Saturday, November 24, 2007

When Will the Light See the Dark of Day

(originally published by OpEdNews)

We are immersed in a “supposed to” political environment.

If one is a Republican, one is supposed to be pro-life, for unregulated gun ownership, against stem cell research, especially embryonic stem cell research, cynical toward the premise of global warning, for a government diminished when “unwarranted entitlement” programs for the poor and needy cease and support a very tough, no turning back, shoot on sight cessation of illegal immigration which starts with rounding up and deporting as many of the 14 million or so illegal immigrants who are in this country as possible.

Likewise, Democrats are supposed to be pro-choice, for highly regulated gun ownership, if not for the banning of personal firearms altogether, in support of stem cell research no matter where the stem cells come from, certain about global warming, knowing unquestionably that human beings, especially the manufacturing sector, are singlehandedly effectuating the end of life on earth in a way in which no natural incident could ever accomplish that, support a large bureaucratic government who hands money, without question, to anyone who doesn’t want to work or assume the responsibility of taking care one’s self and for instant citizenship for those in this country who want citizenship and the same kind of free care and feeding given to Americans who don’t want to work.

There was a day when Republicans or Democrats didn’t have to follow their party’s platform like robotic lemmings. In the late sixties, well all through the sixties, there were Democrats who told their constituents what they stood for and were elected in spite of the fact that they didn’t support every plank of the Democratic platform. In a way, that still exists in the Democratic Party, which is why it is less successful than the Republican Party.

During the same time frame, Republicans were similar. Eisenhower was as moderate a president as any which has led this nation and John Lindsay, the Republican mayor of New York City, Nelson Rockefeller, the Republican governor of New York State and New York Republican Senator Jacob Javits, again, of New York, may have stood left of John Kennedy on many issues.

For sure one’s party affiliation mattered little after Richard Nixon was caught coordinating illegal covert operations by which he spied on his Democratic Party opponents and lying to the nation about it. Richard M. Nixon was headed for impeachment and removal from office, which is why he quit.

In today’s political world, as mentioned above, Republicans stick together even if they are repulsed by the innocent blood which adheres them to one another. Don’t expect too many Republicans to break with their party.

As mentioned, Democrats, too, have issues with which most of them agree, although the Democratic Party is proud of its ability to open up the field to opposing viewpoints, giving the appearance of the Keystone Cops and, ultimately, losing most elections.

I’m an assistant editor at OpEdNews and, consequently, wear my Progressiveness on my sleeve. My opinions, however, are not formulated by the Democratic Party or even the Socialist or Green Parties. I look at an issue, research it as thoroughly as I can and come to a conclusion based upon the research. I look at the affect the issue will have on society and, if it’s adverse, I normally don’t support the issue.

Even though the Republicans and the Democrats are absolutely positive that they’re correct about global warming, I’m not a scientist and I have to listen very closely to what scientists say about global warming and how many scientists say it.

Admittedly, having worked for a Fortune 500 global chemical corporation for twenty-five years, I do know that we human beings pump substances into the atmosphere. Some of these substances may already be part of the atmosphere, but I’d be very naïve if I didn’t think that human beings are interrupting the natural balance of these substances and that just can’t be easy for Nature to accommodate.

The other issue that Republicans and Democrats unequivocally know the answer to is illegal immigration. This, too, is a subject that is not black and white, no matter what some say. There are a great many shades of gray working here and I sometimes become confused as to what the correct answer to the problem is.

However, I know what the answer isn’t.

I mention that some people see the issue as black and white. These are the people who say such things as, “What part of illegal don’t you understand?”

Although I’d rather not paint any group of people with an infinitely broad brush, most of the people described above are asking that particular question of the illegal immigrants. They know what they’re doing. They’re walking through deserts in unbearable heat to sneak into The Former United States of America. They have no intention of becoming American citizens. They are illegally entering The FUSA to work for wages significantly higher than those paid in their native countries. Or, possibly, there isn’t any employment in their native countries. Nonetheless, they’re breaking American law and they know it.

It’s easy. One shouldn’t rob a bank, abuse a child, drive drunk or enter a country illegally. Those who break the law need to be punished or, in the case of illegally entering a country, deported, if not punished first and then deported.

In the 1960s, many people said that African Americans were lazy, didn’t want to work and liked living in the shacks that government welfare checks allowed them to rent or own.

One heard of Black women who had baby after baby after baby for the sole purpose of reaching more deeply into the pocket of the government and pulling out more support money. It didn’t matter that they lived in horrific conditions, they didn’t care. They were merely lazy and wanted that free government hand out.

In my article “Shock Over Richards’s Rant is Curious”, I expose how large Fortune 500 global corporations were still reluctant to hire people other than Caucasian males as late as the 1980s. African Americans were no more lazy or unwilling to work than anyone else. As you can see if you read the link, African Americans were not being hired if it was at all possible to avoid hiring them.

Again, in 2007, Americans blame the wrong people based upon prejudicial stereotyping. There are many Americans who want Mexicans and Central and South Americans gathered up and punished or, at the very least, deported back to where ever it is they came from. I’ve heard them called “gibbering idiots” by a man who struggles with the English language. To this man, Spanish is “gibberish” and the fact the he can’t understand Spanish makes those who speak it “idiots”.

On the other hand, if one shops at Home Depot or at Lowe’s, one notices that each aisle is identified by a sign placed at the beginning of the aisle.

For instance, in front of the aisle where the bath supplies are displayed, there’s a sign which reads “Bath Supplies”. There’s a slash after the words “Bath Supplies” and the word “Baños” sets beside the words “Bath Supplies”. In the aisle which holds “Kitchen Supplies”, the word “Cocina” accompanies the words “Kitchen Supplies” on the identification sign.

On the store doors, “Entrada” is near the word “Entrance” and “Salida” is near the word “Exit”.

In California, for sure, it appears that some corporations want to keep the “idiots gibbering”. Or do the people who would refer to an entire ethnic group in such a despicable manner think that the Brown people who risk their lives travelling through the desert are the people who place all of the bilingual signs in places of business?

California is not the only state where this is found and Lowe’s and Home Depot are not the only retailers whose signs are bilingual.

Another corporation, Bank of America, now offers credit cards to illegal aliens. Do the people who so hate the Brown people who travel through the desert believe that they cut a deal with Bank Of America so that they can fall into debt while working for minimum wage, if that?

Obviously, there are Americans who aren’t so anxious to get those whose skin is Brown and who speak Spanish back to their native countries. Obviously, there are Americans who encourage the Brown people to come to work in The FUSA and who encourage them to continue to speak Spanish while removing the incentive for them to learn English.

Ironically enough, the people who want the law to “get tough” with the lawbreakers and those who are encouraging the lawbreakers to come and work in The FUSA and to continue to speak Spanish follow the same political path. Corporations and businesses who take advantage of the plight of underprivileged human beings would no doubt consider themselves “conservatives”, would support overturning Roe v. Wade, would argue against the existence of global warming and don’t want government regulating any of their activities, just like those who want to round up the “lawbreakers” and get them the hell out of “our country”.

What’s more, the corporations and businesses who hire illegal immigrants and pay them almost nothing get the best of both worlds. The passion towards the issue of illegal immigration is not merely born of the fact that there are people who are getting away with breaking the law. It’s quite obvious that many people are bothered by the influx of people whose skin is darker than the skin of the average Caucasian. And these “lawbreakers” have the nerve to not only continue to speak Spanish, but they refuse to learn English.

The Americans who are so passionate about this issue blame the Brown people, use pejoratives based upon their hate for these “lawbreakers” while they continue to shop at Lowe’s, Home Depot and other places that “cater to the lawbreakers”.

Maybe, while in the retail stores, they notice the signs and shake their heads. They look at the Spanish and say to themselves, “Damn Beaners” or “Damn Spics”. They then purchase their flooring, their tools or whatever it is they went to the store to buy without a second thought that they’re giving their money to the very people who perpetuate the illegal immigration game.

