Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Truths Contained in Ahmadinejad’s Interview

Spiegel Online did an interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran. The following are thoughts that came to me while reading it.

I want to preface this article by saying that many of the words that Ahmadinejad spoke make some sense. However, it’s absurd and insulting, to say the least, to believe the Holocaust didn’t take place. It’s puzzling why freeing the interned people wasn’t a priority of the US when it entered the war. Roosevelt and Co. knew that those camps existed. There were American businessmen helping to equip them! There is no doubt in my mind that the horrific Holocaust took place, though.

Ahmadinejad’s statements about the US possessing nuclear weapons, over 8300 of them on hair trigger alert, while demanding that other nations cease any work that even resembles building a bomb is spot on. Kennedy, Nixon, Ford and Carter worked on non proliferation agreements with the USSR. The Regime has turned the logic of that hard work around. In fact, it’s taken the logic out of it.

The US has become a wimp. For 30 years, the US and the USSR stared each other down with a near equal number of nuclear warheads. Admittedly, neither nation wanted to end life on earth. The warheads existed to deter the other side from using their warheads. The only time that we may have used nuclear weapons was if The Cuban Missile Crisis was the crisis that Kennedy made it out to be.

Saddam, on the other hand, (they use individuals’ names because it’s easier to demonize individuals), might have had a bomb or may have built one in the future or maybe was just working on plans, but the thought of that one bomb was frightening enough to compel us to attack Iraq. Alas, the WMD excuse was a lie.

The same is now true with Iran. Maybe Iran’s lying. Maybe they’re building a bomb. A bomb. If this is true the worse case scenario, as horrible as it may be, is that Iran can make a dent in a city on the US West Coast. Horrific for us. We’ll die and there will be damage and residuals for many years. The one bomb, if it can get past our antiballistic missile systems, will be answered with a barrage of nuclear weapons that will make the Middle East a place where humanity used to exist and won’t be able to exist for hundreds of years to come.

Iraq knew what would happen if they attacked the US. They weren’t going to fly drones over the US.

Iran knows the same thing. How long after developing this bomb would it have taken Iraq or will it take Iran to perfect a delivery system?

The propaganda that The Regime is using far too successfully is fear mongering. The vision they’re creating for gullible Americans is one of nuclear weapons flying all over the place. We faced the Soviet’s arsenal for thirty years, but Americans are frightened of one bomb that Iran may develop. This makes no sense.

Ahmadinejad spoke of Iran and The Middle East. He didn’t realize that he summed up The Regime’s plans for another part of the world.

Why did Mary Anastasia O'Grady call Hugo Chavez “a threat to world peace” on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal? What does Chavez possess except a desire for sovereignty and independence from the U.S? Why is the U.S. readying itself for a fourth attempt to overthrow him? Doesn’t the US realize that, since Chavez was elected the leader of Venezuela, other nations in that region have elected socialist leaning anti American governments as well?

Does The Regime believe that, if South and Central American nations ally with one another and even possibly ally with Iran and other Middle Eastern nations that, first and foremost, Israel will be toast and then the Former United States of America will be toast as well?

Then where’s the oil? Is this the kind of world hegemony that The Regime wants – a totally broken world?

This Regime is blood thirsty, greedy, aggressive and under the impression that the rest of the world and its resources are theirs for the taking. This kind of arrogance and aggression is beginning to get old among The Regime’s target nations.

It’s not clear if Ahmadinejad is sincere about his logical observations. Like him or not, many of them make sense.

It seems that we can do almost nothing about this situation. The wealthy elite that sit in Congress, enjoying the corrupt life of luxury and legislating as a hobby, have blocked out the entrance into government for anyone who doesn’t have a “war chest”.

Jefferson’s statement, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, is looking like more than just a quote.

It would be easy to get the military, the front line soldiers, to help with a coup once it becomes clear that their missions could lead to the annihilation of human kind. They and their loved ones, after all, are part of human kind.

This is how empires ultimately fall.

To friendship,

“Every government has as much of a duty to avoid war as a ship's captain has to avoid a shipwreck.” – Guy de Maupassant

The Mind Of Michael

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Democratic Party is not Broken

There are so called Progressive radio talk show hosts, such as Rhandi Rhodes, who scream and shout and are extremely familiar with the taste of their own feet. Many idolize Bill Clinton as one of the great progressives of our time. The thing is, these talk show hosts aren’t even progressives. They’re Democratic Party apologists.

