Saturday, February 18, 2006

Consider This a Challenge

I dare all of you, bar none, to watch this, note the anomalies and try to explain them away.

On September 11, 2001, immediately after the planes hit the towers, my wife said to me, “Bush did this.”

Although I didn’t agree, I didn’t adamantly argue the point. In fact, I waited for the FDR/JFK type of rousing speech from George W. Bush. I thought that, through this unfortunate catastrophe, Bush would be one of the greatest presidents in the history of the nation.

Bush isn’t as articulate as FDR or JFK were, even when others write his speeches. However, he identified the enemies, bin Laden and Al Qaeda, and promised to bring them to justice.

I expected the world to stand by our side while we set all of our technological and military capabilities in motion to bring the identified enemies, bin Laden and Al Qaeda, to justice – ASAP. I thought that, with our capabilities and help from the rest of the world, capturing these madmen would be easy.

In fact, in my humble opinion, George W. Bush couldn’t escape greatness even if he wanted to. With the opportunity presented him by the attacks, merely accomplishing the logical goal would make him a hero. I was ready to follow him into that greatness because The United States of America was not going to be duped and attacked without swift and complete retaliation.

We are now in Iraq and close to 3,000 American soldiers have died. Countless have been ruined for life, physically and psychologically. Possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed. This was not the logical goal that needed to be met. The invasion of Iraq was so illogical that I must, once again, refer to Richard Clarke’s analogy of FDR attacking Mexico after Pearl Harbor was attacked. That’s how illogical trying to accomplish whatever goal it is that we’re trying to accomplish in Iraq is.

This is but a small, vivid explanation of what I now believe happened on 9/11/01. However, even with much important evidence left out of it, I challenge anyone who takes the time to watch this video to respond with logical explanations for what you see. If you can’t come up with a counter explanation for the anomalies shown in this video, if you even say, “Well, I can explain every one” and proceed to logically explain it, “except this particular one”, then imagine how many more you may not be able to explain if you took the time to read David Ray Griffin’s books or watch “In Plane Site”.

I don’t mean the dare to sound adversarial. It isn’t meant that way. It’s meant as a challenge to put aside the overbearing desire to believe that other nations can give rise, even elect, as Germany did, governments that turn out to be mad and power hungry, while there’s no way that the US could ever elect such a government.

What makes us better than Germany, France under Napoleon, Rome under Romulus Augustus?
Was this country not founded by elites who would only allow white landowners to vote?

Did we not view the selling and buying of human beings as legitimate commerce?

Did we not allow women to vote for the first 130 years of the Republic’s existence?

Did we not work children at the age of ten years old in sweat shops for 16 hours a day, seven days a week?

Was it not power hungry madness that drove us to wipe out civilizations that had called this land home for hundreds, maybe thousands of years?

Were African Americans banned from restaurants, public facilities, even not allowed to vote as recently as 1964?

Do these acts seem like the acts of rational people?

Are we an evil nation because we allowed this? No. We came to our senses, mostly driven by civil disobedience or outright violent dissent, but we came to our senses. Americans recognizing that we, like any other nation, are not perfect and righted those wrongs. Successfully speaking truth to power is what makes me proud to be an American.

What makes us different today? We saw that our government condoned all of this inhumane, irrational activity and we rose up to help one another, American fighting with and for American, to rid our nation and our government of these irrational behaviors.

Why, suddenly, are we a country that can no longer produce megalomaniacs? We have 250 million people here in the US. Many are wealthy, have anything and everything they could ever want, except everything, i.e., total control and power. It’s really no different than what most of us do which is to live above our means. Whatever we can afford, we go into debt to get more than that. When you can afford anything, what’s left? Everything is left and controlling everything is living above one’s means for people who can afford everything.

Please watch this. It repeats what many may have seen already, but it’s produced and presented by people I’d never seen present it before and maybe a new perspective on the same obvious truths may help open our minds even wider.

I can tell you the ending without spoiling the documentary. We are too willing today to surrender our personal rights to protect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. But we were placed, by slight of hand and the manipulation of our rage, in this position. It’s not a position in which we need to be to be safe.

If you happen to read this message, please watch the video and explain away the obvious impossibilities.

To friendship,

“Truth is always strong, no matter how weak it looks; and falsehood is always weak, no matter how strong it looks.” – Phillip Brooks


BRiano said...

I’m surprised that you haven’t written more about Bush’s wiretaps. The constitution says he’s not above the law.fisa court is in place for him to use and I’m sick of him and his liars saying that it would take too long to go through fisa because you can wirtetap for 72 hrs before you get a warrant.We have 3 branches of government to prevent this kind of thing.Bush isn’t any more “mindful” of our civil liberties than he is of any other law he breaks. But since you haven’t written about breaking the spying law yet I figured putting my comment here is appropriate because when he pulled this off he broke even more laws and more serious laws.Thanks for the video.Its proof positive.Why are so many people still for this guy.They don’t care or their just not paying attention.We need to investigate him impeach him and arrest him like any other common thug.

sharata said...

