Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Truths Contained in Ahmadinejad’s Interview

Spiegel Online did an interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran. The following are thoughts that came to me while reading it.

I want to preface this article by saying that many of the words that Ahmadinejad spoke make some sense. However, it’s absurd and insulting, to say the least, to believe the Holocaust didn’t take place. It’s puzzling why freeing the interned people wasn’t a priority of the US when it entered the war. Roosevelt and Co. knew that those camps existed. There were American businessmen helping to equip them! There is no doubt in my mind that the horrific Holocaust took place, though.

Ahmadinejad’s statements about the US possessing nuclear weapons, over 8300 of them on hair trigger alert, while demanding that other nations cease any work that even resembles building a bomb is spot on. Kennedy, Nixon, Ford and Carter worked on non proliferation agreements with the USSR. The Regime has turned the logic of that hard work around. In fact, it’s taken the logic out of it.

The US has become a wimp. For 30 years, the US and the USSR stared each other down with a near equal number of nuclear warheads. Admittedly, neither nation wanted to end life on earth. The warheads existed to deter the other side from using their warheads. The only time that we may have used nuclear weapons was if The Cuban Missile Crisis was the crisis that Kennedy made it out to be.

Saddam, on the other hand, (they use individuals’ names because it’s easier to demonize individuals), might have had a bomb or may have built one in the future or maybe was just working on plans, but the thought of that one bomb was frightening enough to compel us to attack Iraq. Alas, the WMD excuse was a lie.

The same is now true with Iran. Maybe Iran’s lying. Maybe they’re building a bomb. A bomb. If this is true the worse case scenario, as horrible as it may be, is that Iran can make a dent in a city on the US West Coast. Horrific for us. We’ll die and there will be damage and residuals for many years. The one bomb, if it can get past our antiballistic missile systems, will be answered with a barrage of nuclear weapons that will make the Middle East a place where humanity used to exist and won’t be able to exist for hundreds of years to come.

Iraq knew what would happen if they attacked the US. They weren’t going to fly drones over the US.

Iran knows the same thing. How long after developing this bomb would it have taken Iraq or will it take Iran to perfect a delivery system?

The propaganda that The Regime is using far too successfully is fear mongering. The vision they’re creating for gullible Americans is one of nuclear weapons flying all over the place. We faced the Soviet’s arsenal for thirty years, but Americans are frightened of one bomb that Iran may develop. This makes no sense.

Ahmadinejad spoke of Iran and The Middle East. He didn’t realize that he summed up The Regime’s plans for another part of the world.

Why did Mary Anastasia O'Grady call Hugo Chavez “a threat to world peace” on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal? What does Chavez possess except a desire for sovereignty and independence from the U.S? Why is the U.S. readying itself for a fourth attempt to overthrow him? Doesn’t the US realize that, since Chavez was elected the leader of Venezuela, other nations in that region have elected socialist leaning anti American governments as well?

Does The Regime believe that, if South and Central American nations ally with one another and even possibly ally with Iran and other Middle Eastern nations that, first and foremost, Israel will be toast and then the Former United States of America will be toast as well?

Then where’s the oil? Is this the kind of world hegemony that The Regime wants – a totally broken world?

This Regime is blood thirsty, greedy, aggressive and under the impression that the rest of the world and its resources are theirs for the taking. This kind of arrogance and aggression is beginning to get old among The Regime’s target nations.

It’s not clear if Ahmadinejad is sincere about his logical observations. Like him or not, many of them make sense.

It seems that we can do almost nothing about this situation. The wealthy elite that sit in Congress, enjoying the corrupt life of luxury and legislating as a hobby, have blocked out the entrance into government for anyone who doesn’t have a “war chest”.

Jefferson’s statement, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, is looking like more than just a quote.

It would be easy to get the military, the front line soldiers, to help with a coup once it becomes clear that their missions could lead to the annihilation of human kind. They and their loved ones, after all, are part of human kind.

This is how empires ultimately fall.

To friendship,

“Every government has as much of a duty to avoid war as a ship's captain has to avoid a shipwreck.” – Guy de Maupassant

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Anonymous said...

Well, one thing that everyone pretty much knows from the free press in the Middle East is that the American military uses "spent uranium" (U-238) in it's weapons - like anti-tank bullets and those "bunker busting" bombs. This uranium becomes dust and gets into everything - and it'll stay there for something like the next 4 BILLION years. Iraq has had about two thousand tonnes dumped on it in the last "war." The American government knows you don't need an atomic bomb in order to mess up a country - and everyone else is learning by their example.

Be afraid - be very afraid. It's Bush's New World Order.