Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hello Campers

I guess the question is, “Is this enough proof that The Regime isn’t a government of the people, by the people and especially for the people? Is this proof enough that The Regime should be removed, legally, if possible, from the seat of power in The Former United States of America (FUSA)?

What is the “this” about which I write? The Regime has awarded The Department of Haliburton a $385 million contract to build internment camps throughout the US within the next five years.

I guess they didn’t think of “an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S or the rapid development of new programs” when the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s illegal alien holding sites were constructed.

The Native Americans would have had an easier time of holding on to their land if it wasn’t for “an emergency influx of immigrants”. In fact, once the European occupation became a nation, wasn’t its population built on a foundation of “emergency influxes of immigrants”? Aren’t most of the 250 million Americans here because they had ancestors who fluxed into The United States at one time or another? With immigrants pouring onto this land over the past 400 years or so, why do we suppose it took so long for the government to realize that we just didn’t have enough concentration camps?

How about the development of new programs? How’s The Department of Halliburton’s project going to help out with that?

I can’t think of a more dangerous new program than Eisenhower’s interstate highway system. Wouldn’t facilitating travel throughout the nation help political subversives/communists/terrorists/Grandmothers for Peace in their goal to violently overthrow the government? Why didn’t Joe McCarthy sit Ike down in the senate and say, “Isn’t it true, Mr. President, that your half baked interstate highway idea veil’s your true intention - to allow east coast and west coast communists more convenient access to one another?”

That’s when we needed concentration camps throughout the country. We could have snagged nine, maybe ten commies at every exit.

It’s fortunate that the House approved a $39 billion reduction in spending for domestic programs that help Americans in need.

These concentration camps can serve as housing for those who can no longer afford it, for those who’ve lost jobs to slave labor nations like China, India, South Korea and, yes, our old buddy, Vietnam. There are still some decent paying manufacturing jobs left in FUSA which means that there are still opportunities to turn jobs which pay a few Americans a living wage into jobs which help place people in third world countries in occupational hell holes and keep them living in squalor.

It’s possible that The Regime is under the impression that the recent $56 billion dollar cut in capital gains and dividend income taxes will make the domestic programs less important. This would be true if all Americans that are in need are part jof “the investment class”.

It’s possible that The Regime is finally embarrassed for spending $250 billion dollars of tax payers’ money to send members of a shrinking middle class to fight a war against a noun in a nation that never even threatened to pick a fight with FUSA and it needs to show the world that it can at least contain “political subversives” at home who use logic and fact and refuse to aid and abet the hegemonic occupation effort.

If you still support this Regime, say to yourself, “I support a government that is now paying millions of dollars to a corporation without competitors for the purpose of building concentration camps throughout this country.”

If one can support that program and still believe that one is patriotic, one may be surprised at how many Americans, real, patriotic Americans would suggest that one may be in the wrong country on the wrong continent at the wrong point in time.

See, I’m blaming Germany first this time.

To friendship,

Seems the rain has to be somebody’s tears
because there’s someone who’s dying.
It’s a boy who has very few years

and it’s his mother who’s crying.

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Stilltrucking said...

Yeah sarcasm, well done.

You almost tripped my trigger with that one. Joe McCarthy, AKA Tailgunner Joe, the worst kind of scumbag. Like Pat Robertson running for President as a combat veteran of the Korean War. He posed for a picture in the tail gunner's seat of a bomber. He used it in his campaign for congress.

The opening of old records last week revived the memory of Joseph R. McCarthy, a fine Republican senator from another era who would be right at home in today's Congress.

"Tail-Gunner Joe," as he liked to call himself in political years, makes our current Top Gun president look like a Boy Scout. He never was a tail gunner, though he did join the U.S. Marines in 1942, at age 34, when he could have exempted himself. That seems today like great patriotism, but in those days almost every red-blooded American male signed up. Even Ronald Reagan and John Wayne ended up in uniform, though never in combat fatigues.

