Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Thanks to Mary Alice O'Connor of The Mount Diablo Peace Center, I have recently learned of a group which calls itself “Scholars for 9/11 Truth”.

These people appear to be what they call themselves, scholars. They’re not giving up, which is good for us.

I suggest taking a moment to visit the site.

I know many of you just don’t believe it could happen. The reasons?

The most frequently used reason is that too many people would have to be involved. Someone would surely have spoken out by now.

Well, if you’ve visited my site or visited this blog, you’d know people like Siebel Edmonds have attempted to speak out under very difficult circumstances.

You’d know that there are CIA agents who have attempted to speak out, only to have their lives and the lives of their families threatened.

Think about The Holocaust. How many people inhumanely controlled the concentration camps and Americans supposedly didn’t really know about them until toward the end of WWII? How many people among all stations of life knew about what was going on and even participated in rounding up and torturing Jews? Don’t we think that at least some of them knew that what they were doing was wrong?

What these scholars have to say is interesting if not eye opening.

By the way, and I don’t remember if I included this in any of my previous essays, I did request and receive an official report from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Although they blame the fires in WTC Buildings 1 and 2 for their collapse, not an explanation of why they fell the way they fell, they are still stumped by why WTC Building 7 fell as well. They also don’t understand why it fell the way it fell.

I know that this is way out of the box for many of you, even the most progressive of you. Under normal circumstances, we are supposedly innocent until proven guilty. Of course, under normal circumstances, if we are suspected of committing a serious crime, no matter how we are supposed to be perceived before a trial occurs, we are held in custody by law enforcement. The trial is what determines if we should be released.

It may sound as if some of us are saying that The Regime is guilty until proven innocent. We want a non partisan, totally empowered panel or commission to ask the question who, indeed, orchestrated what happened on September 11, 2001. We’re not even asking that the suspects be held in custody until that trial happens, which is what would happen to most of us. We just want an investigation that starts with the question, “Who did it?” instead of bypassing that part based upon what The Regime has decided.

Is The Regime legally suspect? Yes. There are several civil suits that have been leveled against The Regime and those suits should be treated as any suit. The accusations should go to trial and the chips should be allowed to fall where they may.

Once you arrive at the site, you may be impressed. Or you may think that these “scholars” are just more crazies.

My next essay: Who Inducted Me Into the “Blame America First Club”? I never applied for membership.

To friendship,

“You can’t deport opinion.” – Edmund Vance Cook


taylor said...

Hi Michael,

There is no doubt [here] that Cheney & Co. orchestrated 9/11. Those who suspect that Cheney & Co. merely "allowed" a small busload of Saudis to do it, need to ask themselves how the Saudis got access WTC 7 in order to plant the explosive charges that brought the building down. ...same question applies to the Twin Towers....but that might be asking a bit much to ask of Americans who merely suspect that the Saudis were allowed to pull-off 9/11.

Your points are all well taken.

firsty said...

michael, do you browse good stuff.

my direct knowledge of the lies around the wtc site is limited, but firsthand. less than one week after the disaster, we were inundated with fliers describing extensive epa testing of air quality and how it was determined to be safe. this, while we were literally choking on the fumes.

i sort of feel that if it had been just one tower involved, the fact of its falling would be more suspect. but that one fell and then the other fell, this seems to have given the collapses a sense of inevitability which may not be true.

we need to question more and more of the "facts" we have been told, as the lies build up, the previous "facts" become ever more suspect.

Michael said...

tayor, the most import phrase in you post is “a bit much to ask of Americans”.

Did Hitler have concentration camps? Of course. That’s Hitler and the country is Germany.

Did Stalin have torture chambers? Of course. That’s Stalin and the country is the USSR.

Did The Regime orchestrate 9//? Hell no. That’s an American president and the country is the good ole USA.

That’s it. The USA and its government would never do such a thing. The reason? It’s the USA, need there be any more said?

In my opinion, the answer is yes! A human being is a human being and where a crime happens is irrelevant. Timothy McVeigh was a white, decorated ex-military man. The country was the USA. Why are Americans so arrogant as to believe that the government of The United States could never do such a thing by the mere fact that it is the government of The United States.

firsty, I’ve never been to, but I will go there. Thanks.

Facts? That word is to The Regime and its followers like criptonyte is to Superman. One thing that The Regime doesn’t like to deal in is facts.

To friendship,

“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” – Thomas Jefferson