Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Iraq is Nothing Like Vietnam/Oh Yes it Is – The Front Man

(originally published at OpEdNews)

There are too many countries on the planet with too many various forms of governance for any one nation, no matter how large and powerful, to attempt to cookie cut the entire planet in its image.

But this isn’t what Iraq is all about at all, is it? It’s been reported that there are at least three small city sized American military bases in Iraq from which Iraqis of any social class are forbidden. We have built small American cities in what used to be the sovereign nation of another people.

There is a definite pattern developing here.

First, Western Europeans slaughtered the rightful occupants of the land we now call The Americas, moved westward, building states and cities as they moved. In the process, they murdered and, ultimately, pounded the indigenous people who survived into the lowest class of citizen in a land that was rightly theirs.

We did the same in Cuba when two “great white fathers” fought each other for the right to debase and torture and abuse those for whom Cuba was a rightful home.

In South Korea, the Koreans became the “subjects” of the intruding Americans. In this case, they had a choice of relenting to a “great white father” or a “great yellow father”. Nonetheless, Koreans were, and still are, second class citizens in their own country. The only difference is that the “industrial” part of the military/industrial complex has spelled the military part.

In Vietnam, there were Vietnamese owned establishments into which what Americans called “Gooks” were not allowed to enter. Multinational corporations, with the blessing of the government, have since made a deal with that former “enemy” to use the inhabitants of that country as slave labor for those very same multinational corporations, as they have with so many totalitarian governments. Middle class and poor American families paid a high price to ensure that the average Vietnamese would remain poor at best and in squalor at worse. Who won that war? The totalitarian Vietnamese government and The Corporacracy won that war.

George Santayana said that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The middle class American who believed the unbelievable that puked from the mouths of The Regime prior to March of 2003 either forgot the past or never learned about it. They are now paying the same high price for the benefit of the same Corporacracy.

The Front Man may have sounded stupid with today’s speech, but, no matter how stupid he sounds and no matter how many people the polls show disagree with The Regime’s policies, especially in how it’s proceeding in Iraq, 35-40% still agree with it and that’s frightening. Much of that number comes from the middle class, the very people who are suffering the most for invisible weapons of mass destruction which morphed into an impossible conspiracy between Iraq and Al Qaeda to pull off 9/11 which, in turn, has morphed into bringing liberty to people on whose land The FUSA (The Former United States of America) is building city sized military bases that bar Iraqis from entering.

Before he said that this war was like Vietnam, The Front Man said that Iraq was a different kind of war and not like Vietnam at all. He was right both times.

First, it’s like Vietnam, the wars mentioned above and other wars that have preceded this one in that the poor man fights for the rich man’s rights.

Unlike Nam, this is the kind of war which will last forever in spite of which leg of The Corporacracy’s pair of pants, the blue leg or red leg, is installed as leader of The FUSA. It’s different in that we and those we leave behind may never again have to wait 30 or 40 years for another war based upon lies.

Like sands through an hour glass, so will be the wars of our lives.

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“History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.” - Edward Gibbon

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Cemetery Rose

...Are Doomed to Repeat It

Read this article and ask yourself if you see yourself in its “mirror”. If you don’t, then you have the courage to know that what our government is doing in Iraq is wrong, that either The Regime was overjoyed by what happened on September 11, 2001, knew about it ahead of time and let it happened or you have the real balls to question if the government even had anything to do with carrying out what happened on September 11, 2001.

This article is our zeitgeist. People will believe what they’re told by their government, especially if they perceive their government as having done something positive for “the homeland”, in our case, The FUSA, (The Former United States of America).

If you get angry enough to spit nails by the suggestion that 9/11 was, in the least, looked at as an “opportunity” by The Regime which today rules The FUSA which illegally and with malice aforethought attacked Iraq which was no danger to it, welcome to the past that you have been “doomed to repeat”.

Why Germans Supported Hitler
Jacob G. Hornberger

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“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – Lenin

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Their War (new song)

Seems like in one of our nightmares
he was king.
Their power was for, they told us,
They were selected,
the rules were ignored
just like when they sold the people
on their war.

They were created from plastic,
they’re not real.
It’s like they have something drastic
to conceal.
They don’t want the people
to see past the door.
We know and they know the lies that
took us to war.

All of the trees in the forests
Money and mortar are now our
new frontier.
No place for creatures’
lives anymore
All of the earth is a victim
of their war.

He says he talks to the big guy
in the sky.
Looks like he has the delusion
he can fly.
Why not believe him
‘cause he’s flown before?
But it was never in combat
in their war.

Things aren’t as good as they tell us,
are they now?
People believe their atrocious
lies somehow.
Can you remember
what they’re fighting for?
No matter what name they give it,
it’s nothing but war.