One might call the situation a “chicken and egg” situation, but that would be nothing more or less than a copout. The first thing that had to happen was for the “lawbreakers” to find work which was more “rewarding” than anything they could obtain in their native countries. In order for that to happen, someone had to be offering such work. Otherwise, it would never have made any sense to put one’s life on the line to come to The FUSA.

If corporations didn’t have voice mail that told the caller to press “2” for “Español” or bilingual signs in their places of business, there’d be a stronger incentive for those who work here “illegally” to learn English.

Yet, the Brown people receive the wrath of Americans.

For almost four hundred years, Western Europeans inhabiting The FUSA who eventually became Americans considered people of African decent 3/5 of a human being. They claimed this with no scientific evidence supporting it. They made this claim unabashedly and without hesitation. Some of the people who made this claim were otherwise intelligent human beings. In fact, this claim was law. The Constitution of The United States had to be amended to give African Americans the other 2/5 of humanity that they already possessed.

What happened on September 11, 2001 is yet another example of how easily Americans can acquire hate and intolerance towards people whose skin is darker than the average Caucasian.

The belief is that dark skinned Middle Easterners carried out the events of 9/11 and, consequently, there was overwhelming support for the invasion of a country in the Middle East which had nothing to do with 9/11. The people of Iraq look like the people blamed for what happened on 9/11 and that fact justified the bombing, destruction and killing that was carried out against the people of Iraq. Whether or not any of the so called hijackers were Iraqi and whether or not there was any evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11, dark skin was all the justification needed to kill Iraqis. It’s a sad fact and it’s made sadder still that Americans would deny this.

I don’t know how to fix illegal immigration, but what I do know is that the fix does not start with the people who are entering The FUSA illegally. The fix is much more dependent upon what’s waiting for those people in The FUSA once they arrive. Ultimately, mostly White, wealthy conservatives control that part of the fix.

It wouldn’t be nearly as easy to point the finger at the bastions of wealth and greed who encourage illegal immigration and Spanish as a first language as it is to hate a person because he or she looks or speaks differently.

It’s as if it’s OK to offer employment and benefits, meager as they may be, to Brown people. It’s as if those who desperately need what they’re offered should have enough “self discipline” to turn away from the offer, choosing to make absolutely no effort at all to improve what is a miserable existence in their native countries.

The saddest part is that it should be obvious to the most casual of observers who controls and perpetuates this game called “illegal immigration”, but the propensity of White Americans to hate those who are not White Americans blinds those White Americans to the obvious.

To friendship,

“Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense.” - Chapman Cohen

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Chance for False Flags to Fly

(originally published at Op Ed News)

I was watching C-Span this morning, before the Congressional theatrics begin. They carry a call in show at that time.

One of the guests was John H. Coatsworth, the acting Dean of Columbia University .

I’m a lousy gambler. I’ve done it a couple of times and I’ve failed miserably. So, I’m not making any outright predictions here.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, is scheduled to speak at Columbia this afternoon at 1:30 PM, ET.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I see an opportunity to goad Iran into retaliating against the FUSA, hence giving The Regime the excuse it needs to finally carry out that ill fated invasion of Iran.

Coatsworth, who isn’t happy about Ahmadinejad’s appearance but opted for free speech, said that Ahmadinejad will be protected “just like any other head of state”. If those who are protecting him “fail” and some “patriotic American” breaks through with a gun, will anyone be surprised?

Americans, as usual, will say that he had it coming. After Iran retaliates, not by outright attempting to attack the American mainland, but in some obvious way somewhere in the world, Americans will support The Regime. After all, Iranians should be happy that Ahmadinejad was taken out. Now maybe we can install a government that will be more FUSA friendly.

Not only will Americans support The Regime, but they’ll support the assassin because, in this case, he would not be an assassin but a brave executioner.

They’ll compare any military action initiated by The Regime with what that “coward” Jimmy Carter didn’t do when Iraq held American hostages for over 400 days. They’ll say that Bush is once again showing the courage to do what his predecessors, especially Carter, would/could not do.

The “lily livered liberals” won’t be able to claim that this is a preemptive strike, so that excuse “for being cowards” will not exist.

Finally, this will be the event which will allow National Security Presidential Directive 51 to be launched.

I know better than to predict anything. It seems I’ve never been right yet. I hope that I’m wrong this time as well.

All I’m saying is that the opportunity is palpable.

To friendship,

“Laws are silent in time of war.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

OpEdNews Interviews Greg Gerritt, America’s “Buy Nothing Day” Pioneer

(originally published at OpEdNews)

Every year for the past eleven years, Greg Gerritt, member of the Rhode Island Green Party and the Rhode Island delegate to the Green Party National Committee, organizes what has become the annual “Buy Nothing Day” in Rhode Island. The message of “Buy Nothing Day” surrounds the consumerism that seems to have overtaken Americans.

Gerritt has combined “Buy Nothing Day” with a “coat exchange”, an effort to help the needy make it through the rough New England winters. Michael Bonanno, assistant editor for OpEdNews, caught up with the busy Green on Sunday, April 16, and interviewed him. Bonanno wanted to learn more about the origins of this Green Rhode Island tradition and where its green (Green) pioneer would like to see it go.

Bonanno: Greg, who’s idea was “Buy Nothing Day” and what inspired it?

Gerritt: “Buy Nothing Day” originally comes out of Adbusters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Basically, Adbusters focuses on consumer culture and I think they just really got tired of watching ads.

Bonanno: Which is why this day falls on the day after Thanksgiving, which, annually, is the busiest shopping and sales day in America.

Gerritt: Right. So, in Rhode Island, we looked at this and said, “We ought to do something for this event.” We wanted something that not only had the political message but also was a way to give back to the community.

Bonanno: You sort of answered my next question which was going to be when did “Buy Nothing Day” turn into, for lack of a better phrase, “coat donation day”?

Gerritt: We call it “The Winter Coat Exchange” because it’s exchanging them between members of the community who have them and members of the community who don’t. Some people need to clean out their closets and some people need to fill their closets. It’s a good swap.

We started it in 1997, so this is going to be our eleventh year

We had a meeting – The Green Party of Rhode Island – and we were wondering what would be a great way to do this, to do something for “Buy Nothing Day” and this is what we came up with.
Bonanno: It sounds as if “Buy Nothing Day” has turned into a two-parter. Which is the most important part of “Buy Nothing Day”?

Gerritt: You’re right, it is a two-parter and they’re equally important. We definitely are very committed to the message of reducing consumption, making people think about the issues of poverty in America, issues of the environment. Over-consumption is an environmental disaster and then there’s the issue of poverty verses wealth.

Then comes the moving of coats from one part of the community to the other.

Bonanno: I know that “Buy Nothing Day” has spread from Rhode Island. How did that happen and how’s that going?

Gerritt: I’ve put the word out. In Utah, they’ve started doing an event in Salt Lake City and somebody who worked with us here in Rhode Island moved to Kentucky and I think they’re doing one in Louisville. There’s been some talk about it elsewhere, but nobody else has really done it yet.

Bonanno: Do you think that consumerist Americans and/or corporations are getting the message?

Gerritt: The corporations aren’t paying any attention whatsoever.

Many, many Americans, millions of Americans, are reducing their consumption, focusing on consuming locally, sustainably. I don’t know if that’s going as fast as we would like, but it is happening. Will it all come through an event like “Buy Nothing Day”? No.

The place where it’s most noticeable now is in local food. That’s probably the leading edge.

I think Global Warming, greenhouse gasses, are helping to drive a lot of things. I think the local food is very much part of that. We were talking about Global Warming being a part of “Buy Nothing Day” ten years ago.

Bonanno: This is a pragmatic question and I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how do you guard against those who might take advantage of what you’re doing? Are there people who are so dishonest that…

Gerritt: …they take extra coats?

Bonanno:…yeah, and sell them or something.

