Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why do They do It?

Most Americans want a living wage, a comfortable life gained through fair employment. This is becoming less the case as un-American “free trade” agreements have moved middle class jobs to third world countries. Many middle class Americans say they understand this. It’s capitalism, they say, and the goal of capitalism is to make a profit. They may see opponents of the Iraq occupation as unpatriotic, but they don’t see the American CEOs who are sentencing the American middle class worker to an employment death penalty, as unpatriotic.

Why do the police and The National Guard, when asked, agree to interfere with the efforts of people who share the same, modest status in life when they try to improve their working conditions? Why would policemen who, themselves, often take steps like “the blue flu” to accomplish the same goals as strikers confront strikers? One can’t help thinking that those in uniform who confront union strikers more than likely want the very things for which the union is striking.

One must wonder how those who are not part of the elite agree to stop fellow middle class workers from publicly protesting their working conditions.

Toward the end of the Vietnam War, Americans began to become weary and tired of lower and middle class Americans dying. They began to take to the streets to force the government to end the war.

On many occasions, policemen and National Guardsmen were asked to stop the protestors and obeyed.

Some confrontations were violent. On May 4, 1970, four middle class students were killed by Guardsmen on the campus of Kent State University.

Policemen and Guardsmen are not members of the American elite. Yet, they stopped other middle class people from protesting a war that took the lives of over 50,000 American soldiers, many from poor homes, but many from middle class homes as well.

It’s happening again today. As Derrick Jackson points out in his article “Soldiers Die, CEOs Prosper” which is posted on the Common Dreams News Center, American soldiers, many of whom earn as little as $25,000 a year, are dying while CEOs of large defense industry corporations are raking in close to $1 billion dollars a year thanks to the occupation of Iraq and the death of the soldiers.

Yet, the soldiers go to Iraq and stay there after their tour is supposed to have been over because they’ve been told that they’re fighting for their country, for freedom and for democracy in Iraq, all noble causes, none of them true. 30% of the people back home still support their sacrifices and the “good fortune” of the defense industry CEOs, although they don’t see it that way. 30% is a minority, but it’s still far too many people who are wearing blinders or otherwise in the dark.

One must wonder how soldiers don’t see that their wages, when sent home, don’t pay the bills while those that put them in that position have no idea what those kinds of bills are.

U. S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to refuse duty in Iraq, says that, “The idea is this: that to stop an illegal and unjust war, the soldiers can choose to stop fighting it.”

Soldiers have a free will. The horribly unbalanced recompense from the Iraq occupation should be enough to inspire the soldiers to lay down their arms and stop fighting.

Again, these troops are told that their mission is something it’s not. They volunteered and feel obligated to see the phantom mission through. If the awareness of the troops could be raised without interference from The Regime, many just might “quit”. No soldiers, no war.

Why do middle class people support wars like Vietnam and Iraq when those wars take their loved ones away from them, sometimes permanently? Why do they not see who fights and dies and who benefits? Why are they so influenced by the deceitful words of The Regime and its propagandists? Don’t they watch press conferences during which, when asked what Iraq had to do with 9/11, The Front Man said “nothing”? When he then connects the occupation of Iraq with 9/11 by placing the two events in the same sentence, why do they not remember the word “nothing”?

One can’t help thinking that those who support The Regime’s using the lower and middle classes as sacrificial lambs would not be so supportive if they took the time to “follow the money” as Deep Throat instructed Bob Woodward to do back in the 1970s. It would become very clear if they took that time.

The Regime is slick and uses words like left, right, liberal, conservative, coward and patriot to muddy the waters and compel the middle class, the class that’s taking the beating in each of these scenarios, to support them. The middle class must be made aware that The Regime is made up of people with whom they’d never have anything in common and with whom they’d not even be allowed to socialize or to share a relationship.

The stage must be cleared of The Regime’s debris so that we all can see the actors more clearly.

To friendship,

“Change starts when someone sees the next step.” - William Drayton

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

When “Socialism” Helps the Corporation

There’s no doubt in many of our minds that Karl Rove’s offensives have fooled the middle class into voting against its own interests. It’s done this in the last three national elections, but, hopefully, it’s learned and won’t do it in 2006. Rove and his ilk are cunning, however, and one can expect lies and misinformation to frighten and compel the disappearing middle class into voting against its own interest yet again.

However, I don’t believe that many of us have thought that, by fighting some of the social changes that are supported by progressives, corporations are actually acting against their own interests.

Here’s an article which explains this phenomenon in greater detail and makes tons of sense.

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“The time not to become a father is eighteen years before a war.” - E. B. White

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Savages and Terrorists, Who Are They and Why?

Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda are all terrorist groups.

Hezbollah kidnapped Israeli soldiers and “indiscriminately” lobbed rockets into Israel.

Does that mean that Israel responded by “discriminately” bombing Lebanese civilians with precision fired missiles? Who leads in the dead civilian competition? Lebanon, if I’m not mistaken.

Yet, according to our media, Israel is the victim. I suggest that the Middle East is the victim.

We transplanted Western Europeans have been looking at things this way for a very long time.

We discovered this continent, slaughtered the people who were inhabiting it and called them savages. Who were the savages, the people who were living on the land they called home for hundreds of years or the more technologically advanced people who slaughtered the indigenous people in order to steal their land?

We wanted Mexico. Just as Hezbollah kidnapped a couple of Israeli soldiers, Mexicans murdered an American soldier, one American soldier, “spilled American blood”, as Polk put it, and he used that incident to justify an invasion of Mexico, slaughter Mexicans and steal Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and much of California. Polk embellished the reason for invading Mexico, if he didn’t outright lie.

