Electoral College has a trickle down effect, which is why Americans view so called third parties as they might view a third eye.

Obama, McCain and Clinton all drink from the same trough. They work for the same conglomerate or the same conglomerates. They will send American soldiers where ever The Corporacracy tells them to send American soldiers, they will continue to turn the nation into a two layer class system and maybe half of the American population will continue to argue that things are bad because there's a Democratic president and maybe half of the American people will argue that things are bad because there's a Republican president.

Meanwhile, real Progressives like Nader or The Green Party candidate or even real Conservatives like Ron Paul will never, ever be elected, not because they're third or fourth or fifth party candidates, but because people won't vote for them. And the reason people will never vote for such candidates? You got it. Because people don't believe that they’ll ever be elected.

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“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.” - Ernest Benn

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