Tuesday, May 22, 2007

National Security Presidential Directive 51 – The Last Step Toward Dictatorship

If you like having George W. Bush as your president or The Regime, of which it seems George W. Bush is just a minor part, as your leader, you’ll love National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51. This news was released on the official White House web site.

In it, under almost any catastrophic condition anywhere in the world, as vaguely defined by this directive, George W. Bush will become a dictator. Under NSPD 51, the USA will become the ECG , The Enduring Constitutional Government (and it will be anything but constitutional).

He’ll not be a dictator in The United States of America or, actually, The Former United States of America, as The Regime has divided the citizens of this country against one another.

If the mainstream media does not report on this directive, it will be complicit in installing the first self appointed dictator in the history of our nation.

Two questions come to mind when I think about this directive.

Why now, as we draw closer to the 2008 presidential election?

How can anyone support this regime?

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“The people should not fear the government, the government should fear the people.” - From the movie “V for Vendetta”

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Anonymous said...

Communiqué to The American People and others from the American Republic

It is quite apparent from the world events unfolding, and from the ones in the planning, that it is now time for those that are oppressed be set free.

Miracles are for believers of their faiths, and only that. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, or any other Savior will not come to save you from your sins or from your despair. Governments and big business are your Gods. They control and manipulate you into whatever they desire. And the ones that do not conform are cast out into homelessness and death. There are cures for disease as their are cures for mass corruption and evil. There are cures for Cancer and for Aids, and see how many people are dying each day for that selfish fix. Desire and pleasure are the two most exploited forms of emotions that control the majority of humans on this planet. Democracy has failed, Communism, Fascism, and Socialism have murdered great men and women over the ages. Greed and betrayal have also contributed to the deaths of the innocent. Religious wars are being fought for no logical reason. Masonic, Skull and Bones, and other Fraternal societies are carving up this planet for temporary control, only to be lost to another and another until one system that is greater is chosen and allowed to become the Truth for all who wish to be free and co-exist with the Planet and its indigenous creatures. You must protect and nurture the environment to keep you all alive. God did not wish for you to destroy the creation that took so long to create. Your Eden is here, you have built on top of it.

Your prejudice and ignorance will also be your undoing. You treat the African people like they are talking monkeys of the forest. They are Men and Women who are humans, not animals. You treat those that are different like outcasts without hope. You poison those that seek God with ritual and lies. You control those that are not fortunate and make slaves of them. You degrade women and treat them like second class humans. Your governments offer your people nothing more than your greed will allow. Europe, South America, China, USA, and other countries have failed their people. Punishing those that are responsible will not solve the problems that exist. You must replace them all without compromise, and in their places put those that are not afraid of Truth.

The internet is corrupt, with criminals raping those that are not aware. The media you depend on for information is corrupt. They censor from you the truth to keep you in the realm of those that are not aware. Your educated ones have no more power than the ones that die for Diamonds and gold in the forests of Africa.

The UN and Nato are only their for those who have the gold. The news media has mass manipulated you all into a frenzy of fear and mistrust of each other, with nowhere to hide. Your religions will not protect you, only God can with your commitment to the truth and only that. The War on Terror will never end as long as you all allow those that have the power of Man to rule your world. The ones that have the power of the truth are waiting to come forward and replace what is now.

A One World System of Government is the answer, with the ability to allow those that are religious to practice their faith without fear and prejudice. Government is there for the people and to have the ability to take care of you and provide for you a place to live a life of respect and freedom. Religion is there for those that need comfort and purpose.

You murdered your Christ as you have murdered others thru time. This time you cannot and will not murder what is destined to be.

It is the so called learned men and women of this planet that are destroying her. You must stop this madness or you will never know that beyond this tiny planet are others that are waiting to serve you with knowledge that will help you leave this home and visit others. Your Governments have secrets that are only known to
a few. We know this because some of us are from those Governments and Businesses that keep from you all the truth.

We have separated ourselves from those entities and have formed what we call The American Republic. We do not have or need a flashy website or large one page ads in the news, we are not on talk shows, or CNN. We are not the subject of many, but we are known by Governments around the world. They know that their existence was created by people like us who grew tired of government and mounted invasions either thru violence or reason to replace. But we were not careful and found that in order to rule, one must be just and true, and now we have what we have now on this planet. Presidents have been assassinated for less information of what we know and can do. We decided to begin our new order in the United States of America, because it has been responsible for so much of the worlds problems and corruption. By recreating a new world order within the same one that has failed so many, will no doubt send a message to the rest of the world that change for the better is possible. Money and other tools we have. We do not need to solicit for existence, for we have what we need. We ask that each of you prepare for change and be aware of what is coming. Soon your pain and fear will turn to joy and happiness, and all of you will now have dignity and purpose without the fear of failure. There will be more reward than not.

We are a Legion of many, who will live a life of peace, and have respect for all living things, while having considerations for those who are different, and look for ways to truly accommodate those who are slow in understanding.

We support the poor, helpless, and defenseless people. We support the freedom of Women, we support the sane treatment of animals and the environment, we support the freedom of religion and expression. We do not support ignorance, period.

