Sunday, November 06, 2005

True Passion

The following is a letter that a close friend of mine sent to her congressman.

The passion contained in the letter is stunning and don’t we wish that more Americans, true Americans, not flag draped, self-anointed “earthly representatives of God”, would feel and express this kind of passion?

A wonderful letter:

“Dear Jerry Kilgore -

Your campaign includes telephone solicitation by taped voice. There is no way to talk to a person when the phone rings and it is your campaign headquarters attempting to solicit votes for you. By carrying on this type of campaign, you interrupt households with unsolicited calls.

I am on the Do Not Call List. Please take my numbers off of your list of phone numbers immediately!

You called my fax line and left a taped message. You have broken the law by making calls to phone numbers on the Do Not Call List.You called my home line and left a taped message. As if it is not enough to have my day interrupted by your solicitations, you also represent everything I do NOT believe in!

I would NEVER vote for ANYone who does not believe in allowing a woman the right to control her body and her own life. I will not allow anyone to come uninvited into my home and preach the archaic insistence on reversing Rowe vs. Wade and taking away women's control away of their own bodies. You insult my intelligence and my morals.

I will vote for Tim Kaine for the very reasons which you try to tell me not to vote for him.

I will vote for him because the Death Penalty is barbaric and should forever be eliminated from this state and every state and this entire planet! Where's your biblical "Thou Shalt Not Kill" come in if you preach killing?

I will vote for him because abortion in NOT killing, it is stopping a life from forming which a woman may not be able to care for physically, psychologically, or financially.

I will vote for him because he supports gun control. Guns kill people!!!!!!

I will vote for him BECAUSE the effort to place the motto "In God We Trust" in all public schools IS "ridiculous." Have you ever heard about the separation of church and state? America was built on allowing people of ALL beliefs to reside here, even people who decide they don't believe in ANY god, let alone YOURS. How DARE you try to push your God down people's throats through a political agenda?

I will vote for him because gay people have just as much rights as anyone else to be a parent.

I will vote for him BECAUSE he's Harvard educated and smart enough to be proud of who he is. I am liberal and proud of it, just like Tim Kaine.

The current adminstration in the White House are liars and imperialistic warmongers. We need to vote AGAINST every person which works for that administration and that includes YOU!

Please NEVER call my house again or I will have no choice but to call the authorities and report you for breaking the law. I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST. Therefore, DO NOT CALL ME.

Thank you!”

To friendship,

“How do you have patience for people who say they love America but clearly hate Americans.” – Annette Bening, from “The American President”

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