You people would do or say anything because you hate President Bush. You say stay on topic but you bring this garbage and post it on the internet. Is this on target? Isn’t the target to stop terrorists from attacking our great nation?

Michael said...

BRiano, I believe, as you, that The Regime has broken law after law since in was selected in 2000. It continues to break laws.

In the case of illegally wiretapping Americans, it broke the law and The Front Man said it’s going to keep on breaking the law. We need to break the law to stop the terrorists from breaking the law.

I hope that the citizens of this nation, which I and so many others, want to see become The United States of America again, are smart enough to know that, as Benjamin Franklin so lucidly stated, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

After the Reischtag Fire, Gerring and Hitler so frightened the German citizenry that they were all too willing to let Der F├╝hrer do whatever he had to to protect them. It’s no different and I don’t understand how anyone can’t see that. Unfortunately, just as the supporters of the Vietnam War believed, we have people who today believe, “My country, right or wrong.” Why would anyone want to support the government of their country if they knew that what that government was doing was wrong? Yet, isn’t that what “My country right or wrong” means? Would people really commit atrocities for their “country” if the government of their “country” told them to? Have people lost hold of their own minds so much that they would do that, that they think it’s OK?

One of the things that I feel is missing in that statement, “My country right or wrong” is the definition of “my country”.

For me, my “country” is the land and the people who live on that land. No government of any country is the country nor should any government be viewed that way. A government is made up of a group of human beings and, at any time, those human beings may have a misguided agenda, as any group of human beings may have. In such times, those people need to be dealt with by the populous.

sharata, please don’t presume to know how I feel about anyone. It’s actually irrelevant whether I hate or love George W. Bush. What’s relevant, and you’d know if you took the time to view the video or, better yet, view the full DVD, “In Plane Site” or read either or both of Professor David Ray Griffin’s books, is that there are an overwhelming number of questions that were never even asked in the investigation of what happened on September 11, 2001, the most important one being, “Who did it? And, since there are an overwhelming number of un-addressed anomalies that occurred on that day, there are an overwhelming number of questions that are still left unanswered. The fact of the matter, and you’d have seen it if you watched the video, is that the most logical answers to many of these questions at this point in time lift The Regime to the level of suspect in committing the crime that was committed that day.

There may be legitimate answers to many or even all of the anomalies, but since they have not been submitted and the only conclusion is that the government of The United States of America actually murdered almost 3,000 of its citizens in order to obtain support to murder another 3,000, there needs to be a truly, fully empowered, non partisan group of investigators to ask all of the questions that have not been answered.

The trial, if you remember, did not start with the obvious question, “Who did it?”

I didn’t “come up” with any of this and I certainly didn’t make any of it up because I hate George W. Bush. Other than what I see of him and what he’s been involved in doing to my country, I don’t even know George W. Bush. Why must it become so personal when it’s something that you disagree with? Why can’t you and others just come up with refuting facts and use them to debate? Why attack me and others personally because people have done more than a cursory investigation into what happened on that day and found that much of it just doesn’t make sense, common or any other kind?

I truly try not to get personal, but, in my opinion, people who personally attack those with whom they disagree do a piss poor job of defending the people they’re trying to defend.

Do you see the anomalies, the questions that were never even asked, let alone answered? Why don’t you or The Regime want an in depth, non partisan investigation into those questions so that we who promote these “redicuous conspiracy theories” can be proven wrong and any doubt or suspicion can be removed. One would think that you’d all want that.

For The Regime to say, “I wouldn’t dignify such a rediculous accusation with an investigation” would be just fine if everyone who’s accused of a crime with as much evidence against them, even if it appears to be “circumstantial” evidence, can do the same thing. Someone shoots someone, is seen in the area, identified by people while others say they didn’t see him there should just be able to say, “Officers, I won’t dignify your implication with an arrest.”

What a great way to escape being caught committing a crime. Just act indignent.

I say read more about it. If there’s any chance that your government had any hand in this atrocity, don’t you want to know? Should it really be that easy for the government to avoid having to answer questions which could actually clear it from suspicion? I don’t think so.

BRiano used a phrase that’s been used a great deal lateley. “The Constitution” says he’s not above the law”. It think it’s time to return to using The Consitution. It might need some tweaking, but it’s a really good tool to prevent any leader or set of leaders of this nation from misleading and/or repressing its citizens.

To friendship,