Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Addicted to "The Number"

This article can be called “How They Lie to Remain Wealthy – The Sequel”. It’s a wonderful follow up to “Who Killed the Electric Car?” . That’s because the roadster shown in this article is a follow up to all of the cars shredded back in 1996 as exposed in “Who Killed the Electric Car?”.

With the crime committed in “Who Killed the Electric Car?” exposed to God and everybody, will this model, and those more modestly priced for the rest of us, which may well follow, be “recalled” and shredded or will the exposure convince anyone who takes the time and/or trouble to see “Who Killed the Electric Car?” realize that large, multinational corporations are run by greedheads. What makes these CEOs and top executives greedheads more than anything else is “the number”.

The compensation that these greedheads receive has nothing to do with their worth to the company. It certainly has nothing to do with compensation that allows one to live comfortably in the home of the brave and the land of the free.

Greedheads look at competitors’ “numbers” and say, “My number has to be larger than his/her number.” Today’s greedheads are concerned with “the number”.

While greedheads suck up a corporation’s profits to enlarge their personal “numbers”, American workers, who were compensated with $15, $16 or even $20 an hour, are laid off and products like the vehicle in this article, which disgustingly stuff greedheads with “numbers”, are produced by citizens of China, India, Mexico, South and Central America and other depressed areas. Members of this new workforce are paid $1.50 an hour, give or take.

An example of such a greedhead is the Ford Motor Company’s CEO William Clay Ford, who could probably chisel off a bit of his total compensation package worth $15,944,333 to help pay American workers, as truly patriotic American CEOs would do. He could also begin to mass produce vehicles like the one in this article to make life more tolerable for his less fortunate fellow Americans. By mass producing such vehicles, he may even help save some American lives by working towards eliminating the reason for sending American soldiers to their deaths in oil producing nations.

However, we can count on Regime apologists to write commentaries citing how this article and others like it are skewed, biased, misleading and oversimplified, written solely to promote the “liberal agenda” (whatever that is). A Regime disciple will no doubt inform us that there are hoards of scientists, probably the same scientists that claim that human created global warming doesn’t exist, that say the technology needed to produce a vehicle such as the one shown in this article is decades away or just plain impossible or that it would cost as much to produce such a vehicle as it does to pump oil out of the earth or that such a vehicle is unsafe or some other “grown up, rational” reason why this is just propaganda and can’t happen. Finally, The Regime’s minions will start to call those who support this technology “electrofascists” or “electronazis”.

We aren’t addicted to oil. CEOs, leaders of The Corporacracy, which is the American government, The Corporacracy, are addicted to numbers.

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“The people should not fear the government, the government should fear the people.” - From the movie “V for Vendetta”

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