We are a growing nation of people that encourage anyone or Nation anywhere to become part of the New American Republic!

Judah Ben-Hur
The American Republic
American Mujahideen Army Council
Headquarters: United States of America

Michael Bonanno said...

I don’t know if you’ll look back here or not, but I’ll take a chance.

First of all, the word Mujahideen has been used to describe Islamic militants. Given, this word carries with it a Marxist tone, but it still refers to Islamic militants using the word Jihad in its most militant sense.

Having said that, allowing “those that are religious to practice their faith without fear and prejudice” seems to fly in the face of the little that I know about the Koran (Qur’an?).

In fact, I will soon write an article about some of the violent statements attributes to the Qur’an. However, I’m going to expose them in comparison to similar violent statements that I can take from the Christian Bible.

The idea is that the holy books, while containing some peaceful passages, urge their readers to do harm to heathens (Bible) and infidels (Qu’ran).

Is this the message in your comment? In order to reach the peace of which you write, will many of us infidels have to die at your hand? Is your peace, like that of The Christians, in line with Orwell’s fictional but prophetic mantra, “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”?

Finally, you say you have no flashy web sites. My web site is anything but flashy. Yet, I use it to promote my message.

Why are you so cryptic? How does one learn more about your philosophy and/or contact you?

I realize that The Regime would love to know where you are, but there are ways to make yourself known without giving your whereabouts away.

I say “finally” above, but there is one possibility that I’ve not written about yet. That possibility is that you’re not who you say you are, but some joker just trying to make a fool out of my writing. I’ve have too many of those in the past and I’ve not published those comments.

I publish yours because your stated goals are in line with those in an article I wrote entitled “I Long for a Better World”.

However, I don’t suggest reaching this better world through violence – not yet, anyway.

In fact, one of the baiting statements that I received on this essay was, “What are you doing to make this a better world?” If the fool who asked that question really read the essay, that fool would know that, all one has to do to make this a better world is practice what I wrote in the essay. Some personally attacking comments just aren’t worth publishing.

I anxiously await your answer.

To friendship,

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, today is the deadline for submission, by the "National Continuity Coordinator" of a "National Continuity Implementation Plan (Plan), which shall include prioritized goals and objectives, a concept of operations, performance metrics by which to measure continuity readiness, procedures for continuity and incident management activities, and clear direction to executive department and agency continuity coordinators, as well as guidance to promote interoperability of Federal Government continuity programs and procedures with State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure, as appropriate."

Also, Congress is entering recess shortly.

Why don´t journalists ask who this National Continuity Coordinator is? Was he/she named, does he/she exist?

Michael Bonanno said...

Dear Anonymous,

You ask, “Why don’t journalists ask who this National Continuity Coordinator is? Was he/she named, does he/she exist?”

Does it make any difference?

According to NSPD 51, “Enduring Constitutional Government,” or “ECG,” means “a cooperative effort among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government, coordinated by the President, as a matter of comity with respect to the legislative and judicial branches and with proper respect for the constitutional separation of powers among the branches, to preserve the constitutional framework under which the Nation is governed and the capability of all three branches of government to execute constitutional responsibilities and provide for orderly succession, appropriate transition of leadership, and interoperability and support of the National Essential Functions during a catastrophic emergency;” (all emphasis mine)

No matter who he/she is, he/she will be coordinated by the President. In fact, the directive states that the president will give the responsibility of “comity” to the legislative and judicial branches of government. “Comity”, as you know, is the showing of respect and to Congress and the SCOTUS, the president will show respect, but won’t seek assistance. Comity is the only responsibility that Congress and the SCOTUS will have according to NSPD 51. Although the three branches of government are named in this directive, they are not asked to take any action.

The president will supervise the National Continuity Coordinator, someone that he trusts to back him in all and any decisions.

It’s important to remember that “The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government.” Consequently, the help that the president receives from the National Continuity Coordinator, the Chief of Staff to the President and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and any other “helper” will merely be superfluous. They will not be making decisions. They will be carrying out those made by The Regime.

NSPD 51 revokes Presidential Decision Directive 67 of October 21, 1998, which sufficiently covered such an emergency. The difference between the two directives is that 67 was written in such a way that the responsibilities were shared with more departments and the exclusive leadership of the president was not called out nearly as much as it is in 51.

“The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government.” That sentence cannot be repeated enough. To so drastically change the position of the president between 67 and 51 constitutes nothing more or less than a power grab and possibly a give away of what The Regime has in store for us in 2009.

The other hint, of course, is the definition of “catastrophic emergency”. According to NSPD 51, a catastrophic emergency is, and the emphasis is mine, “any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions.”

Imagine The Regime looking at a car bomb (any incident) outside a Monsanto complex in London (regardless of location) that necessitates the rebuilding of that complex, a severe economic disruption, as enough of a “catastrophic emergency” to put this Martial Law plan in place.

Presidential Decision Directive 67 wasn’t anywhere near as ambiguous and all inclusive in its definition of a “catastrophic emergency.”

There was no legitimate reason to update 67, but, then, again, there was no legitimate reason to invade Iraq either, was there?

“The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government.”