The Maine was sunk by what probably was an onboard incident. Yet, McKinley, with the help of the Hearst Dynasty, told the American people that Spain had sunk the ship and justified an invasion of Cuba to remove the Spanish. If there was any doubt about the Maine, the American people were also told that we were bringing Democracy to Cuba (sound familiar?). President McKinley lied to the American people. We proceeded to buy up Cuba, work with its corrupt governments and exploit the Cuban people for the better part of 60 years.

There’s still controversy as to what started World War I in Europe, but the US entered because German ships were interfering with US weapons sales to England and France. The US could have stayed out of the war. Even if the Kaiser controlled a good portion of Europe, a German victory may not have given rise to the hero Germans needed. Adolf Hitler may have remained a little known German politician.

Nonetheless, the reasons given to Americans for the US entrance into World War I were misleading. German U-Boats sank American vessels, but Americans weren’t aware where the vessels were going and what they were delivering. President Wilson mislead the American people.

Stopping the spread of communism and a phantom attack on American vessels killed 112,414 American military personnel in Korea and Vietnam.

There have since been numerous protests by South Koreans against their various governments and their electoral process and we are conducting business with Vietnam. What did we stop? 112,414 hearts. We kept our economy strong, albeit a military/industrial economy. Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon lied to or mislead the American people.

The lies and secrets of the Reagan Regime, which included dealing with a corrupt government to support a corrupt uprising, are almost too numerous to mention here.

George H. W. Bush lied to us when he told us that we were repelling Iraq’s march into Kuwait for the sake of the wonderful people of Kuwait. Kuwait’s oppressive regime played nicely with the Former United States of America while the Iraqi government didn’t know whether the FUSA was friend or foe. I guess it was one once and is the other now. In addition, the American people were not told that Kuwait was slant drilling to tap into Iraq’s oil supply.

It continues:

9/11 was not engineered and carried out by outsiders.

There were no WMD in Iraq, ready to fire within 45 minutes.

Iraq and its arch enemy, Al Qaeda, were not working together to carry out the atrocities of 9/11.

The FUSA is not in Iraq to bring it freedom, democracy or any other benefits.

Only in Iraq do we take jobs from third world workers and give them to Americans!

More possibilities, events to strengthen the stronghold of fear that The Regime has on its followers:

Muslims had nothing to do with blowing up railways in Spain or England.

All of the reports of aborted terrorist plans, including the report from the UK on 8/10/06, were announced at convenient times, pre-English or pre-American political elections. Color coded terror warning systems seem to kick in at those very same times as well. What have these “stopped at the last minute” terrorist plans consisted of – if anything?

Lies can only be effective if people believe them.

To friendship,

“Political language ... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” – George Orwell

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Addicted to "The Number"

This article can be called “How They Lie to Remain Wealthy – The Sequel”. It’s a wonderful follow up to “Who Killed the Electric Car?” . That’s because the roadster shown in this article is a follow up to all of the cars shredded back in 1996 as exposed in “Who Killed the Electric Car?”.

With the crime committed in “Who Killed the Electric Car?” exposed to God and everybody, will this model, and those more modestly priced for the rest of us, which may well follow, be “recalled” and shredded or will the exposure convince anyone who takes the time and/or trouble to see “Who Killed the Electric Car?” realize that large, multinational corporations are run by greedheads. What makes these CEOs and top executives greedheads more than anything else is “the number”.

The compensation that these greedheads receive has nothing to do with their worth to the company. It certainly has nothing to do with compensation that allows one to live comfortably in the home of the brave and the land of the free.

Greedheads look at competitors’ “numbers” and say, “My number has to be larger than his/her number.” Today’s greedheads are concerned with “the number”.

While greedheads suck up a corporation’s profits to enlarge their personal “numbers”, American workers, who were compensated with $15, $16 or even $20 an hour, are laid off and products like the vehicle in this article, which disgustingly stuff greedheads with “numbers”, are produced by citizens of China, India, Mexico, South and Central America and other depressed areas. Members of this new workforce are paid $1.50 an hour, give or take.

An example of such a greedhead is the Ford Motor Company’s CEO William Clay Ford, who could probably chisel off a bit of his total compensation package worth $15,944,333 to help pay American workers, as truly patriotic American CEOs would do. He could also begin to mass produce vehicles like the one in this article to make life more tolerable for his less fortunate fellow Americans. By mass producing such vehicles, he may even help save some American lives by working towards eliminating the reason for sending American soldiers to their deaths in oil producing nations.

However, we can count on Regime apologists to write commentaries citing how this article and others like it are skewed, biased, misleading and oversimplified, written solely to promote the “liberal agenda” (whatever that is). A Regime disciple will no doubt inform us that there are hoards of scientists, probably the same scientists that claim that human created global warming doesn’t exist, that say the technology needed to produce a vehicle such as the one shown in this article is decades away or just plain impossible or that it would cost as much to produce such a vehicle as it does to pump oil out of the earth or that such a vehicle is unsafe or some other “grown up, rational” reason why this is just propaganda and can’t happen. Finally, The Regime’s minions will start to call those who support this technology “electrofascists” or “electronazis”.

We aren’t addicted to oil. CEOs, leaders of The Corporacracy, which is the American government, The Corporacracy, are addicted to numbers.

To friendship,

“The people should not fear the government, the government should fear the people.” - From the movie “V for Vendetta”

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