Gerritt: Yes, we’ve had that. We haven’t done much about it. We are thinking about it, though, because it’s getting a little bit out of hand.

Not everybody gets to our event. Somebody taking a few extra coats and making a few extra bucks hasn’t really bothered us much, but it’s gotten to the point where it may affect the ability to get the coats to the people who really need coats. We may need to have the recipients form a line or something as opposed to just placing the coats on a table.

Bonanno: It probably hasn’t gotten to the point where there’s an organized effort to rip you off, like some local retailer stocking up or something. I imagine you don’t deal in a large enough quantity of coats to interest anyone like that.

Gerritt: We give away two thousand coats in a day. But if there’s somebody taking them, it’s usually somebody doing it on their own; maybe they have a second hand shop or something.

Bonanno: And, of course, if the needy are taking them and selling them, they’re probably just prioritizing what they need more and selling them for something that they do need more at that particular time.

Gerritt: That’s true, but when people start taking fifty or sixty to sell, that becomes an issue. We’re going to start to try to deal with that this year.

Bonanno: What can people do to help “Buy Nothing Day” spread nationally?

Gerritt: As an individual, you can actually do an event. That may be the most effective thing.

I’m always happy to consult with anybody around the country who wants to set up one of these events. I’d be more than happy to explain what we’ve done and how to do it.

We work very closely with agencies in the area such as The Road Island Coalition for the Homeless, Crossroads Rhode Island, which is one of the shelters, People to End Homelessness.

Bonanno: It doesn’t seem, from where I’m sitting, that The Green Party of The United States has really picked up on what you’re doing.

Gerritt: This is the kind of thing where each local group has to figure out how it fits in with what they do. You can’t mandate this from up above. It’s got to be done locally.

Those Greens who want to do it in their neighborhood have. For those who haven’t figured out how to do this…you know…for eleven years I haven’t been able to go away for Thanksgiving. If people have family obligations or have to go out of town, well, it makes it really difficult.

It’s one of those things where, if the right people pull together, it’s going to happen.

Bonanno: Yes, but it seems as if the national party made “Buy Nothing Day” part of their platform, it would help immensely. If this went national, then corporations would take note, don’t you think?

Gerritt: The odds are that, as much or as big as we could get, it wouldn’t have a whole lot of effect on corporations.

The people it effects are the people in the community who get coats as well as all of the people who donate coats.

Rhode Island has three sites that operate each year and we’re still looking for more.

Bonanno: You said that this has begun to happen in Utah and Kentucky, but what about right there in New England? Do you know of anywhere else in New England where this is happening?

Gerritt: No, I haven’t heard of any place other than right here in Rhode Island, the places that we’ve helped. We’ve written letters to the editor and other articles and it’s well received here. Right now it’s hit or miss elsewhere.

It has to be presented right, the timing has to be right and you can make this somebody’s day. There’s nothing you can do to force these things, though.

Bonanno: Is there anything else you’d like to add, Greg?

Gerritt: No, I think I’m pretty well talked out.

Bonanno: Greg, I admire what you’re doing. It truly is grassroots. You’re in the local trenches.

I know that you’d like to see “Buy Nothing Day” become nationally recognized…

Gerritt: Adbusters has a web site where they list lots of events, including “Buy Nothing Day”.

Bonanno: Thanks for taking time out to talk to me and maybe you’ll see “Buy Nothing Day” in other American communities soon.

Gerritt: Let's hope so.

If you're interested in initiating a "Buy Nothing Day" in your community, email Greg Gerritt.

To friendship,

“I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there's evidence of any thinking going on inside it.” - Terry Pratchett

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Is it Time to Give Up?

(originally published at OpEdNews)

9/11 Truthers, I’m going to write something that may make many or some of you angry. I ask that you “hear me out” or “read me out” before passing judgment.

I think that we should give up.

I consider myself a 9/11 Truther and I don’t believe any less that the horrible crime was made even more unconscionable by the fact that the government of The FUSA committed the crime. I know as well as any of you that The Regime did it, that 9/11 was an inside job.

When I say I know as well as any of you, I mean that on more than one level. I truly believe that most 9/11 Truthers don’t want a brand new investigation in order to find The Regime guilty, imprison them and throw away the key. I believe most 9/11 Truthers want a transparent investigation in which anybody and everybody whom the defense or prosecution thinks may have been involved can be called to testify, must testify and must testify at the hearing/trial under oath. There should be no exemptions for anyone.

9/11 Truthers want all questions asked concerning the most horrible crime committed in the history of the USA (now The FUSA). All of the questions that have been asked in books such as “The New Pearl Harbor”, all of the questions asked by Truthers online, all questions should be allowed.

I believe that 9/11 Truthers would be satisfied if they could be convinced that the hearing was honest, open, impartial and unbiased at all levels, that all who should be called are called and are forced to testify under oath and that all evidence is presented.

If those judging this hearing adjudicated in favor of The Regime, Truthers would be extremely disappointed, but could accept the judgment. This is what I believe. I believe that Truthers want the truth, they don’t want to find The Regime guilty unless it is guilty. Let them and their representatives present whatever facts and witnesses that they are allowed to legally present.

Having said all of that, it’s obvious that this will never happen.

I’ve never done much deep research into the attack at Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK or the Oklahoma City bombing. 9/11 is the first time I’ve ever become intently serious about the possibility that those in high places, those who one is raised to believe are almost perfect, could conspire to accomplish something as grand as 9/11.

In truth, when my wife watched 9/11 unfold on television, her first words were, “Bush did this.”

I didn’t think much of Bush, especially after the 2000 election. I guess that was a conspiracy in which I believed, wasn’t it? So I didn’t respond to her comment. We didn’t have an argument. I didn’t respond with an automatic, “That’s ridiculous.” It’s difficult how I felt about it. I listened and waited for our president to lead us in defense of our nation.

I gave up on Bush very quickly because he began talking about invading Iraq very quickly. I joined protests against a war that had nothing to do with what happened on September of 2001.

I then saw David Ray Griffin on C-Span. That was the first I heard any of the arguments for the case that 9/11 didn’t happen the way The Regime said it happened. It was the first time I heard any of the arguments for making our government complicit in the “attack”.

I’ve seen and heard the evidence that could prove that our government planned and carried out 9/11. I’ve seen and heard those arguments rebuffed.

On Friday, August 31, I was listening to “Brunch With Bernie”, a segment which Thom Hartmann broadcasts on his radio show every Friday. The segment presents Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont giving his opinion on many of the issues of the day and, in many cases, interacting with those who call into The Thom Hartmann Show.

I don’t know what this particular caller was referring to. I either didn’t hear it well or I’ve forgotten. It may or may not have had anything to do with 9/11 conspiracies. I did hear the words that exited from Senator Sanders’ mouth. Those words were, “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.”

Up until that moment, if I heard someone who could help Truthers in their quest for a real hearing about what happened on 9/11 say those words, I would have become angry enough to spit nails.

In fact, I’d recently seen a History Channel presentation entitled “9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Fact or Fiction.”

The show was a debate between the two sides. The trouble with that is we’re already there! We’ve been there for a long time. Not much was covered that hasn’t already been covered and debated. Showing it on The History Channel didn’t solve anything. It just served to make people on either side angrier.

However, in defense of The History Channel, at least it showed the alternative arguments.

What made me angry was, if one thought that those holding alternate theories were wrong, the show merely reinforced their opinion.

One procedure that was used is as follows:

(Written on the TV screen) “Conspiracy Theorists: The hole in the pentagon wall did not match up with a hole that would have been made by a Boeing 757.”

THC would then have “conspiracy theorists” like Griffin, Meyson, Tarpley, the makers of “Loose Change” or other “conspiracy theorists” explain their position. Once they explained their position, the next thing on the screen was:

“Expert Response”

And they’d have the “experts” explain the other side of the argument.

Need they go any further?

“Conspiracy theorists?

“Expert Response”?