So called “progressive” organizations such as MoveOn.org have also proven to be Democratic Party apologists. Many of them didn’t help us in ’04, whether or not the election was rigged, when they supported and told their members to support a candidate who agreed with George W. Bush on far too many issues. Kerry supported the war and wanted to add more troops. He supported NAFTA. How could a Progressive in good conscience have voted for either Kerry or Bush? I voted for Kerry, though, and have no one to blame but myself.

Now Kerry is making a fool of himself by trying to sound like a Woody Guthrie populist. He’s not and he’s as disingenuous as they come.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman are Democrats, not Progressives.

We need to move past the Democratic Party and the Republican Party “red/blue” propaganda and adamantly support only Progressive candidates.

Even possibly the most independent Democrat, Barbara Boxer, has surprised us with some of her votes. When Reid called the closed session of Congress, she told John Stewart that she was “proud to be a Democrat”. What is a Democrat?

The Democratic Party is the other pant leg on the red and blue pair of pants and is not broken. It’s perfectly fine. It’s just that there are people who don’t belong there. I’m not talking about Biden, Clinton or Lieberman. They’re part of the game, not part of any solution. That is the Democratic Party. It consists of wealthy people for whom politics is but a game. Anyone who’s moved by conscience and not by money doesn’t belong there.

Progressives need to create another party and maybe call it The Progressive Party. Maybe they need to partner with the Socialist Party of the United States or possibly The Green Party or they need to become non partisan and support candidates who stand for goals and issues, not party platforms.

I’m tired of losing and I’m tired of wondering which Democrats are going to side with The Regime on the next bill to be introduced in Congress. There’s got to be a humongous political uprising, peaceful if possible, in order to reclaim The United States of America for its citizens.

To friendship,

“We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. - Thomas Jefferson

The Mind Of Michael

Monday, June 12, 2006

We Know What's Important, Don't We?

There must be an election coming up. Same sex marriage is all the rage in Congress.

Between the 2004 election and just recently, there was not one, I repeat, not one debate concerning same sex marriage, and rightly so. Intimacy between two human beings is not a matter of law, it’s a matter of intimacy between two human beings.

While Congress debates the love lives of Americans, we’re fighting a war in Iraq that was built upon the frightening image of Iraq possessing weapons. I left out the "of mass destruction" because weapons are what they’d have been if, indeed, there were any. Once a country possesses a weapon to defend itself, it doesn’t matter much how many people the weapon can kill. Enough rifles in the hands of enough soldiers could be considered a weapon of mass destruction.

The US still has approximately 8,360 offensive nuclear weapons and it’s worried that Iraq may eventually have one? During the Cold War, the Soviets had almost as many nuclear weapons as the US, yet we seemed to feel cautiously safe because of our defense systems. The Soviets, by the way, knew how to propel nuclear weapons toward the US.

Even if Iraq had a weapon or was working on developing one, they'd still have to build a delivery system that could get the one weapon they had into the US.

Alas, it was all for naught. Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction. Obviously, Iraq didn’t even have the weaponry to defend itself against the insane invasion by the US. There’s lots that Congress could talk about in reviewing all of the laws broken to justify that war.

Another issue that might have been debated in place of same sex marriage is that many people in this country fear single payer health care or, as they so hyperbolically refer to it, socialized medicine. It’s up to the individual to take care of himself and his family they say. If he kept his paycheck instead of pissing it away on booze or crack cocaine, he’d have enough money to pay for his family’s health care.

A 4.7% unemployment rate sounds good, doesn’t it? That’s what the US is at right now.

What this doesn’t take into account is the fact that many who are employed are in reality underemployed.

The issue of immigrants taking American jobs has recently been the hot button issue. The jobs that go out, however, are the jobs that hide the danger of taking seriously the 4.7% unemployment rate. Decent paying manufacturing jobs have left the US like it was a leper colony. Started by that "liberal" philanderer William Jefferson Clinton and his NAFTA advocacy, free trade has given US Corporations free work forces. No longer do corporations have to pay Americans $15-$25 dollars an hour to manufacture goods here. No, they can “free trade” their employee base over to China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, sub Saharan Africa. They can pay employees in those countries enough to remain in squalor and everyone will be “happy”.

