Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Welcome to the Blame America First Club

My response to a responder to an essay I posted on my site:

OK, the Blame America First Club submission to my web site has to be answered. Of course, if you weren’t so hesitant to leave a email address, I could respond personally. But the submission form says “Optional” and that's pretty obvious.

I’ve thought about that phrase ever since you inducted me into the club.

The first thing I want to do is to thank you if, as you say, such patriotic Americans as Senator Barbara Boxer, Representative Bernie Sanders, Representative Dennis Kucinich, Ed Shultz, Ralph Nader and especially my friend Cindy Sheehan are members. I feel that I’ m in good company, although I only know one of those people personally. (More about Cindy’s arrest at another time)

The second thing I’d like to do is to let you know that you probably don’t include your email address because, as your submission shows, you have no legitimate argument against my points of view. You merely utilize the submission form to attack me personally.

However, of the personal attacks that I’ve received, the Blame American First Club is fairly easy to respond to.

By the way, if I didn’t want to be attacked personally, I wouldn’t have created my site or my blog and I wouldn’t have my column, "Open Mike - Soundoff” at the studio8 forum. I would also stop writing letters to the editor. Personal attacks are for those, as I mentioned, that have no legitimate argument.

I’m not sure for what you’re accusing us of blaming America first, so I guess I can choose one of the many topics about which I’ve written, the so-called “war” in Iraq.

The way I’m going to go about this is to take the phrase one word at a time. That should be easy since the phrase contains only three words ( I won’t include the word “club”)

I’m absolutely certain that, no matter one’s politics, everyone blames someone for the fiasco in Iraq. Many people blame the 9/11 hijackers, some blame Saddam Hussein, some blame The Regime, but everyone blame’s someone. “Conflicts” like Iraq and Vietnam just don’t happen. Something has got to initiate actions which kill thousands of people. So, I dare say that you even blame someone for what’s going on in Iraq.

I’m going to skip the word “America” because it’s a bit more complicated than “blame” and “first”.

I can only assume that the word “first” implies that we in the club blame America without giving any thought to facts. In that regard, let me remind you that the one fact you mention to back up your accusation is what happened on September 11, 2001. In fact, on September 18, 2003, the front man for The Regime admitted that Iraq was not involved in 9/11. He’s the guy that most of you think sent troops to Iraq. I think this quote, made six months after the invasion, proves my point that a regime, or a “cabal”, as Lawrence B. Wilkerson, former chief of staff for Colin Powell, calls it, controls the government of the former United States of America. It’s a regime in which George W. Bush plays a very small role. Aside from Dubya’s statement, for which I’m certain The Regime scolded him, that one and only “fact” has been disproved over and over again.

In the case of the murders in Iraq, we were rallying, marching, meeting, holding workshops, etc. in the summer and fall of 2002. We knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. UN inspectors were still searching and hadn’t found any. The Regime in essence did invade Iraq before UN inspectors completed their weapons inspections. So who, other than our government, compelled us to invade Iraq?

But do we really “blame America first” for the invasion of Iraq?

America is a nation. defines a nation as:

a. “A relatively large group of people organized under a single, usually independent government; a country.
b. The territory occupied by such a group of people…”

Our “club members” define America that very same way.

First, America is land and water that is set within certain, predefined boundaries. We will never blame land and water for starting a war.

Secondly, America is the 250 million people who walk upon that land. That’s it! If I was ever to die for my country, that’s what I would be willing to die for. I wouldn’t be willing to die for the buildings, the corporations nor the government.

People in the government make up only a very small percentage of America. However, those people have the power to decide to invade a nation. Those people, admittedly, have access to information that may convince them to make the decision to invade a nation and we know that. Since we know that they have access to such information, we first must believe what they tell us, assuming that they wouldn’t allow Americans to be harmed or killed for disingenuous or edacious reasons.

Before the Iraq invasion, however, many of us knew that The Regime may very well have been misleading the nation.

The Regime was saying that diplomacy was failing, but didn’t tell us who the American diplomat was who was meeting with the Iraqi government. That’s because there wasn’t any American diplomat meeting with the Iraqi government. Diplomats from both parties must meet in order for diplomacy to exist, let alone work.

It was saying that there were stockpiles of horrible weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Yet, UN inspectors had been in Iraq for quite some time and hadn’t found anything close to a stockpile of weapons. Mark Ritter, a former US Marine, led one of the UN inspection teams and came back saying that The Regime was lying about Iraq’s possession of WMD. He was there! He was the closest thing that the former United States had to a diplomat in Iraq. He was very believable while warnings about “mushroom clouds” seemed a bit far fetched and melodramatic.

The Regime had made it clear, even before it was selected in 2000, that one of its goals was regime change in Iraq. It made it clear when it was TheProject for the New American Century. It seemed obvious that Iraq would be invaded if it ever took over the reigns of government in the former US.