There were other skewed activities, but I’ll point out just one more.

When the “conspiracy theorists” gave their responses, they didn’t personally attack people who defended the government’s position.

However, many times when the “experts” responded, they used descriptors.

A couple of examples (paraphrased):

“You see, conspiracy theorists love a vacuum” or “conspiracy theories are sexy” or “conspiracy theorists tend to leave out important facts”. They didn’t respond to all of the issues using these descriptors, but they used them far too often. This further reinforced the conclusion of many who were watching that, yes, conspiracy theorists are not only not experts, but also make stuff up to manipulate the facts.

Let’s review.

Did FDR allow Pearl Harbor to happen? If he did, he purposely allowed Americans to die at the hands of the Japanese.

FDR died in office in 1945 of what appeared to be a stroke.

Lyndon Johnson has been implicated in everything from being the catalyst for the deaths of 58,000 American military personnel to the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Johnson could not be elected to a second full term because of his sinking popularity. He retired to his Texas home where he died of a heart attack at the age of 64.

I’m pretty unfamiliar with what many say really happened in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, but I do know that 163 innocent people died because of a premeditated action.

Timothy McVeigh was put to death for what happened in Oklahoma City, but many believe that Bill Clinton and Janet Reno were involved.

Bill Clinton completed two full terms as president and has retired. His wife was elected to the US Senate and is now a leading candidate for president.

As far as I know, Janet Reno is not in prison.

FDR, as leader of the United States government, basically murdered people at Pearl Harbor if he knew it was going to happen and didn’t stop it.

Johnson murdered millions of people via The Vietnam War, including 58,000 American soldiers and was complicit in the assassination of an American president, if what is believed by some is true.

Clinton, Reno and others were complicit in killing 163 Americans.

If these people did what they’re accused of doing, the conspiracy theorists have wasted lots of time. Roosevelt and Johnson can no longer be punished for mass murder.

People may still be calling for the heads of Clinton and Reno, yet their lives seems to be quite safe and they continue to gain from their previous positions in government.

Millions of people have been trying for a very long time to get those in power, who aren’t, themselves, working on conspiracies, tried and arrested. The death penalty exists throughout much of The FUSA and, if important people still living worked on any of the aforementioned mass murder conspiracies, they should be tried and put to death.

Have they been? Has justice been served? Have any of these conspiracies ever faced the kind of investigation that Truthers want to see regarding 9/11? No.

Look how much time, energy and money has been spent to bring these criminals to justice and it’s never happened.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont says the he has the crimes of “The Bush Administration” in his sites. He says that we’re going to catch up to some of the things that “the Bush Administration” has done and reverse the worse of them. He says that this will happen slowly but surely.

He “doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories”, however. So, as far as he’s concerned, the worse, most unforgivable crime The Regime may have committed should never be tried.

I read 9/11 Truth literature and I read about the growing number of Americans who believe that 9/11 was an “inside job”. I don’t doubt the claim, but I haven’t run into many people who’ve bought into it.

I’ve never heard anyone in the US Congress say, in plain English, that 9/11 was an inside job. I know that some members of Congress supposedly support Truthers, but where are the members of Congress who believe that 9/11 was an inside job? How far are they getting in convincing other members of Congress that 9/11 was an inside job.

The government of The FUSA purposely had 3,000 of its citizens killed in order to start a war in which 4,000 more Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died and whatever members of Congress believe this aren’t doing any more than they’re doing to convene a real investigation into what happened on September 11, 2001. Let’s not forget that whoever they are, they’re getting no help from the lamestream media.

How much money and how much time is going to be wasted by people intent on following through with this pursuit over the next 10, 20, 30 or more years? George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and those we think were involved will retire and live a comfortable life. Then they’ll die. They won’t be punished anymore than any of the others who supposedly committed unconscionable crimes.

One problem with those who believe in alternative explanations for events such as 9/11 is that they become divided, many adding to the original alternative explanations. Many of the additions are based upon innate prejudiced, which may be why many people want to blame 9/11 on Israel. Other explanations which split from the original involve activities or mechanisms that at least seem to have been born in the imagination of those presenting them.

Consequently, since I’ve heard Griffin for the first time and read The New Pearl Harbor, explanations which all seemed, and still seem, legitimate, I’ve heard and read explanations that lessen the credibility of the original arguments.

I believe that 9/11 was an inside job and I believe that those responsible should be identified, tried and, if found guilty, punished to the fullest extent of the law.

What we’ve learned over the years and what we’re learning in this pursuit is that it ain’t gonna happen. People who can really do something about such a crime will never undertake the momentous task needed to convene a real investigation which will produce legitimate results.

A final self defeating phenomenon about conspiracy theories are conspiracy theories. To those who feel that conspiracy theorists are out orbiting another planet it appears that nothing negative has ever happened in The FUSA as presented by the media and/or the government. Can we blame people for doubting that everything that has gone wrong in The FUSA has been the result of a conspiracy by wealthy and powerful people?

I’m not absolutely certain of what fighting the fights that we can win means, but, if I was a betting man, I’d bet that proving that The Regime was behind 9/11 isn’t one of those fights.

Do I believe that The Regime very well could be found guilty? Absolutely.

Do I believe that, if they’re found guilty, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law? Absolutely.

Do I believe that, given the mindset of most people in the world concerning conspiracy theories, someone will actually ever take on such a fight? Never, never and never.

In some cases, horrible crimes can be committed and those who commit them will never be tried, let alone found guilty. 9/11 is one crime that will never be tried. Like wealthy and powerful people who came before them, the 9/11 criminals will live out their lives as they wish.

Before we exit this life, we should have tried to make the world a better place than we found it. Trying to prove that the American government was complicit in 9/11, even if it was, only interferes with doing other things that can make the world a better place.

Will I maintain this position for the rest of my life; the rest of the year; the rest of the month? Almost surely not.

In fact, talk me out of giving up.

To friendship,

“I am struggling to maintain the government, not to overthrow it. I am struggling especially to prevent others from overthrowing it.” - Abraham Lincoln

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Iraq is Nothing Like Vietnam/Oh Yes it Is – The Front Man

(originally published at OpEdNews)

There are too many countries on the planet with too many various forms of governance for any one nation, no matter how large and powerful, to attempt to cookie cut the entire planet in its image.

But this isn’t what Iraq is all about at all, is it? It’s been reported that there are at least three small city sized American military bases in Iraq from which Iraqis of any social class are forbidden. We have built small American cities in what used to be the sovereign nation of another people.

There is a definite pattern developing here.

First, Western Europeans slaughtered the rightful occupants of the land we now call The Americas, moved westward, building states and cities as they moved. In the process, they murdered and, ultimately, pounded the indigenous people who survived into the lowest class of citizen in a land that was rightly theirs.

We did the same in Cuba when two “great white fathers” fought each other for the right to debase and torture and abuse those for whom Cuba was a rightful home.

In South Korea, the Koreans became the “subjects” of the intruding Americans. In this case, they had a choice of relenting to a “great white father” or a “great yellow father”. Nonetheless, Koreans were, and still are, second class citizens in their own country. The only difference is that the “industrial” part of the military/industrial complex has spelled the military part.

In Vietnam, there were Vietnamese owned establishments into which what Americans called “Gooks” were not allowed to enter. Multinational corporations, with the blessing of the government, have since made a deal with that former “enemy” to use the inhabitants of that country as slave labor for those very same multinational corporations, as they have with so many totalitarian governments. Middle class and poor American families paid a high price to ensure that the average Vietnamese would remain poor at best and in squalor at worse. Who won that war? The totalitarian Vietnamese government and The Corporacracy won that war.

George Santayana said that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The middle class American who believed the unbelievable that puked from the mouths of The Regime prior to March of 2003 either forgot the past or never learned about it. They are now paying the same high price for the benefit of the same Corporacracy.

