Monday, July 02, 2007

Independence Day Wish, 2007

Every year, about two or three times a year, I revive an article, a poem, a song or even a couple of each. I do this around certain times of the year, mostly times that contain what we call holidays.

On the Fourth of July, I reemphasize a poem I wrote a few years ago entitled “Independence Day Wish”.

Among my writings is an essay/article entitled “I Long for a Better World”. It contains the following sentence:

“I wonder why I write so much about injustice. I wonder why I’m so passionate when it would be so much easier to be oblivious.”

The answer I give in the essay is because “I long for a better world.”

Although I was recently disappointed by people who claim to spread hope and peace in the face of an offensive Regime which not only sits atop and rules The Former United States of America, but, in truth, sits atop and rules the world, I still long for a better world. I have no idea where this world will come from as today those who would lead us to the better world could not agree on the process, the most important part of any mission and vision.

That having been said, I still long for a better world and express such desires in the following poem:

Independence Day Wish
(WHITE HERON PRESS, Spring, 2004)

I wish for independence from the past,
might overruling right,
white men encountering
their new world,
its true inhabitants.
I wish for independence from the arrogance,
fostering false license
to hawk,
redeem extensions
of our own humanity
to dance attendance
upon the burdens
of wealth.

I wish for independence from the blindness
guiding us westward,
turning nature
into dirt interruptions
without offering notice
to the peace,
upon which we trampled.

I wish for independence from the gluttony
which continued
to swallow whole
territories suitable
for planting white seeds,
pulverizing cultures.

I wish for independence from conformity,
born of urban sprawl,
away from cities,
conceiving jealousy
of blood pumping
within mere feet
of white picket fences.

I wish for independence from The Corporacracy,
governing body
governing bodies,
stratifying rich from poor,
life from death,
blending earth
with destruction.

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