The Regime immediately identified 19 Middle Eastern men in an almost suspiciously expeditious manner as the people who hijacked planes on September 11, 2001. None of the 19 men were Iraqi. 18 were Saudis and 1 was Algerian. Nothing about that fateful day gave us any reason to invade Iraq.

America is land and the people who occupy that land and none of us know most of the 250 million occupants personally. Consequently we would never blame America for anything. We do blame the government of America, however. It, with malice aforethought, invaded a nation that had done nothing to this country and was not the slightest threat. Further, we spent resources invading that nation after The Regime had told us that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. These are resources that could have been used to capture those who we said carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Finally, we in the “club” make up part of the population of this land and we consider ourselves Americans. We act and work on behalf of America, as we define it.

We spend a great deal of time writing to and meeting with government officials to try to make this a better place than we found it and especially better than it is now.

We spend hours talking with people, trying to convince them to see all sides of issues, not just the infotainment that passes as the mainstream media.

Those who can physically do it go from house to house, handing out flyers and talking to people.

Those of us who are not physically able to walk long distances spend time stuffing envelopes and calling people.

And many of us inform. As I said, too many people don’t see the whole picture, so to speak. We write and hope that people read. We thank you for at least reading, by the way.
Until David Ray Griffin and families of victims of 9/11 spoke out, there weren’t many, including me, who knew how many unanswered questions there were about that day.

Recently, 35 year US Marine veteran and present member of Congress, John Murtha, who in the beginning was caught up in the 9/11 frenzy, proposed a house bill which was intended to get us out of Iraq within six months. Do you think that he belongs to the Blame America First Club?

Do you think that former Marine Scott Ritter belongs to the Blame American First Club?

Do you think ultra conservative Libertarian Pat Buchanan belongs to the Blame America First Club?

Those people and the rest of the “club” aren’t blaming America, we’re blaming The Regime. Furthermore, I believe that we’re working harder to turn the former United States of America back into The United States of America than many who claim to be “patriotic” but do nothing more than to affix magnetic signs made in China to their SUVs which say “Support Our Troops”.
On a personal note, I’m 55 years old, but have been told that I have the back of an 80 year old and that there’s no surgical procedure that can be performed to improve the condition. Yet, I’ve attended rallies, spoken at rallies, sung at rallies, marched against the murders that are taking place in Iraq. I can barely walk a half a mile, but I do as much as I can. And I know other members of “the club” who overcome great odds to work very hard to get this country back.

Besides being too cowardly to leave me a personal email address so that we can discuss just what “blame America first” really means, it appears to me that you move forward with personal attacks on me, someone you’ve never met and with whom you won’t allow yourself to have a mature dialogue, without using facts to back up your attacks. Your debating style is born of ignorance and blind faith in a government, not the support of a nation.

I believe the club to which I, and those you mention belong should be the “love America first” club. We want the unwarranted killing of Americans to stop. We want the rights of Americans protected and a government that’s creative enough to know how to do that while remaining aware of potential threats to America. We want Americans to have more of a say in what its government does and we want the government to tell us the truth about matters of life and death.

If America is threatened and the government shows us that it’s threatened, we will be the first to support the government’s actions to protect America.

Thomas Jefferson said that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Would you call Jefferson a member of the Blame America Fist Club?

My advice to you or anyone else who resorts to immature personal attacks in lieu of factually supported arguments is to not enter into a debate unarmed.

To friendship,

"Wrong is still wrong even if everybody's doing it. And right is still right even if nobody's doing it." – Anonymous Texas Ranger while testifying at the trial of a murderer


mtmynd said...

The division in this country grows more pronounced... daily. The present administration calls for bi-partisanship but fails to include any Democratic concerns and ideals within their strict 'vision' of what America wants or needs.

By their call for bi-partisanship, they are saying: "Convert from your 'liberal ways' and join us on our Neo-Con mission to not only police the world, but to control the world.

Karl Rove recently said that Democrats love the country like Republicans do.. that Democrats are good Americans... but Democrats are wrong about the direction the country is moving.

Comments like this from the Presidents chief information officer does little to unite the two parties. Repeated accusations of the implied 'weakness' of the Dems (over the us), only furthers the divide between the two parties.

The present War in Iraq was never offically declared by Congress... an act that was perpetrated by the President and one that is highly questionable within Constitutional authority, but this same President has loaded up the Supreme Court that has the strength to over rule any threat of wrongdoing by this same President.

Why has our Congress not questioned this mis-aligned Presidential authority to send our troops into a war that was not offically declared by this same Congress? Why has our public been so complicite in regards to the obviously proven facts that initially brought us into this War in Iraq?

Nine-eleven caused such an unprecedented fear with Americans that the only thing they could think of was revenge - an immediate reflex of protective survival that reaches beyond logic and reasoning. We did not really care who paid for 9/11 as long as they were Middle Easterners... the more vulnerable the easier it was.

This current war is proving to be as long if not longer than the Viet Nam war...the longest war we've waged, but the enemy was not Iraq.

