Sunday, August 27, 2006

When “Socialism” Helps the Corporation

There’s no doubt in many of our minds that Karl Rove’s offensives have fooled the middle class into voting against its own interests. It’s done this in the last three national elections, but, hopefully, it’s learned and won’t do it in 2006. Rove and his ilk are cunning, however, and one can expect lies and misinformation to frighten and compel the disappearing middle class into voting against its own interest yet again.

However, I don’t believe that many of us have thought that, by fighting some of the social changes that are supported by progressives, corporations are actually acting against their own interests.

Here’s an article which explains this phenomenon in greater detail and makes tons of sense.

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ShadowSax said...

good article. the introduction of "dependency ratio", i hope, gains ground in the popular media.

or maybe it'll hit the daily show. either way.

i'm still in between on socialism and capitalism, but i'm seeing, with the examples of the far east and ireland, as shown by the article, that a certain amount of socialist foundations can really help a nation in many ways.