Thursday, November 24, 2005

News Update

Yesterday, November 23, 2005, I wrote about a news report in which a proud, and, obviously, proudly embedded CBS reporter analyzed who was winning the shooting war in Iraq. It was, if you remember, the “allied troops”.

Today, in my local newspaper, The Contra Costa Times, I read a letter to the editor entitled “Press bias taints news about war”. The letter writer states that “As long as a Republican is commander in chief, the press will support those who call the war on Iraq “Vietnam” or “quagmire” and say the glass is half empty.

This emboldens the terrorists and threatens our national security.

The mainstream press’s failure here is just more evidence that they are political agenda-driven vs. truth-driven.”

First of all, it’s obvious that the letter writer thinks the “terrorists” in Iraq are busy reading US newspapers when they’re not “sniping” at US soldiers.

Secondly, the letter writer must not have seen that jingoistic bullshit report on CBS to which I refer in my essay “Elementary School Bragging”.

The writer also missed a report today on NBC’s nationally broadcast half hour news bite in which the reporter said, “The “insurgents” will stop at nothing”, referring to an attack by “insurgents” that didn’t distinguish between US troops and civilians. The backdrop was, of course, a video of wounded, suffering Iraqi civilians, women and children, lying on gurneys.

Once again, the “liberal” media boosts blind patriotism by depicting “them” as discharging their weaponry indiscriminately, implying that the “allied troops” are careful not to maim or kill anyone who isn’t part of the enemy “insurgency”.

The implication is stretched into depicting American bombs as differentiating between civilians and “insurgents”.

The writer, the reporter in tonight’s NBC report, the reporter in last night’s CBS report and those who still, somehow, work to support the perpetuation of the blood bath in the “Mexico” of September 11, 2001’s “Pearl Harbor” remind me of the movie title “Eyes Wide Closed”.

To friendship,

“War is wretched beyond description, and only a fool or a fraud could sentimentalize its cruel reality.” – Senator John McCain

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