Osama Bin Laden is still at large after 3 1/2 years. It is becoming clearer and clearer, that each time Bin Laden is televised, our anger and fear increases. Could it be (for it surely does!) OBL is being kept free from capture to keep our fears alive?

(I just realized, Michael, that I have gotten carried away! ;-) Excuse me.)

marathonman said...

53 percent of Americans are so freaking scared that theyre willing to give up their rights just to cover their asses. you would think that they would suspect something since the fear mongering is coming from a president who thinks he’s above the law or he even IS the law, I don’t know which

so what does this fear mongering do to the untold thousands who’ve died so that we can have the rights that Americans are too willing to part with?

what about the people who put their asses on the line when the first king George of the American colonies sent a veteran war machine onto this land to try to keep it under the rule of England?

what about the men who fought to keep our country together during the civil war or to keep Hitler out during WWII?

what kind of respect are we showing their memories by fighting in an orchestrated war? this is a war that was going to be fought if Bush became president even if 9/11 never happened

now bush tells people not to bad mouth because it gives comfort to the enemy how much more comfortable can the enemy get that by knowing that Bush says we have to take some rights away from you and over half of the people say that they have no problem. with that.

this isn’t for freedom. this war is for greed. this war insults the people who fought and died in the wars that were for freedom.

I know. my father died in WWII and I feel like this chicken hawk is spitting on my father’s grave

sharata said...

Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves, as should you.

Have any of you or you liberal Democratic “heroes” come up with a solution? All I hear from you is bitching and moaning, but not solutions.

You’re right, maybe you shouldn’t be called the blame America first club maybe you should be called the HATE America first club. You and your limosine liberals out of Hollywood.

The blood thirsy enemy we’re at war with doesn’t care who they kill. They kill children and women without a second thought and that’s who YOU support.

And they can wire tap me all they want if it helps to catch Binladen. I have nothing to hide ,do you?

We need President Bush for a third term just like FDR.

Michael said...


Don’t worry about getting carried away. At least you stick to the subject at hand. Changing the subject and resorting to personal attackes is how The Regime has taken The United States of America and turned it into the former United States of America. I had written a response to your post, but I posted it under the wrong essay.

What I had basically said was that The Regime had run on the promise of being a uniter, not a divider. As you can see from the very few responses that I get to this blog, it’s done everything but unite this country. Thus, I call it the former United States of America.

Also, by example, it’s encouraged people not to have a dialogue about the issues, but to personally attack the character of those who oppose their points of view.

I tend to ignore that kind of argument. If I say it that there were no WMD, there was no connection to Al Qaeda and that 9/11 just gave The Regime an excuse to do what it was going to do in the first place, invade Iraq, I get answers like “Democrats should be ahamed of themselves, as should you.”

MM I’m sorry you lost your father in WWII.

You make a good point in saying people have fought in wars that needed to be fought to protect our freedoms just to have them taken away by this “chicken hawk”, as you call Bush. Actually, he’s the least powerful “chicken hawk” in The Regime. He’s only there because he’s electable. Believe me, he doesn’t run the show.

sharata, if I remember correctly, in answering another of my essays, you say something to the effect that you hope your kids don’t grow up to be like me.

1. As far as I know, you don’t know me or how I “am”.
2. You’re going to learn that, no matter how you try to beat it into them, your kids are going to have their own take on society and it may not line up with yours
3. You said something about The Christian Brothers. From the little bit that I wrote about The Christian Brothers in the About Michael section of my web site, you should only get the idea of how they influenced me. You shouldn’t stereotype an entire sect of teching brothers.
4. You prove my point that, when someone doesn’t have a legitimate argument, they become like Karl Rove and begin attacking the character of their opponents.

Did you ever stop to consider that, if you have to attack your opponent’s character, it’s because you can’t keep on topic and if you can’t keep on topic, you may just have to modify your point of view?

Oh, that’s right, being president, or any member of The Regime, means never having to say you made a mistake.

Oh, and never, never, never compare George W. Bush to FDR. FDR created social programs to put people back to work and to take care of Americans whose welfare was in jeopardy. Bush is trying to tear down everything that FDR did for his fellow Americans.

Also, FDR was a war president. Bush is just a front man for a cabal whose goal is the same as one of FDR’s nemisis, Adolph Hitler. That goal is world hegemony.

To friendship,

“The historical failures of greed teach no lessons to the greedy.” - Stephen Neitzke

marathonman said...

sharata, did it ever occur to you that Bush swore to “preserve, protect and defend The Constitution of the United States”?

how can he “protect” the constitution if he doesn’t even respect it!

Bush has 72 hours to obtain a warrant AFTER he begins his spying

talk about something to hide. what does Bush have to hide that he can’t go to the FISA court AFTER HE’S ALREADY BEGUN his spying? is he afraid that his request will be turned down and if he is afraid why is he afraid? seems to me he has something to hide.

Democrats have no solutions? have you ever heard of Jack Murtha? he’s a democrat who introduced a bill that would redeploy American troops out of Iraq. isn’t that a solution or does you television set only get Fox news.