The Front Man may have sounded stupid with today’s speech, but, no matter how stupid he sounds and no matter how many people the polls show disagree with The Regime’s policies, especially in how it’s proceeding in Iraq, 35-40% still agree with it and that’s frightening. Much of that number comes from the middle class, the very people who are suffering the most for invisible weapons of mass destruction which morphed into an impossible conspiracy between Iraq and Al Qaeda to pull off 9/11 which, in turn, has morphed into bringing liberty to people on whose land The FUSA (The Former United States of America) is building city sized military bases that bar Iraqis from entering.

Before he said that this war was like Vietnam, The Front Man said that Iraq was a different kind of war and not like Vietnam at all. He was right both times.

First, it’s like Vietnam, the wars mentioned above and other wars that have preceded this one in that the poor man fights for the rich man’s rights.

Unlike Nam, this is the kind of war which will last forever in spite of which leg of The Corporacracy’s pair of pants, the blue leg or red leg, is installed as leader of The FUSA. It’s different in that we and those we leave behind may never again have to wait 30 or 40 years for another war based upon lies.

Like sands through an hour glass, so will be the wars of our lives.

To friendship,

“History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.” - Edward Gibbon

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...Are Doomed to Repeat It

Read this article and ask yourself if you see yourself in its “mirror”. If you don’t, then you have the courage to know that what our government is doing in Iraq is wrong, that either The Regime was overjoyed by what happened on September 11, 2001, knew about it ahead of time and let it happened or you have the real balls to question if the government even had anything to do with carrying out what happened on September 11, 2001.

This article is our zeitgeist. People will believe what they’re told by their government, especially if they perceive their government as having done something positive for “the homeland”, in our case, The FUSA, (The Former United States of America).

If you get angry enough to spit nails by the suggestion that 9/11 was, in the least, looked at as an “opportunity” by The Regime which today rules The FUSA which illegally and with malice aforethought attacked Iraq which was no danger to it, welcome to the past that you have been “doomed to repeat”.

Why Germans Supported Hitler
Jacob G. Hornberger

To friendship,

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – Lenin

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Their War (new song)

Seems like in one of our nightmares
he was king.
Their power was for, they told us,
They were selected,
the rules were ignored
just like when they sold the people
on their war.

They were created from plastic,
they’re not real.
It’s like they have something drastic
to conceal.
They don’t want the people
to see past the door.
We know and they know the lies that
took us to war.

All of the trees in the forests
Money and mortar are now our
new frontier.
No place for creatures’
lives anymore
All of the earth is a victim
of their war.

He says he talks to the big guy
in the sky.
Looks like he has the delusion
he can fly.
Why not believe him
‘cause he’s flown before?
But it was never in combat
in their war.

Things aren’t as good as they tell us,
are they now?
People believe their atrocious
lies somehow.
Can you remember
what they’re fighting for?
No matter what name they give it,
it’s nothing but war.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blown to Kingdom Come

This is, by far, the best song having to do with the government’s 9/11 “conspiracy theory” that I’ve heard to date. I hope it moves you the way it moved me.

To friendship,

“You cannot make a man by standing a sheep on its hind legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position you can make a crowd of men.” - Max Beerbohm

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

It Could Happen: Dubelya Sends a Message to Rob Kall, Editor of OpEdNews

Dear Rob,

This here is George Dubelya Bush, here. You know, your president of these great United States? Bush. You remember, don’t ya?

Yeah, yeah, I was just skatin’ on the internets here…hold on, hold on (What’s that? Surf? Surfin’? Oh, yeah, surfin’. Thanks, your excellenc…I mean, Dick.)

I was just surfin’ on these here internets and the first thing I saw was your home site, this OpEdNews place ya got here.

And I’ll be damned if it ain’t just like a newspaper, only without the paper part. It’s sort of an amazin’ idea to have a newspaper without the paper part, although I find it much harder to sit down in my recliner and hold it and read it like that. That computer’s a heavy mother, ya know? And then there’s that thing that it plugs into, that thing there on the floor that the computer plugs into? I don’t know what it is, but when I unplug it, all the pictures go away from my computer so, instead of takin’ the computer, that thing on the ground, the typewriter part, the rat….hold on another minute, Rob (What? Mouse? There’s a mouse in here? Well call the goddamned extrimater and have him come out and extrimate the little critter. Can’t ya see I’m busy here surfin…the internets? Oh, I’m sorry sir. My temper sort of ran away with me. Yes sir, I respect you, sir. And all of the things you stand for, sir. In the name of the…do we have to do that now, Mr. um, Dick?)

Sorry, Rob. You know how a Dick can be don’t ya. Can’t live with ‘em can’t live with ‘em.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, a newspaper with no paper. I wonder if my old pal Rupie knows about this? Ya see, he still makes newspapers, but his got paper attached to it, Rob. Maybe I’ll tell him to go in line and take a peek at your web home, here. Did ya ever think of makin’ a mint? Now, I don’t mean the candy, Rob. I mean a lot of money. If you can sell these newspapers without paper, you can make a mint and, sometimes, when people make a lot of money, we say they make a mint. And they don’t really make the money, that’s up to the Federal Express, I mean Federal Reserve. They make a mint. Hey, they have a mint. Ain’t that somethin’? They have a mint and they make a mint. It just shows to go ya.

I seen a couple of troublin’ things on your newspaper without paper, Rob.

First, I saw some names that look awfully foreign to me. Now, I got nothin’ against foreigners. Some of my best foreigners are friends. But some of the names seem like they rise out of the east, if ya know what I mean, Rob.

Now, I’m gonna have my boys down at the NSA sort of look ‘em up. Nothin’ serious Rob. Sorta like lookin’ a name up in the phone book, that’s all. And we’ll use Pfizer’s court. We always use Pfizer’s court when we look people up. Well, except when it takes too long, then we want to use Pfizer’s court, but we can’t. We always have the best detentions in mind, Rob.

Some of the articles in your site place are real interestin’, Rob.

Like I read this article on singer prayer insurance. Now, it’s quite plain that the person who wrote that hasn’t heard of my faith based programs. I’m not sure about the singin’ part, but I think prayer is good for your health.

If ya talk about this comminist society medicine, ya know that we can’t do.

First, God bless President Reagan for knockin’ down that comminist wall. And at his age. That’s hard work, knockin’ down comminists walls. Shows that the man was in great shape for his age. So, there’s no comminists anymore so we can’t do that, right?

But there’s another reason why I won’t sign any bills supportin’ society medicine. When corporations are free, they can be innovative. Think the government can come up with good ideas like the co-pay and free resistin’ conditions?

Really, do ya think the government can run the medicine business? Look at what it did with Hurricane Katherina. The government forgot what to do, didn’t it?

Now, Brownie, he did a heck of a job and I told him that. Ya gotta stroke your workers when you get ‘em alone, ya know? But, come to find out, as good of a job as Brownie did, it wasn’t the right job.

Get it? He did a heck of a job, but it was the wrong job. Heck of a job, wrong job. Get it?

I see a lotta articles and opinions about the job I’m doin’ in Iraq.

I appreciate article called “American At War: Killing Crabbies in Iraq”. They say that you liberls are basist, but I think your fare unbalanced. That was a good article which brought out the good about my war on terrorists and why we’re there so they won’t have to fight us here.

First, it’s good to hear how tired and run down the soldiers are. Ya see, that means they’re doin’ a great job. I mean, can you imagine if they were all rested and full of vinegar? What would that tell the American people who support them? I’m glad that article points out how tired the boys are…boys and girls…or women…boys and women. It just shows that our boys and women are really getting’ it on over there in Iraq.

And I say good for that soldier that’s mad at Congress. Congress is a jerk! They wanna pull out, call it quits, cut n’ run, haul ass, beat feet, turn tail, feet don’t fail me now. That’s what Congress is sayin’. “Feet don’t fail me now”. They’re cowards and unpatriotic and they don’t support our troops and…

(What? Challenge? He’s challengin’ me? Um, oh. Thanks, sir.)