McCarthy did make it to a combat zone in the South Pacific. On the way, on a ship crossing the equator, he fell while climbing a ladder with a pail attached to his foot. That silliness was part of an equator-crossing ceremony aboard ship. The injury to his foot became McCarthy's much-ballyhooed war wound.

Sometime later, after a speech in his home state of Wisconsin, McCarthy was asked why he walked with a limp. "It's because I carry 50 pounds of shrapnel in this leg," McCarthy responded. No lie was too outrageous for the man.

I still have not worked up the nerve to check the links.

Michael said...

Stilltrucking, you're right. McCarthy would have felt right at home in today's congress.

I wonder what the concentration camps are really for. I've seen the words "political subversives" used. Hmmm. I wonder what constitutes a "political subversive".

Is this the best way to spend taxpayers' money? I vote no.

I wonder how other Republicans are going to feel after they throw whatever it is that they're going to throw into the ring to run for president in 2008 just to find out that the concentration camps are starting to fill up due to the martial law The Regime is going to proclaim because of some convenient emergency, maybe an emergency influx of immigrants. I wonder how members of the GOP who see their chances of playing queen for a day disappear before their very narcissism are going to feel about that.

“Is this the best way to spend taxpayers' money? I vote no.”

Mary Ann said...

Hi Michael,

Deja vu. It is amazing how little the people who (supposedly) represent the people of this country in government, have retained of the lessons that were (or should have been) learned from what was done by Hitler during World War II. Oh yeah, we had internment camps too then, where our government jailed United States citizens who happened to be Japanese or German. It is interesting, to me, that we have a republican governor of California, whose father was a right hand man to Hitler, and raised Arnold as a Hitler Youth. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Mary Ann

burt said...

it’s ironic to think of how much blood was spilled opposing one King George when yo9u think about the fact that we’re right back where we started from with another King George who likes to suppress the will of the people

taylor said...

"Department of Halliburton"-well put!

Michael said...

Mary Ann, I don’t think we have to go back even that far. In Vietnam we intruded into a civil war between the so called “communist”, Ho Chi Min, and possibly an even more corrupt leader in the South, Ngo Dinh Diem.

Just like the sinking of the Main was not a legitimate cause for the Spanish/American War, the shooting of one American soldier was not a legitimate cause for the Mexican/American War and what happened on September 11, 2001 is no kind of reason to be involved in Iraq, the ebellishment of an incident in The Gulf of Tonkin was absolutely no reason to support a nepotistic, corrupt government in South Vietnam in an internal conflict.

I bring all of these instances up because it seems that we Americans come to the realization that our government can, indeed, just as any government which is made up of human beings, make wrong choices based upon faulty or just false information. And then, for some reason, we forget! I fear that there will never be a generation that has to go back very far to see when we made “this kind of mistake” once before and I fear that most of the American people will support making that mistake again until it becomes too much for them to take. Then, as happened for all of the instances stated above, they’ll see that “this is a mistake”.

The question is, how far will future generations allow governments to go before they realize that they are being deceived. I think the race is close right now between when enough Americans shout “enough!” and when these camps will be built and serve as a place in which to house such Americans. Eventually, it may be to late for enough Americans to shout “enough!”

burt, there have been benificent monarchies in the past that would seem to be more democratic than The Regime. It continues to outdo itself with its frightening behavior and that behavior seems to make some want to support it even more.

taylor, I’ve been known to have a propensity for the hyperbole, but I think referring to Halliburton as part of The Regime isn’t stretching the truth very much. They’ve made out like bandits and, well, I think it’s because they are bandits.

To friendship,

lweisnclark said...

i only hope that the people who abducted jill carroll treat her better than his story says bush is planning on treating us in the future. this is scary stuff michael!

BRiano said...

The continued degradation of the Senate is no longer acceptable to the American people. It is time to be an opposition party and save the republick! History is watching.

DavidM said...

The steady degeneration of Congress is no has ceased to be allowable to the American people. It is time to be a resistant force and regain our country! Destiny is at stake.