Friday, March 23, 2007

It's Time to Topple the Corporacracy

(originally published by OpEdNews)

In spite of what they would like us to think, MoveOn is not an organization that promotes bold, out of the box progressive initiatives. MoveOn is nothing more and nothing less than a Democratic Party apologist.

This was evident in 2004 when it supported and told its members to support a candidate who agreed with George W. Bush on far too many issues. John Kerry supported the war and wanted to add more troops. He supported NAFTA and is part of the “free trade” beneficiary class.

As John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton say in their article, “Why Won’t MoveOn Move Forward?”, “When politicians and advocacy groups like MoveOn play anti-war games of political theater while effectively collaborating with the war's continuation, they merely add one more deception to the layers of lies in which this war has been wrapped.”

Pelosi’s party is agreeing to continue to fund the war as long as The Regime enters into a contract for the future that it can easily break or ignore. Americans didn’t remove war enabling Republicans from Congress in 2006 so that war enabling Democrats could take their places.

The question is: Do we want to get out of Iraq or don't we want to get out of Iraq?

The Republican Congress unfortunately held power during the time/times when political positioning and maneuvering may have been an option.

We're more than 1/3 of the way toward equaling the length of time it took to see 58,000 American military personnel die in Vietnam.

Bush is following in Johnson's footsteps by stating that an escalation of the number of American troops in Iraq is what's needed to bring us victory and he's following in those foot steps by doing what LBJ did, actually escalating the numbers of troops.

If there's no 9/11 type of "catastrophe" between now and November of 2008, we'll more than likely have an election.

If a Republican should win the presidency, “winning” in Iraq will no doubt still be the goal.

Today’s Democratic Party, the other leg of the Corporacracy's pair of pants, has its own "Nixons". If one of the present Democratic front runners ends up winning, we could very well be told that our troops will be withdrawn from Iraq when it becomes possible to withdraw them "with dignity". That time line will work as well for the next president as it did for Richard Nixon.

Should we even be debating withdrawing from Iraq at this time? The trial to impeach The Regime should at least have been planned by now! A date should have been set. The Regime should have learned by the results of the 2006 elections and the actions that should have followed those elections that the American people mean business. They want this war to end.

Unfortunately, The Corporacracy means business as well.

It wants to do business with Iraqi oil, Iranian oil and any other resource of which it can take control at the expense of the nations where any valuable resources can be found and on the backs of the citizens of those nations.

Instead of facing a well deserved removal from office because of all of the crimes committed that got us into Iraq in the first place, Bush has the gonads to threaten to veto a bill that, for all practical intents and purposes, contains the funding he wants anyway.

The lesson that's been learned is, if the American people want their democracy back, even republican democracy, American politics needs to drastically change, starting with the downfall of the Republican and Democratic parties and, consequently, The Corporacracy.

The longer leadership based upon personal wealth continues, the further away the American people will get from having a say about the direction in which their country moves.

To friendship,

“I wouldn't trust Nixon from here to that phone.” - Barry Morris Goldwater

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storm said...

You complain about corprations but I bet you don’t min d using that computer that you use to write this dribble. I went as long as I could go without wasting my time writing about your whining. But you’re just showing you hypocricy AGAIN! when you bitch about corporations and use the products they make. Did you ever consider that your pablum doesn’t make any sense? Do you think about what you write? Or are your just a pin headed liberal and write what they tell you to write.

Anonymous said...

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** Book of Exodus: Chapter 1 and 2:1-10
King James Version

** Quran

King James Bible
Book of Mormon
Study material

Wednesday, July 07, 2004
The United World of The Corporacracy
By Michael Bonanno San Francisco Bay Area, United States

Volume 4, Issue 7 (November 1, 1929)
Industrial Psychology — The Use of Psychology in Business — Relations between Output and Work Technique. Selection of Operatives
Differential Perceptions of Employers' Inducements: Implications for Psychological Contracts Lyman W. Porter, Jone L. Pearce, Angela M. Tripoli and Kristi M. Lewis Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 19, Special Issue: The Psychological Contract at Work (1998),

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Motivation:Biological, Psychological, and Environmental 2 Book
Reihe: Allyn & Bacon Author: Lambert Deckers

**Condensed definition

Corporacracy (co-por-AC-racy)
n. pl. co•por•ac-racies

1. A word combining "corporation" and "aristocracy".
2. Government by CEOs and top executives of global corporations.
3. Global corporations, considered the primary source of political power.
4. Wealth rules
5. The principles of gross financial inequality and fear of global corporations.
6. The reason the top 5% of the population control over 40% of the wealth.
7. A government that, by blatant disregard for humanity and the environment, is causing the American "middle class" to shrink, fading into an almost poverty level existence. They do this by taking advantage of the "middle class’s" apathy and its addiction to fossil fuels.
8. A government that buys figure head leaders, known as "presidents". These "leaders" are called Republicans and Democrats. Members of the shrinking "middle class" still embrace a fantasy which leads them to write editorial letters debating the differences between the two "parties". They are still under the false impression that there are only two "political" parties existing in the US.
9. The Corporacracy controls colonies in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. It’s sole rule of governance is to create money which creates more money.
10. Functions independently. Controlling others.
11. : For separate purposes. To produce wealth and power.
12. ultimate master slave relationship within a monetary exchange system of labor. Inducing government function. Producing predetermined results.
13. Master controller of all that can be controlled

When you type “Corporacracy” into a word document and it’s underlined because it’s not in the Word dictionary, choose “Add” instead of “Ignore”. It is, after all, the sole governing body on the planet.