Friday, January 13, 2006

Epitome of Class Struggle

I worked for a “corporate predator” for 25 years. At the end of that time, they “delayered” me. (Orwell was a genius).

In a recent cost cutting, belt tightening, competitive driven move, a man who once reported to me was “deselected”. (That’s why the word “Orwellian” exists)

This man, a good man who worked hard but injured his back rather seriously, figured that the entire bottle of Oxycontin, along with a chaser of Vicodin, would make him feel, well, no pain. He was 41 years old and had worked for the corporation for over 15 years.

His boss, the predator puppet that made the “deselection” decision, showed up at the man’s funeral. His wife had to be restrained.

And, so, the class struggle continues while The Regime attempts to pawn philanthropy off onto “the private sector”.

To friendship,

“Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat for it is momentary.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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sharata said...

I was going to write this comment on you’re autobiographicalweb page but you disabled the place where I could write so I’ll jut writ it here bacuse I can’t sse anywhere else to write it.

You wrote and I quote “Luckily, a teaching sect called The Christian Brothers made up a good deal of the teaching staff at St. Bernard High School. I really think that, judging from their outlook on society, The Christian Brothers had no right to call themselves Catholic.
It was under the honest tutelage of The Christian Brothers that I learned about racism, the lie that was the Gulf Of Tonkin incident and began to question, at their exhortation, the Catholic Religion. They outright encouraged it.

If what you say about the christian bros is true then I agree with you they shouln’t have called themselves Catholic I believe it because my kids go to a Catholic school where teachers impose their liberal views on them

This so called Catholic school put on a play that advocating teen condom use.
We thought our kids would be better off going to a Cahtolci school but that play encouraged unhealthy, immoral and — for minor children — illegal behavior.

I think that the Chrisitian bros did more harm for you than good because they were libral. Maybe I should pull my kids out of Catholic shools. I wouldn’t want them to trun out like you

mg said...

I’m sorry that your friend was so distraught that committed suicide and I agree that the kinds of things that the corprorations do is unethical and could drive a person into such deep despair.

But the “class struggle” you talk about is but a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Like you, I have little good to say about the Bush administraion, Bushco can spend trillions of dollars having kids shootin’ up Iraq like some old time western while we should absolutely be helping countries fight AIDS, poverty, famine and diseases. The billions and billons of dollars we are spending on Iraq should be going to people who need it, not to someplace that only has oiil. Think about it., oil verses human life, It shouldn’t even be close.

Bush only supports 15 countries in his PEPFAR program (President’s Emergency Plan ‘or AIDS Relief), and thus ignores the many other countries in Africa that are collapsing under the increasing problem of aids, famine and disease
Giving money to faith bases organizations like churches with no experience fighting diseases, is a waste of money.

Bill Frist has put it in the only term bushco understands.“An unstable Africa, because of HIV-AIDS becomes a breeding ground for terrorism.” If you can scare holy hell out of Americans by telling them there are terrorists someplace they’ll let you do anything you tell them to do.

We as a nation, accept our unique position as the world’s only military superpower, I think it’s time to put the weapons down and begin to work as the worlds largest humanitarian.

Good blog. Keep on writing. Your voice needs to be heard.


Matthew said...

I’m a high school student who happened to come across this writing about the Christian Brothers.

I go to a Catholic High School and Christian Brothers are on the teaching staff.

To say that all Christian Brothers are lefties or that they are all righties isn’t fair. The Christian Brothers are a great group of teachers and they teach. Their human beings and that’s all they are. Like all people each Christian Brother has his own opinion on stuff. I know some that lean to the right and some that lean to the left and some who I can’t tell where they lean.

One thing is for certain. They teach us students how to think for ourselves, not to follow one group or another because of peer pressure.

So stop being unfair to Christian Brothers. All teachers should be like The Christian Brothers!