Well, Rob, seems the fine young soldier is challengin’ me to go to Iraq. He musta missed the Thanksgivin’ trip. Ya know, I served that plas…um, the turkey to those hungry young men…and girls…women…I served women to the hungry young men. That boy musta missed that ‘cause nobody can’t say I’ve never been to Iraq. I been there and I just might go again, who knows? I don’t that’s for sure.

Well, Rob, ya know, bein’ president and all, I can get pretty busy at times.

There’s Social Security to get rid of, push that singer prayer insurance company, protect the country from another 9/11 ‘cause 9/11 was real bad done by bad people who are out to make us bad people so be careful and remember 9/11 ‘cause they could come here anytime. That’s why we’re fightin’ up over there ‘cause they could come here again like they did on 9/11 when they did bad things and 9/11 can happen anytime. It won’t, though, ‘cause we’re over there so they don’t have to fight us over here.

So, Rob, you can see I’m busy makin’ sure those boys are…and girls are fightin’…women are fightin’ those boys over there so they don’t fight over here.

See ya Rob and God bless America.

You’re doin’ a heck of a job Kallie.

President George Dubelya Bush

To friendship,

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.” – Martin Luther King

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Zeitgeist The Movie

There have been some good videos emerging recently and I’ve published links to a couple of them here.

“Zeitgeist the Movie” is yet another one. This video isn’t short. It’s a full length movie, one hour and fifty-six minutes.

The world zeitgeist is defined as “the spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time” by

“Zeitgeist the Movie” attempts to explain why the spirit of this time is what it is and where it’s going.

The movie is about how people are manipulated. It is in three parts: Part I - ReligionPart II - the 9-11 mythPart III - the manipulation and control of money, war profiteering, loss of civil rights, One World Government

I found the first part educational. I had no idea how many copies of the same religion existed. Amazing!

I’d seen the second part and, as most of you probably know, am a firm 9/11 Truther. I’d heard about the other false flag operations. Even the mantra “Remember The Maine” evolved from a false flag operation.

Part 2 worries me a bit. Some of you are 9/11 Truthers and others think that 9/11 Truthers are orbiting some other planet. I’m quite certain that many of you have seen and heard the anomalies surrounding September 11, 2001. I’m afraid that you may think, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen this” and turn the video off without watching part 3. I’m especially concerned about those of you who are not 9/11 Truthers.

I’d urge you to hang in there until part 3 begins or at least skip to part 3. Even if you’ve seen or heard the truth about 9/11, it would be a shame if you skip through part 2 because the three parts tie in together well.

Of course, part 3, which is the part which actually physically upset me, may be the most important part because the future is, indeed, now. It’s beginning to happen and, as the movie implies, every slick technological advance made by The Regime will look like a cool new toy to the average American.

The best example is the way an average American woman makes it sound not only good but necessary to be implanted with an identification chip “because of 9/11”.

I’ll introduce this video with a poem I wrote in 2004:


Mighty menace gathers, designs on depravity.
Self-reflected cabal, addicted to addiction,
looks into its concocted, perverse glassy stream,
dazed by its ego, held by hunger, humbled by nothing.

With white hot weakness pushing its ink dagger,
memorandum to melt the breadwinners is stealthily scripted.
Ever the elite expatriates, enslaved by indifference,
stirred by the Zeitgeist, they skillfully free the workforce.

Disclosure launches cold, converging collision.
A doomed class in corporate created conflict,
like a tornado, beaten badly by the bottom line,
broken, confused, cast off, their chins rest on their chests.

And they’re imperfect humans.
And they spill into shadows.
And their yen for their yearning
is now a serendipitous existence.

To friendship,

“If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament, he would be a criminal. If he would follow strictly the teachings of the New, he would be insane.” - Robert G. Ingersoll

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Conservative’s and a Liberal’s Views on Impeachment – a Bill Moyers Interview

I don’t like political labels. I think that I could make a case that those who we call “conservative” in the political arena are very liberal on many issues and those who we call “liberal” are conservative. It depends, in my humble opinion, upon the subject at hand and the angle from which we view it.

However, most of the time it’s necessary to use those labels as they’re typically used.

In the video to which I’ve linked on this page, Bruce Fein, a conservative, and John Nichols, a liberal, are interviewed by Bill Moyers.

Fein brought the first article of impeachment against President Clinton. He explains why he did that in the interview.

Fein also belongs to at least one conservative think tank (I’ve never understood what goes on in a “think tank” except, maybe, thinking) and other conservative organizations.

In the linked video, Moyers gets both Fein’s and Nichols’s take on the prevailing dialogue surrounding the possibility of bringing articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush and/or Vice President Richard Cheney.

I found the 24 minute interview both captivating and educational. I think you will, too.

The interview is in two parts. When I was directed to this interview, I was told to make certain that I watch both parts. That was a thoughtful heads-up, but completely unnecessary once I began watching the interview.

To friendship,
Michael Bonanno

“How hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence of one's senses! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality.” - Norman Douglas

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<a href="">Should Congress have begun hearings to impeach Bush or Cheney or both?</a> <a href="">BuzzDash</a>

Friday, July 13, 2007

Video Proof of the Need for a “Nanny State”

(originally published at OpEdNews)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been debating with people about the ease or difficulty of obtaining work in the FUSA (The Former United States of America).

Many of the people with whom I’ve debated have usually held the opinion that if one worked hard to qualify one’s self, one could obtain good paying employment. I’ve been told to look at the Sunday papers. I’ve been told that I’ll see a plethora of corporations who are looking for qualified applicants.

The bottom line for my debating opponent has always been that, if one is not employed, one is lazy and just doesn’t want to work.

However, I saw and heard many people, especially African Americans, say that they tried to better themselves and tried to obtain employment, but were turned away.

Consequently, many times the debate wound up being about the character of African Americans and their unwillingness to “pick themselves up by their boot straps and get a job.”

I lived in a predominantly Black neighborhood as a kid. Many of my friends' parents worked as hard as any Caucasian I know and harder than many. I couldn’t believe that my friends’ parents were lying when they said they couldn’t get a job no matter how hard they tried. They didn’t seem to me like people who didn’t want to work and they definitely weren’t lazy.

I really had no way to prove what I believed until I became an Operations Supervisor for a Fortune 500 global corporation. In my article “Shock Over Richards’ Rant Curious”, I exposed some of the hiring practices of the corporation for which I worked. It was then that I was able to understand that acceptance by the employers was the problem, not laziness on the part of the unemployed.

In “How To Not Hire An American - MUST SEE VIDEO” at The Daily Kos, you can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears a similar practice in progress.

The case which BobOak shows us is much more inclusive than the case in which I was involved in 1988. However, this has got to give people who think that those who are unemployed are so just because they want to be and just because they’re lazy a better perspective of where the truth lies.

This kind of hiring practice has been in place for a long, long time. In the beginning, it was to keep certain ethnic groups out of the work place. Now, employers are trying to keep qualified Americans out of the work place.

The day on which corporations are allowed to totally regulate themselves will be the day on which The FUSA's stratification into two classes, one wealthy and one poor, will be complete.

Libertarians call a government which regulates a “nanny” state. Watch this video and decide for yourself if the people who are talking about hiring practices are or are not in need of a “nanny” to watch over them. I say they need to be watched and regulated by the government, i.e., we, the people, at every turn.

To friendship,

“If mankind minus one were of one opinion, then mankind is no more justified in silencing the one than the one - if he had the power - would be justified in silencing mankind.” - John Stuart Mill

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“Peace Please”

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Outside the System May be the Only Way Left

(originally published at OpEdNews)

I bring up an essay I’d written entitled “Priority Number One” at the risk of appearing shamelessly self-promotional. However, it still is an answer no one seems interested in pursuing. As it says in the essay, The Electoral College isn’t just about the presidential election. It sets the pace for the rest of the political system.

The Electoral College doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the person the voters want to be president will be president. It does, however, help keep things within the two branches of The Corporacracy.