Does the unemployment number take into account the compensation of those who are employed? How many are paid at the national minimum wage of $5.15 per hour? How much health care insurance can someone who’s making $5.15 an hour afford?

Some states, like California, go a little further and have taken the initiative of raising the state minimum wage. California offers the philanthropic minimum wage of $6.50 an hour. I submit that a family can live no better at $6.50 an hour than at $5.15 an hour, especially in California!

No worries, though. There’s a voter led initiative in California to raise the state minimum wage from $6.50 to $7.50 an hour.

Did I say no worries? No worries for employers is what I meant to say. An initiative which would raised the pay of the lowest paid worker in California to $7.50 per hour failed to get on the ballot! When The Regime says it wants to privatize everything, it means it wants to give oversight of the welfare of US citizens to the very same people who wouldn’t support the initiative to put raising the minimum wage in California on the November ballot.

Other initiatives failed to get on the ballot in California. In fact, 12 initiatives failed to make the ballot for the November exercise.

Seven of these initiatives are showroom models of how The Regime can control the collective mind of its base.

While an illegal war in Iraq which is taking life after life after life, both American and Iraqi, still rages, while 40 million people live without health care insurance, many of whom are probably working for anywhere between $5.15 an hour and $6.50 an hour and while the ethical question of that minimum wage still exists, what does Congress begin to discuss? Same sex marriage! It’s called a red herring. Many Americans who are truly paying attention know that The Regime couldn’t give a damn about same sex marriage. But it knows that its base adamantly wants to save the institution of marriage, whatever the hell that means, and it pulls that non issue out of its collective ass every two years, just before elections are held.

How do I know this? I know this because, of the twelve initiatives that didn’t make the ballot in California, seven were efforts to outlaw same sex marriage. That’s how important it is to control the personal, intimate lives of others and that’s proof that The Regime controls its base of automatons.

The red herring worked in 2000, in 2002, in 2004 and, hard as it is to believe, it’s working in 2006.

To friendship,

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein

The Mind Of Michael

Monday, June 05, 2006

What Else Is There To Do?

I launched my web site on August 12, 2005. I launched my blog a short while before that. I didn’t think that I would be widely read since there are 4.7 million web sites and 50 million blogs worldwide. I was right.

It’s time to renew my web site. One would think that, in the face of such heavy competition, a person would be satisfied to read the writings of others and not bother trying to add more.

That’s not me. People have visited both my web site and my blog and some have even offered input to various posts. I appreciate that.

I removed the comments section from my web site because, once someone commented on a post, that comment went into a black hole. I didn’t have a response function. It was quite frustrating when someone commented and didn’t leave an email address at which I could reach them.

I would like to have responded to the people who supported my posts. However, I thought it was even more important to respond to those who disagreed with me. Not surprisingly, those who disagreed with me were much more likely not to leave an email address at which they could be reached and which would afford me the opportunity to have a discussion with them.

Then there were the people who responded with non responses. These people also didn’t leave a return email address, but I wouldn’t have responded anyway. Their input was either insulting beyond the pale or they were just orbiting another planet and their input had nothing at all to do with the subject matter.

I don’t have to renew my blog. I have it as long as I want it.

People have occasionally responded to my blog. It’s better in that the input is seen by all and that may discourage the space cadets from responding.

I've decided to replace the overstated, angry intro to my web site with the following.

I’m one of 50 million or one of 4.7 million, depending upon what you’re looking at. However, if I’ve informed just one person about a world condition that he or she didn’t know about, I’m satisfied. That person may know others who didn’t know about the world condition and I may have gotten the word out.

As anyone whose reads the “Essays” part of my web site or reads my blog knows, I do less informing than I do commentary. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and many alternative news organizations have their own blogs and web sites. I don’t presume that I can get to a breaking story before they can unless it’s done serendipitously. I don’t even try.

