Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yet More Human Ignorance

My essays are usually political in nature. However, I’d rather view them as social in nature.

What we’ve done here in the FUSA is to politicize society. There’s a difference between political decisions and social preferences.

The so called Right wants small government. What that means is that they don’t want to have to pay taxes to help anyone. They want to keep all of the money they earn (or, as in many cases, don’t earn) for themselves.

And why not? They’ve earned it, right? It’s theirs, right? Why does someone else deserve a piece of what they’ve earned?

Ironically enough, this same group doesn’t mind government intruding into peoples’ lives by telling them what they can and can not put into their bodies, by telling them who they can and can not love, by telling women that the price for being raped or making a poor judgment is to raise the resulting child, whether or not a woman wants to or is even ready to raise a child, by throwing their religious beliefs into the faces of those who don’t believe as they do. As long as they don’t have to pay for it, they don’t mind government controlling any part of a persons’ life. Despite what they say, they support big government if that support doesn’t cost them anything. In fact, to go even further, they’ll support big government as long as it takes something away from people and isn’t for the benefit of people.

Why should they have to pay to help others?

Let’s think of the animal kingdom, since this will ultimately be about an animal. Most animals that live in the wild seen to live in groups, societies, if you will. I’ve seen animals, like lions, chase down prey, food for them, and, after catching up with it, allowing the rest of the pride to feed from that catch.

I’d say we should feel an obligation to help members of our society because we’re not animals. However, in actuality, animals have social conscience down a whole lot better than humans as referenced in the above example.

In addition to not wanting to help others by sharing their wealth, some people don’t even want other people to be around because the other people look and speak differently. How many Black people were hanged merely because they’re Black. How long did it take the government of the FUSA to decide to force ignorant people to treat human beings as human beings no matter the color of their skin. Imagine not being able to eat or live or go to school where you’d like to eat, live or go to school because the law takes the color of your skin into account when making laws which allow or deny such things.

Ignorance is defined at as:

“n. The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

the lack of knowledge or education"

Consequently, when one is not familiar with something, one tends to be cautious around it. Prejudice comes from ignorance which spawns fear.

People mistreat what they don’t understand because they are afraid of what they don’t understand. People commit the most heinous crimes against others because they are actually afraid of others. They’ve found it easier to continue to be ignorant and balance that ignorance and fear with mistreatment, sometimes the very worse mistreatment.

The following is a message I received from a friend. The message deals with something, an animal in this case, which frightens people so much that there is actually a bill before the California legislature to exterminate this animal. This is just another case of human beings taking the easy way out. Instead of learning about the animal, they’d rather exterminate it.

I’ll let my friend tell you the rest of this sad yet so typically human story.

By the way, if your computer is slow, it’ll take time for all of the pictures to appear. They’re worth waiting for.

To friendship,

“America is not a country, it is a world”. - Alexis de Tocqueville

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Against It

If any of you out there are my friends, I ask you out of the kindness of my heart to repost this. If you're not my friend, I ask you search for the source compassion in your soul and repost this anyway. More importantly, if you're in a position to, DO something about it.

This is about California legislation being passed to exterminate pit bulls. If it passes in California, it could be on its way to anywhere. Someone has to try to make a difference...what if it were your pet?

It would be great if Myspace could be used for something good other than getting dates. Please pass the word along and post as many people can see this as possible.

This has to be stopped. We need to save these dogs.


Anonymous said...

YES !!!!!!! it needs to be stoped it's not the dogs breed it's the dumb fucks that train them to fight and than the dog's just snap one day and go after some one and the owners wounder why did my dog do it

Michael Bonanno said...

I agree, but don't you think "dumb fucks" is a little harsh?

Good, I don't either.

Thanks for caring.

To friendship

Mila Ortiz said...

thank you thank you thank you. Please join my fb page and share your photos, thoughts and passions for these beautiful dogs. it's lovemypittie - thank you michael (p.s. i dont know why the hell my caps lock won't shut off, sorry)