Saturday, November 24, 2007

When Will the Light See the Dark of Day

(originally published by OpEdNews)

We are immersed in a “supposed to” political environment.

If one is a Republican, one is supposed to be pro-life, for unregulated gun ownership, against stem cell research, especially embryonic stem cell research, cynical toward the premise of global warning, for a government diminished when “unwarranted entitlement” programs for the poor and needy cease and support a very tough, no turning back, shoot on sight cessation of illegal immigration which starts with rounding up and deporting as many of the 14 million or so illegal immigrants who are in this country as possible.

Likewise, Democrats are supposed to be pro-choice, for highly regulated gun ownership, if not for the banning of personal firearms altogether, in support of stem cell research no matter where the stem cells come from, certain about global warming, knowing unquestionably that human beings, especially the manufacturing sector, are singlehandedly effectuating the end of life on earth in a way in which no natural incident could ever accomplish that, support a large bureaucratic government who hands money, without question, to anyone who doesn’t want to work or assume the responsibility of taking care one’s self and for instant citizenship for those in this country who want citizenship and the same kind of free care and feeding given to Americans who don’t want to work.

There was a day when Republicans or Democrats didn’t have to follow their party’s platform like robotic lemmings. In the late sixties, well all through the sixties, there were Democrats who told their constituents what they stood for and were elected in spite of the fact that they didn’t support every plank of the Democratic platform. In a way, that still exists in the Democratic Party, which is why it is less successful than the Republican Party.

During the same time frame, Republicans were similar. Eisenhower was as moderate a president as any which has led this nation and John Lindsay, the Republican mayor of New York City, Nelson Rockefeller, the Republican governor of New York State and New York Republican Senator Jacob Javits, again, of New York, may have stood left of John Kennedy on many issues.

For sure one’s party affiliation mattered little after Richard Nixon was caught coordinating illegal covert operations by which he spied on his Democratic Party opponents and lying to the nation about it. Richard M. Nixon was headed for impeachment and removal from office, which is why he quit.

In today’s political world, as mentioned above, Republicans stick together even if they are repulsed by the innocent blood which adheres them to one another. Don’t expect too many Republicans to break with their party.

As mentioned, Democrats, too, have issues with which most of them agree, although the Democratic Party is proud of its ability to open up the field to opposing viewpoints, giving the appearance of the Keystone Cops and, ultimately, losing most elections.

I’m an assistant editor at OpEdNews and, consequently, wear my Progressiveness on my sleeve. My opinions, however, are not formulated by the Democratic Party or even the Socialist or Green Parties. I look at an issue, research it as thoroughly as I can and come to a conclusion based upon the research. I look at the affect the issue will have on society and, if it’s adverse, I normally don’t support the issue.

Even though the Republicans and the Democrats are absolutely positive that they’re correct about global warming, I’m not a scientist and I have to listen very closely to what scientists say about global warming and how many scientists say it.

Admittedly, having worked for a Fortune 500 global chemical corporation for twenty-five years, I do know that we human beings pump substances into the atmosphere. Some of these substances may already be part of the atmosphere, but I’d be very naïve if I didn’t think that human beings are interrupting the natural balance of these substances and that just can’t be easy for Nature to accommodate.

The other issue that Republicans and Democrats unequivocally know the answer to is illegal immigration. This, too, is a subject that is not black and white, no matter what some say. There are a great many shades of gray working here and I sometimes become confused as to what the correct answer to the problem is.

However, I know what the answer isn’t.

I mention that some people see the issue as black and white. These are the people who say such things as, “What part of illegal don’t you understand?”

Although I’d rather not paint any group of people with an infinitely broad brush, most of the people described above are asking that particular question of the illegal immigrants. They know what they’re doing. They’re walking through deserts in unbearable heat to sneak into The Former United States of America. They have no intention of becoming American citizens. They are illegally entering The FUSA to work for wages significantly higher than those paid in their native countries. Or, possibly, there isn’t any employment in their native countries. Nonetheless, they’re breaking American law and they know it.

It’s easy. One shouldn’t rob a bank, abuse a child, drive drunk or enter a country illegally. Those who break the law need to be punished or, in the case of illegally entering a country, deported, if not punished first and then deported.

In the 1960s, many people said that African Americans were lazy, didn’t want to work and liked living in the shacks that government welfare checks allowed them to rent or own.

One heard of Black women who had baby after baby after baby for the sole purpose of reaching more deeply into the pocket of the government and pulling out more support money. It didn’t matter that they lived in horrific conditions, they didn’t care. They were merely lazy and wanted that free government hand out.

In my article “Shock Over Richards’s Rant is Curious”, I expose how large Fortune 500 global corporations were still reluctant to hire people other than Caucasian males as late as the 1980s. African Americans were no more lazy or unwilling to work than anyone else. As you can see if you read the link, African Americans were not being hired if it was at all possible to avoid hiring them.

Again, in 2007, Americans blame the wrong people based upon prejudicial stereotyping. There are many Americans who want Mexicans and Central and South Americans gathered up and punished or, at the very least, deported back to where ever it is they came from. I’ve heard them called “gibbering idiots” by a man who struggles with the English language. To this man, Spanish is “gibberish” and the fact the he can’t understand Spanish makes those who speak it “idiots”.

