Sunday, November 05, 2006

Now is the Time

OK, folks, it’s now time to see how observant or how stupid our fellow Americans are. Today, Saddam Hussein, former legitimate, albeit tyrannical leader of Iraq has been sentenced to death.

Today, by the way, happens to be November 5, 2006, two days before elections are to be held in the FUSA (Former United States of America).

Let’s think of possible scenarios.

First, it’s predicted that this decision will intensify the violence in Iraq. What does this mean to The Regime? This means that those of us who know that Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda were enemies are wrong. After all, why would the “Al Qaeda insurgents” intensify the violence if their enemy has been sentenced to death? Would they not take time to celebrate?

Will Americans see that The Resistance is just that, resisting the takeover of their part of the world by The FUSA? The people of that area of the world are just plain tired of being American puppets. They want to benefit from the natural resources of their land. Finally, to them, their land is holy and that should be respected by the rest of the world.

The Regime will take explanations like the above explanation and spin it much differently. Anyone who disagrees that this proves that Al Qaeda and Saddam were on the same page will be accused of being a Saddam supporter and a supporter of his crimes against humanity.

This can only mean that we support Al Qaeda, that we supported the attacks of 9/11, that we support the insurgents who are killing Americans in Iraq.

One of the most asked polling questions since the war in Iraq began has been, “Do you think the war with Iraq has or has not contributed to the long-term security of the United States?”

Americans have been changing their minds over time.

When asked this question in December of 2003, 64% of Americans said that the war was contributing to the security of the United States.

In a more recent poll taken between October 6-8 of 2006, 36% of Americans answered that the war in Iraq is making this country safer while 53% answered that the war is making the FUSA less safe.

Will Americans still see the occupation is this light?

Will the sentencing of Saddam, because it was choreographed by the FUSA’s Regime, be a cue for another catastrophic attack upon the FUSA, the UK or any of the patsies who are still sacrificing their military personnel at the bequest of The Regime?

Maybe a quick poll ought to be taken asking, “Are you more or less afraid of such a catastrophe happening in this country as a result of its interference in the domestic proceedings of Iraq?”

Americans who think clearly will have no choice but to answer, “More afraid.” I know I am.

Any offensive act against the FUSA, if one, indeed, takes place, will have nothing to do with the love or hate that Al Qaeda had or has for Saddam Hussein. This offensive will, again, be in response to the FUSA’s controlling the government in Iraq.

The Regime will not spin it in this way. It will use any offensive against this country to further prove complicity between Saddam and Al Qaeda. Will Americans see this for what it is? Will Americans see this as a political ploy by The Regime?

It’s two days before America goes to the polls. The sentencing of Saddam and the elections are not mutually exclusive. Let’s hope that Americans have become more enlightened since December of 2003.

To friendship,

“We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent man.” - George Orwell

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