However, if one person never looked at an issue in the way I explain it and agrees with my explanation, others may find out. If someone doesn’t agree with my point of view, I may learn from that person. I may seem adamant in my points of view and, for the most part, I am. However, I’ve been known to change my mind and will do so if the other person’s argument makes more sense to me than mine.

At any rate, a person and I may agree to disagree, which was a conclusion that was not allowed during most of my life time.

I’ve spoken here mostly about my rants, diatribes and opinion editorial pieces. They seem to receive the major input in my web site and my blog is made up of only essays or articles, however one wants to refer to them. I do have the option of not publishing input to my blog. Thus far, I’m happy that I haven’t had to use it.

Anyone who’s been to my site knows that I have other pages besides essay pages.

About Michael

I’ve posted a long, dragged out, very personal and probably very boring autobiography. The only reason I’ve given so far for posting that autobiography is that, since I like to learn as much as I can about writers, musicians, poets, actors, etc., I assume others do as well. It helps to offer insight into where they’re coming from in their writing.

I can’t deny that the autobiography has been somewhat cathartic for me, although I’m quite sure that the people included in that section don’t even know it exists. Even if they did know it wouldn't matter. Like our fine Pseudo President, they don't admit to mistakes.

Another issue with the About Michael page is that the autobiography stops at about 1985. I haven’t written anything past that. That doesn’t mean that nothing major has happened in my life.

The most important development has just recently happened. Unfortunately, this development has stopped me from doing some of the things I just started to do at my ripe old age. I can no longer march against the inhumane behavior of The Regime. I can’t even go to rallies for the most part.

It’s been discovered that I have an inoperable back condition. As one doctor put it, “I wouldn’t touch this man’s back with a ten foot pole. He has the back of an eighty year old.” By the way, I’m not yet eighty.

My discs are not bulging, they’re merely disappearing. There is very little cartilage between the vertebrae on every single level. I’m told that they could fuse the entire back, but that would interfere with my functionality. Duh!

The other fix doesn’t exist, as far as doctors I’ve seen know. It would be an entire spinal transplant. I don’t hold out much hope that will happen any time soon.

Two doctors say that the days during which I’ll be able to walk are numbered. A third doctor doesn’t agree with that. I vote for the third doctor.


I’ve put my first four CDs on my site. I think it’s obvious that I learned as I went along. I’ve mostly learned about the mixing software.

However, my age has been a barrier between me and my ability to play guitar or keyboard. It’s definitely had an adverse affect upon my voice. I just can’t reach the high notes that I could reach when I was in my twenties. But I continue to try. What else is there to do?

I finally think I have a saleable album with my fifth CD, “Flameland”. I’ve signed a distribution contract with CD Baby. As impressive as that may sound, I think everyone who owns a blog or a web site has also signed a distribution contract with CD Baby. Lots of competition there as well.

My plan is to go back to the first CD, fix the mistakes, remove it from my web site and give it to CD Baby for distribution. I plan on doing that with each of my albums.


I am a published poet. I’ve only been published 20 or 30 times, somewhere in that vicinity. I’ve been paid for my work three or four times. No, I’ve not gotten wealthy from those checks.

I’m posting my poetry book by book, in chronological order. I’m only on my second book. I think I’ve progressed with poetry more slowly than with anything else.

Right now, I’m posting poems from a book I call “Verses from Kingfisher Way”. I’m in the process of posting a chapter called “The Rendezvous”. “The Rendezvous” contains eight sonnets. These sonnets appear to be about a romantic affair between two lovers. That affair is just a cover-up and a metaphor for another situation, one that I go through yearly during the time period covered in the sonnets. It was a lot of fun turning this summer suffering into something it’s not. If I could just put my comments section back on to my web site, it would be interesting to see if anyone could guess what the real subject of the sonnets is.

That’s an update and my commitment to try to make this a better world by doing what I do best, writing. Certain writing has had a significant affect on the world. Just look at the bible.

Music helped a great deal in putting an end to the Vietnam fiasco during the sixties and seventies.

Poetry has also had an affect on humanity.

Oh, by the way, if the kind people at Studio Eight allow me to continue to place an occasional piece in my “Open Mike – Soundoff” column, I’ll continue to do that.

I’m not ready to stop trying to inject common sense and compassion into the human race.

To friendship,

“The important thing is not to stop questioning” – Albert Einstein

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