Friday, August 10, 2007

Their War (new song)

Seems like in one of our nightmares
he was king.
Their power was for, they told us,
They were selected,
the rules were ignored
just like when they sold the people
on their war.

They were created from plastic,
they’re not real.
It’s like they have something drastic
to conceal.
They don’t want the people
to see past the door.
We know and they know the lies that
took us to war.

All of the trees in the forests
Money and mortar are now our
new frontier.
No place for creatures’
lives anymore
All of the earth is a victim
of their war.

He says he talks to the big guy
in the sky.
Looks like he has the delusion
he can fly.
Why not believe him
‘cause he’s flown before?
But it was never in combat
in their war.

Things aren’t as good as they tell us,
are they now?
People believe their atrocious
lies somehow.
Can you remember
what they’re fighting for?
No matter what name they give it,
it’s nothing but war.

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