Thursday, January 12, 2006

Casey's Song

I write and appreciate all genres of music, as I do poetry and other forms of literature.

In fact, I appreciate and respect those who differ with me on matters of society, war, peace, poverty. The only caveat I have with that one is that, while appreciating and respecting those who differ with me, I have little or no use for those who attack people personally with whom they differ. In my humble opinion, this is a tactic used by those who have no legitimate argument with which to debate.

With very few exceptions, I don’t post my poetry and/or music here. I save that for my web site.

I recently posted two poems on this blog about the x-mas season and its “true” meaning.

Now I’d like to make an exception with music.

I've recently written a new song. It's in honor of the son of one of my good friends, Cindy Sheehan.

I sent the song to Cindy and she set me straight on a couple of lyrics that weren’t accurate. She did say that she appreciated the effort.

I had sent her a song entitled “Soldiers Of Peace” when I first learned about Casey on the Mount Diablo Peace Center message board. Although I dedicated “Soldiers Of Peace” to Cindy and the memory of Casey, the song was written previous to my knowledge of Casey’s murder.

I wrote “Casey's Song”, however, specifically for Cindy, Casey and their family.

As I told Cindy, the song is more than a memorial for Casey. It's my gift to all of the families of The Goldstar Families for Peace and even those families who aren't members but have lost loved ones in The Regime's march toward world hegemony. It's truly a heart felt gift as it's given in the form of that which I do best, write.

You can listen to the song and read the lyrics here.

The copyright for “Casey's Song” is still pending, but I believe I'm protected. I just didn't want to wait to share this.

To friendship,

It’s for the pride and greed
of speakers shouting lies
that mention freedom’s cause
and praise the tool that dies.

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