Sure there’s talk about Ron Paul, more conservative than anyone else in the Republican Party, and Dennis Kucinich as the “maverick” candidates of the two corporate parties, but they never talk about Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich saying that they can’t support their party’s platform.

Of course, throughout election night, we continuously hear “red” and “blue”, as if they’re the only colors of the spectrum. Map upon map on lamestream networks is splashed with red and blue.

Ultimately, in 2004, Kucinich became a Kerry lackey after Kerry won the nomination; Kerry who stood for everything Kucinich opposed during the nomination campaign.

The lamestream media isn’t even finished with its report on the presidential race loser’s lame concession speech before it’s asking who the Democrats and who the Republicans are going to run four years hence.

Millions of people have to march on Washington doing physical damage, maybe even “taking one for the team.” We don’t need hundreds of people doing this while millions of people stay home and, when they see the news clips during breaks from “American Idol”, say, “What crazy jerks those people are. They’re so destructive.”

As if it’s not destructive to destroy Iraq. As if it’s not destructive to destroy social programs that help people who didn’t make it to the Boards of Directors of Dow Chemical, Hewlett Packard, Monsanto, Panasonic, Sanyo, Mobile/Exxon, BP, etc., etc., etc.,

People spent time in jail during the Civil Rights movement in the sixties. People spent time in jail during the antiwar movement in the sixties.

Four students were killed in 1970 at Kent State Universtity during an antiwar rally.

We can’t get enough people to agree on what has to be done to stop the madness in 2007, but too many are still waiting for Congress, whose members are truly protected by The Electoral College, to do something heroic.

“Write to your member of Congress, write to your member of Congress, write to your member of Congress”, the same old same old.

No one writes to his or her member of Congress. They write to college kids doing co-op work for their college Political Science classes or doing intern work, hoping to catch the eye of the boss and move up in the field of politics. They’re learning how to seriously go one on one with lobbyists. All are trying to get gold stars and passing on our concerns to the untouchables that we hire isn’t necessarily the way to elbow past the others, stomping on their coworkers/competitors. Getting the people’s message to Ellen Tauscher or Barbara Boxer or Dennis Kucinich or any one of those phonies, left or right, isn’t going to get “staffers” a gold star.

So where does the caring about the phone calls, letters and emails stop? When we write them, that’s when it stops.

What will it take to remove the theatrics from our political system? It will take opening up the system to people who care and who have a realistic chance of winning. It will take opening up the debate to people who won’t give a damn about and won’t respond to elementary school like personal attacks. It will take people who will force the other “players” to talk about the issues and answer the question, “If we do it your way, how will America and it’s citizens succeed?”

We can win. We can get our country back. Working within the system isn’t the way to do it. Let’s face it, those in the system aren’t even working within the system. Why the hell should we work within the system when, in reality, there is no more system, merely a delusion of one.

As long as we’re told to write to our members of Congress, we’ll be extras in the wonderful performance which they enact daily for the entertainment of themselves.

Call your member of Congress? What a joke.

To friendship,

“The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it.” - George Orwell

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Broken Down into its Simplest Form....

This video should be required for all who need explanations broken down into their simplest forms.

To friendship,

“Got to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.” - Bruce Cockburn

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“Make One More Person Cry”

Terrorists in the House - Take Two

(originally published by OpEdNews)

I just received the following email from a friend who always seems to be well informed:

Rick Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania, appearing on the Hugh Hewitt radio show last Saturday, July 7:

“Between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen, and I believe that by this time next year, the American public is going to have a very different view of this war, and it will be because, I think, of some unfortunate events, that like we're seeing unfold in the UK. But I think the American public is going to have a very different view.”

What does this insider know that makes him use the words, “are” going to happen instead of might or could happen?

If this is not a slip of the tongue about some planned terrorist attack that he knows about, then it exhibits exactly the mind set of those who want something to happen. At the very least the attitude exhibited by Mr. Santorum is the kind that could cause certain frustrated officials to look the other way and let it happen or even help it along.

Last month, the new chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, Dennis Milligan, said, “At the end of the day, I believe fully the president is doing the right thing, and I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on [Sept.11, 2001].” Milligan told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “And the naysayers will come around very quickly to appreciate not only the commitment for President Bush, but the sacrifice that has been made by men and women to protect this country,” he concluded.

As is now well-known, shortly before 9/11 the Project For A New American Century, a Neo-Con lobby group which counts Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney in its ranks, said it's military agenda would not be realized “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor.”

So, hang on. It was recently revealed that 2 nuclear devices are missing from the Pentagon's stockpile. Are Cheney & Co. at it again? I would have bet that they'd at least wait until a Democrat is in the White House. .....makes ‘em look better at protecting the country. But what the heck, why wait? Another home-grown “terrorist” attack might increase the odds of staying in the White House.

This seems to place The Regime between a rock and a hard place, however.

I've always thought that The Regime would pull another “false flag” attack to prove that Al Qaeda is still alive and willing to continue to give Americans the heebie-jeebies.

I thought it might happen before the ’04 election, but it didn’t.

There were other occasions on which I thought it would choreograph another death fest.

On the other hand, one of the main Regime supporter talking points is that there hasn’t been another terrorist attack in The FUSA because George Washington Bush is president.

I’ve written that this is absurd because that bench mark surely creates a whole host of great presidents of The United States.

How many terrorist attacks were there under Calvin Coolidge, William Howard Taft or Martin Van Buren? Stupid Regime logic.

So, if The Regime choreographs another death fest to show that the boogie man still “hates us for our freedom”, it also deep sixes the “Bush has saved us from further terrorism” argument, doesn’t it?

To friendship,

“The health of nations is more important than the wealth of nations.” - William James “Will” Durant

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Independence Day Wish, 2007

Every year, about two or three times a year, I revive an article, a poem, a song or even a couple of each. I do this around certain times of the year, mostly times that contain what we call holidays.

On the Fourth of July, I reemphasize a poem I wrote a few years ago entitled “Independence Day Wish”.

Among my writings is an essay/article entitled “I Long for a Better World”. It contains the following sentence:

“I wonder why I write so much about injustice. I wonder why I’m so passionate when it would be so much easier to be oblivious.”

The answer I give in the essay is because “I long for a better world.”

Although I was recently disappointed by people who claim to spread hope and peace in the face of an offensive Regime which not only sits atop and rules The Former United States of America, but, in truth, sits atop and rules the world, I still long for a better world. I have no idea where this world will come from as today those who would lead us to the better world could not agree on the process, the most important part of any mission and vision.

That having been said, I still long for a better world and express such desires in the following poem:

Independence Day Wish
(WHITE HERON PRESS, Spring, 2004)

I wish for independence from the past,
might overruling right,
white men encountering
their new world,
its true inhabitants.
I wish for independence from the arrogance,
fostering false license
to hawk,
redeem extensions
of our own humanity
to dance attendance
upon the burdens
of wealth.

I wish for independence from the blindness
guiding us westward,
turning nature
into dirt interruptions
without offering notice
to the peace,
upon which we trampled.

I wish for independence from the gluttony
which continued
to swallow whole
territories suitable
for planting white seeds,
pulverizing cultures.

I wish for independence from conformity,
born of urban sprawl,
away from cities,
conceiving jealousy
of blood pumping
within mere feet
of white picket fences.

I wish for independence from The Corporacracy,
governing body
governing bodies,
stratifying rich from poor,
life from death,
blending earth
with destruction.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Attend the Emergency Anti War Convention

(originally published at OpEdNews)

There will be an Emergency Anti War Convention in Philadelphia on the fourth of July (note the flyer).

The convention will be attended by activist groups who support impeachment, who want to end the war in Iraq and who want a real investigation in what happened in the lead up to September 11, 2001, what has happened since September 11, 2001 and especially want to know exactly what happened on September 11, 2001 and exactly who was responsible. We especially intend to prove who was responsible and incarcerate them as quickly as a jury can find them guilty. If removing them from any political office is part of the process, we plan on doing that as well. We may not know exactly how at this time, but waiting for a complicit Congress is no longer part of the plan.