To friendship,

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael Bonanno

I appreciate your honest words. The American Republic has never been totally forgotten, just out of sight for awhile. The destruction of those that make it difficult for this planet have already been identified. Not as many as you would think. Once they have been re-educated, re-located and or replaced the world will start to heal and change. The American Mujahideen Army Council, etc was named for the intent of freedom fighter (patriot), nothing more. No Islamic affiliation whatsoever. You can google Judah Ben-Hur, Amb to get a list of statements, etc.

The Powers that be know exactly where I am, and will do nothing to stop me or the others that help.

The battle is not with you or the ones around you, but with those that are in Direct control of this planet.

The American Republic is a real as I am, and those that are in support of its existence. Don't look for it in front of your face, but from the side of a shadow. North America will be under a new rule order called the American Republic one way or another. What you write is appropriate for those that wish to cling. What we write is what we are doing, Now. Keep up the good work, and leave the battle to us. If you were to join up with us, you would have to be willing to sacrifice your life, liberty and property to save the many and even the few, without compromise or fear. That is not possible for you, so the best is to continue what you are doing...

Judah Ben-Hur
The American Republic
American Mujahideen Army Council
Headquarters: United States of America

John Connor said...

President Bush has signed a National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive which covers various new measures linked to Federal government continuity of operations and ‘Continuity of Government’ planning and management.

The directive establishes a National Continuity Policy and sees the appointment of The Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, currently Ms Frances Townsend, as ‘National Continuity Coordinator’, responsible for the coordination, development and implementation of Federal continuity policies, in coordination with the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. The Continuity Policy Coordination Committee (CPCC) will be the main day-to-day forum for such policy coordination.

Ted Leon said...

I've been looking for this affirmation. I just didn't realize that it was a year old.Please send me the link ,I emailed it to myself but you know how computers are...And i couldn't find it quick enough amongst your posts.martial law is 75 percent possible.I got this article off newsvine.com where I also write.my blog is homelessokc.blogspot.com

Michael Bonanno said...

Ted, if you look at the essay again, you'll find the link is included in the lines..."National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51. This news was released on the official White House web site".

Anonymous said...

I am no politition. I am not important to anyone other than my own family and friends. But I have an understanding of what the constitution means. The founding fathers came up with a group of laws AND freedoms as we all know. We have had many conflicts with other nations that support our way of life, and ours freedoms. These battles were fought to preserve OUR (we the people) way of life. Countless men and women willingly vollunteer themselves to this country's defense. There are many who have lost their lives in the effort of providing that defense. The point I am trying to make clear, is simply this. The founding FATHERS of this country drew up a resolution (the constitution) to ensure that every american would have the freedom to do as they please within the laws of the constitution. The constitution grants people equality. No one is better than anyone else. Why does one man think he is strong enough in the mind to be in control of so much, when the constitution states the exact opposite. Im no scholor, but I think that Geoge W. Bush has done enough to ruin this country. Our constitution means too much to me to let someone like money hungry Bush, banish everything this country stands for and was built on. The Flag of My HOME country means too much to me to elect a man president, who turns his back on it. Thats like turning your back on everyone who died for the flag and the constitution. The men who want to run this country make me sick and we are all in a world of hurt if we let this happen. My name is James A. Thrower and I LOVE our country with everything that is me. It's not too late for America. It's up to us.

Michael Bonanno said...

James A. Thrower, I'm not in the least bit religious, but, to your comment, I will say "Amen".

Many of us love this country and that's why we are working, within the parameters of our abilities, to change it and regain it.

Thank you.

To friendship,

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael;
Thank you very much for publishing one of many messages that has been written to convey a new idea for new government. You may publish my response or keep it for yourself.
The word Mujahedeen from my interpretation is "freedom fighter", even though it has other meanings to others. We plan to change the American government for the WE THE PEOPLE, if they and the military agree with our Manifesto of ideas to be published next year, 2011. We believe that GOD is a myth, thus we are not making change for religious beliefs, we are using A Republic Philosophy as a baseline of our ideals. Your writings are extremely well thought out and true, thus our interest. Hopefully one day we can meet in person and exchange our views on the world. America and its people are lost and need to be put back on a path for all Americans, not selected by race, religion or ideals.
When reading our essays on the internet look at each word and find its core meaning, then "string" them and you will get the "primer" you need to follow our thought.
We are not some random "troll" looking for attention for our self amusement. WE are extremely serious with our words and actions, as you are with your essays, Michael. You are a "freedom fighter" in your own right; Americans should really take notice of your ideas of thought, as we did. Your input is extremely important to the development of human thought. Once we change government, people like you will be able to participate in the future to help improve our countries core of thought. We are not "terrorists from Jihadist Islam, we are Americans and others that wish to be free and live a life free from lies and deceit. It’s not that impossible to change the government of America just a bit difficult. It’s been done twice before...but for the wrong ultimate reasons.
Judah Ben Hur, Amb.
The American Republic

Anonymous said...

You've commented several times on my articles.

If you wish to contact me, please write me at MichaelBN@worlcdonditions.com.


Anonymous said...

You've commented on several of my articles.

If you wish to contact me, please write to MichaelBN@worldconditions.com.