On the other hand, if one shops at Home Depot or at Lowe’s, one notices that each aisle is identified by a sign placed at the beginning of the aisle.

For instance, in front of the aisle where the bath supplies are displayed, there’s a sign which reads “Bath Supplies”. There’s a slash after the words “Bath Supplies” and the word “Baños” sets beside the words “Bath Supplies”. In the aisle which holds “Kitchen Supplies”, the word “Cocina” accompanies the words “Kitchen Supplies” on the identification sign.

On the store doors, “Entrada” is near the word “Entrance” and “Salida” is near the word “Exit”.

In California, for sure, it appears that some corporations want to keep the “idiots gibbering”. Or do the people who would refer to an entire ethnic group in such a despicable manner think that the Brown people who risk their lives travelling through the desert are the people who place all of the bilingual signs in places of business?

California is not the only state where this is found and Lowe’s and Home Depot are not the only retailers whose signs are bilingual.

Another corporation, Bank of America, now offers credit cards to illegal aliens. Do the people who so hate the Brown people who travel through the desert believe that they cut a deal with Bank Of America so that they can fall into debt while working for minimum wage, if that?

Obviously, there are Americans who aren’t so anxious to get those whose skin is Brown and who speak Spanish back to their native countries. Obviously, there are Americans who encourage the Brown people to come to work in The FUSA and who encourage them to continue to speak Spanish while removing the incentive for them to learn English.

Ironically enough, the people who want the law to “get tough” with the lawbreakers and those who are encouraging the lawbreakers to come and work in The FUSA and to continue to speak Spanish follow the same political path. Corporations and businesses who take advantage of the plight of underprivileged human beings would no doubt consider themselves “conservatives”, would support overturning Roe v. Wade, would argue against the existence of global warming and don’t want government regulating any of their activities, just like those who want to round up the “lawbreakers” and get them the hell out of “our country”.

What’s more, the corporations and businesses who hire illegal immigrants and pay them almost nothing get the best of both worlds. The passion towards the issue of illegal immigration is not merely born of the fact that there are people who are getting away with breaking the law. It’s quite obvious that many people are bothered by the influx of people whose skin is darker than the skin of the average Caucasian. And these “lawbreakers” have the nerve to not only continue to speak Spanish, but they refuse to learn English.

The Americans who are so passionate about this issue blame the Brown people, use pejoratives based upon their hate for these “lawbreakers” while they continue to shop at Lowe’s, Home Depot and other places that “cater to the lawbreakers”.

Maybe, while in the retail stores, they notice the signs and shake their heads. They look at the Spanish and say to themselves, “Damn Beaners” or “Damn Spics”. They then purchase their flooring, their tools or whatever it is they went to the store to buy without a second thought that they’re giving their money to the very people who perpetuate the illegal immigration game.

One might call the situation a “chicken and egg” situation, but that would be nothing more or less than a copout. The first thing that had to happen was for the “lawbreakers” to find work which was more “rewarding” than anything they could obtain in their native countries. In order for that to happen, someone had to be offering such work. Otherwise, it would never have made any sense to put one’s life on the line to come to The FUSA.

If corporations didn’t have voice mail that told the caller to press “2” for “Español” or bilingual signs in their places of business, there’d be a stronger incentive for those who work here “illegally” to learn English.

Yet, the Brown people receive the wrath of Americans.

For almost four hundred years, Western Europeans inhabiting The FUSA who eventually became Americans considered people of African decent 3/5 of a human being. They claimed this with no scientific evidence supporting it. They made this claim unabashedly and without hesitation. Some of the people who made this claim were otherwise intelligent human beings. In fact, this claim was law. The Constitution of The United States had to be amended to give African Americans the other 2/5 of humanity that they already possessed.

What happened on September 11, 2001 is yet another example of how easily Americans can acquire hate and intolerance towards people whose skin is darker than the average Caucasian.

The belief is that dark skinned Middle Easterners carried out the events of 9/11 and, consequently, there was overwhelming support for the invasion of a country in the Middle East which had nothing to do with 9/11. The people of Iraq look like the people blamed for what happened on 9/11 and that fact justified the bombing, destruction and killing that was carried out against the people of Iraq. Whether or not any of the so called hijackers were Iraqi and whether or not there was any evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11, dark skin was all the justification needed to kill Iraqis. It’s a sad fact and it’s made sadder still that Americans would deny this.

I don’t know how to fix illegal immigration, but what I do know is that the fix does not start with the people who are entering The FUSA illegally. The fix is much more dependent upon what’s waiting for those people in The FUSA once they arrive. Ultimately, mostly White, wealthy conservatives control that part of the fix.

It wouldn’t be nearly as easy to point the finger at the bastions of wealth and greed who encourage illegal immigration and Spanish as a first language as it is to hate a person because he or she looks or speaks differently.

It’s as if it’s OK to offer employment and benefits, meager as they may be, to Brown people. It’s as if those who desperately need what they’re offered should have enough “self discipline” to turn away from the offer, choosing to make absolutely no effort at all to improve what is a miserable existence in their native countries.

The saddest part is that it should be obvious to the most casual of observers who controls and perpetuates this game called “illegal immigration”, but the propensity of White Americans to hate those who are not White Americans blinds those White Americans to the obvious.

To friendship,

“Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense.” - Chapman Cohen