Our message to them is, despite whatever power they may have, we have the power of the people on our side. Who ever you are, you do not intimidate nor frighten us, unlike the effect you seem to have on members of Congress.

This convention is going to be more than a mere demonstration!

We feel that almost the entirety of our government, which includes all three branches and both parties, is more or less playing poker for the C-Span cameras on a daily basis. Nothing seems important enough to compel members of Congress to engage in tough, fact based debate with the goal of resolving the important issues of our day.

We are still mired in a no win situation in Iraq which is killing members of the American military as well as Iraqi citizens, there has been no truly independent panel created with subpoena power to answer glaring anomalies surrounding the tragedy of September 11, 2001, there has not yet been a serious attempt by The House to send articles of impeachment to The Senate which address the obvious crimes committed by the Cheney/Bush Regime, the leaders of this country are seriously considering creating more death and destruction by preemptively attacking Iran, our nation is about to give way to a "North American Union" which will have more devastating effects upon Americans and the American work force and there are a plethora of domestic issues which Congress is either ignoring or about which they've engaged in fine theatrics.

The last straw, of course, was the hyped up election and election results of November 8, 2006.

The so called Democratic Party proved itself to be only the other part of The Corporacracy.

The phrase "take our country back" has been bandied around like a cheap, rolled up pair of socks.

However, without any help forthcoming from those "inside the system", it is, indeed, time for we, the people, to take our country back.

Please read the flyer below as it does a good job of explaining the goal of the Convention and we would be extremely grateful if you attended this historic convention and help us get this off the ground.

To friendship,

“The big thieves hang the little ones.” - Czech Proverb

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An invitation to the:

Independence Center, Philadelphia, PA
JULY 4, 2007, Starting 1 PM

In the spirit of our Declaration of Independence, join activist organizations throughout the country to collaborate and forge common strategies and actions. As our forefathers of this nation did, we too must face tyranny, this time from the collusion of government, big business, media, and religion.

We convene to form a strategic alliance with peace, pro-impeachment, civil liberties, 9/11 Truth, and other groups to develop a comprehensive strategy and implement actions to deal with this emergency.

Together we can eliminate the common root cause of our separate activist concerns. During this time of urgency, petty differences or past transgressions diminish as the need for each other increase, we need each other now. Through this union we can access the only power feared by this corrupt alliance … the power of community.

The convention will be inclusive as each delegate will have the floor to describe their organization, primary concerns, strategies and actions they propose. These strategies and actions will be part of further discussions. There will be time for deliberation and participation in break-out groups. Other activities include showing documentaries that support your cause at a separate theater for delegates and general public.

This is also a media opportunity as already we have received national coverage through our radio ads. The entire event will be simulcast globally through the internet as well as filmed. Come and be part of history.

Register: describe your organization, and number attending, email:
Collaborate: send your suggestions on agenda and events for the available eight hours.
Network with other activist groups and expand your influence.
Access the power of community that will bring needed change.

Events begin at 1 PM on July 4
Located at Independence Center, 6th and Market St., Philadelphia
Endorsed By: World Can’t Wait, Temple University Anti-War, Northeast 9/11 Truth, Green Party of Vermont, Peace Action-Delaware Valley, Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network, Students for a Democratic Society- Delaware Valley

Paul Deslauriers email:
Phone: 413-232-7888
Bruce Marshall email:
Phone: 802-767-6079

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Emergency Anti War Convention, Philadelphia, July 4, 2007

(originally published at OpEdNews)

“Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he who gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside
And it’s ragin’
It’ll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a changin’.” – Bob Dylan, 1963

That’s right, folks, nineteen hundred and sixty-three. I was thirteen years old and I was told that the big bad communists in North Vietnam just shot at one of our destroyers. I was told that, if we didn’t fight back, the North Vietnamese were going to take over Democratic South Vietnam and then Laos, Cambodia, Burma, The Philippines and even New Zealand and Australia would fall!

After misleading the American people about the phantom attack on the American destroyer Maddox in The Gulf of Tonkin, Lyndon Johnson went so far as to proclaim, “If we quit Vietnam, tomorrow we'll be fighting in Hawaii and next week we'll have to fight in San Francisco.”

My god, people, what in the hell does this sound like to you! Does this not reek of “if we don’t fight them over there, we’ll have to fight them over here.”?

What I wasn’t told when I was thirteen was that the very same commander who reported being attacked by the North Vietnamese in The Gulf Of Tonkin on August 4, 1964, Captain John Herrick, retracted his original report after further investigation.

However, Lyndon Johnson, getting all he needed with the first, erroneous report, ignored Herrick’s correction and the rest, as they say, is one sad history.

What I wasn’t told when I was thirteen was that the “Democratic” South was under the leadership of a madman, Ngo Dinh Diem. He was the only South Vietnamese leader to whom we listened. We listened to him because, while we were trying to make a case to invade Vietnam and save the South, Roman Catholic Diem was making us look bad with his killing of Buddhists and his favoring of Roman Catholics, who made up only 10% of the population, for high government positions.

The US, by way, of course, of the CIA, paid several generals to overthrow Diem. They did this and then they killed him.

The leaders that followed Diem were only nominal as the United States government and military acted as if they were the government of South Vietnam. The United States ignored subsequent leaders of Vietnam when they asked for help in fighting a violently bloody civil war which may not have been nearly as intense if the factions in Vietnam were allowed to resolve their own internal conflict.

“Those who can not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Why is it that Americans fall into this category so frequently and so easily? Why did Americans believe two presidents when they promised to keep us out of a European war?

Why does everything written above about Vietnam sound so familiar? Why have we fallen for it again?

Not only are Americans still saying that we need to win the war in Iraq, whatever that looks like, but there are those who to this day blame “hippies” or peace advocates for our “loosing” the war in Vietnam and proclaim that, if we “lose” the war in Iraq, it will be the same, “unpatriotic” peace advocates who will be the cause.

Hey, ole blood and guts, why aren’t the presidents who lied to get us into Vietnam and Iraq the causes of our losing? How about if we didn’t send an army into a nation we had no business sending an army into, there would have been no war to lose? How about maybe those who’ve obviously forgotten our history enough to allow it to be repeated are the people who lost in Vietnam and are losing in Iraq?

We never lost the war in Vietnam. We lost our morality in Vietnam once it was lost in Washington D. C. and we’re not going to lose in Iraq. We’ve lost our morality once again in Iraq once it was lost in Washington D. C.

What about the fact that we’ve allowed The United States of America to become The Former United States of America because there is a faction of the population who believes that the American government has always been infallible? What about the fact that we’ve finally allowed ourselves to be governed by one political party, The Corporacracy?

Even our two so called maverick presidential candidates are too chicken shit to remove their feet from inside The Corporacracy’s door. The Democrats don’t want Dennis Kucinich to run for president and The Republicans don’t want Ron Paul to run for president and yet Kucinich still runs as a Democrat and Paul as a Republican.

These two men say that their parties have lost their way, that the parties’ bases have to change the parties into what they once were.

The Democratic Party and The Republican Party are havin’ a party and have no intention of changing or allowing any other organization to put its own candidate up for president. Comfort and greed bloat both arms of The Corporacracy.

Has the Democratic Party done anything for which it was elected? Death in Iraq has not slowed down since November of 2006. They had no intention of facing off against The Regime because, for those insulated reds and blues, it’s all a very high stakes game of chance. The stakes are what they are in most games of chance, dollars.

“The times they are a-changin’.”

If the result of the Philadelphia Emergency Anti War Convention isn’t a major paradigm in this nation, the curtain may very well fall on this, just one more in a long line of stupid empires.

We need a paradigm and only we the people can implement it!

To friendship,

“It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.” - Gore Vidal

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