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An Email Message I Sent to Senator Barbara Boxer

Most of the professional politicians who belong to the two corporate supported political parties are corrupt. I’ve expressed my opinion about this previously. As I said in my essay, Priority Number One, until the way we hire those who work for us is changed, the issues which we so passionately hold close to our hearts will be the “ball” that the disingenuous professional politicians will toss around.

There are a couple of professional politicians whom I believe may still incorporate some sincerity in their speech.

During the 2000 primaries, I thought that John McCain, with whom I disagree on most social issues, actually believed what he was saying. I thought that he was honest.

When Bush was selected, McCain forgot that the slime machine all but said that he was in favor of breast cancer and slid under their rock. I was wrong.

In 2004, Dennis Kucinich provided some hope for many of us.

After Kerry was nominated, he became George Bush with another face and another name. Kucinich, however, supported Kerry.

After The Regime manipulated what is falsely called a “Bush victory” again in 2004, the Congressional Black Caucus, the only body in the US Congress that seems to have any courage, once again challenged the electoral vote.

This happened in 2000 and not one senator would sign on with the Congressional Black Caucus to initiate a review of the 2000 election.

In 2004, Barbara Boxer did sign on with the Black Caucus which, in turn, initiated such a review. The review was, of course, a farce as the Republican lead Congress would never find fault with any aspect of that election. Even if they did, the complicit and compliant Democrats would have laid down, agreeing with what their Saturday golf buddies said.

Boxer has taken quite a few stands against The Corporacracy. This is not to say that she hasn’t accepted the same kind of “aid” from some of the same kind of “donors”.

It would be helpful in exposing the truth that we all seek if someone within the system who has national name recognition rose to a leadership level.

Boxer’s made herself a target of the slime machine with her “extreme” views on society. At present, she seems to be just about the only person with national recognition that may put truth before self-promotion.

The following is an email message that I wrote and sent to Senator Barbara Boxer of California.

Dear Senator Boxer,

My name is Michael Bonanno and I live in Antioch.

I’ve been bugging you for some time now to at least test the waters for the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination.

There is a genuine fear among progressives that Hillary Clinton is a shoe in. The fear, of course, is that Hillary Clinton is not a representative of people, she is a professional politician.

I once heard someone say that Bill Clinton may very well have been the best Republican president is history. Hillary, if elected, would put that claim to bed.

Senator Clinton supports raising the troop level in Iraq. This ill-advised move is based upon the assumption that, somehow, the American occupying force will someday turn Iraq into a democracy in the image of the US. I know that you don’t believe that, Senator Boxer.

You are maybe the most progressive person in the Senate. Like Dennis Kucinich before you, your views are in stark contrast with the views of more “moderate” members of your party.

Representative Kucinich pursued the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2004. What Kucinich ultimately did was to support John Kerry in spite of the fact that many of Kerry’s views were views that Kucinich reviled.

Senator Boxer, the “red state, blue state” phenomenon has got to end. You are just the person to end it.

Here is my brief attempt to counsel you on a possible presidential bid:

1. Search the net. I am not alone in pleading with you to make a move. Here’s the URL of one site out of many that supports you –
Barbara Boxer 2008 a strong voice for freedom & truth. It’s not the only one.

2. Senator Boxer, you shouldn’t have to make your intentions known so early, but you do. As long as those who can actually make a significant change to the Electoral College, if not
ban it altogether, are the same people who benefit from its existence, they will never try to make such a change.

You may think that banning the Electoral College is a national, widespread goal, but it isn’t. It has a trickle down affect. The Electoral College perpetuates the exclusivity of political ambition. It reinforces the “red state, blue state” phenomenon.
Third parties are as appealing to the American voters as is having a third eye.

This is why Kucinich didn’t walk away from a party that was promoting everything that he wanted to change. Kucinich didn’t have the courage to split with the lemmings in the party and run an independent campaign.

Unfortunately, Senator Boxer, this is why you need to make your intentions known quickly. You need to see what kind of support you receive from the political party to which you belong and, if you find support is lacking, and you very well may, you need to separate yourself from the party and run under the umbrella of a political party with which you can better identify. If nothing else, Senator Boxer, you will need to run as an independent.

I firmly believe that if Kucinich took this bold stand, he would have garnered a great many votes, even though the so-called “progressive” pundits were asking Ralph Nader to bow out. I respect Nader for seeing that Kerry was offering what Bush was already giving us and for standing his ground. If he took votes away from Kerry, it was because Kerry didn’t earn those votes in the first place.

4. If there are skeletons in your closet, and the slime machine will find them if they’re there, you mustn’t run from them. Unless you’ve murdered someone in cold blood during your lifetime, there can be no skeleton from which you should have to run.

If you had an affair, say that you had an affair.

If you belonged to some kinky sex cult, say that you did.

If you lied, say that you lied.

My point is this. Every time a politician’s closet is raided, said politician lies about what is found.

So where does that get one? One has not only done something that is, prima facie, distasteful to many Americans, but lies about it, compounding the controversy.

If Bush, for example, had said, “Yeah, I was scared to death. I didn’t want to go to Vietnam so I had my daddy get me out of it. But I regret that. I wish I would have fought for my country and that’s the reason I have so much admiration for those who are patriotic enough to do so now,” his supporters would have had even more “ammunition” with which to support him. They could have said he made a mistake but at least he’s owning up to it.

The same with Clinton. Admit that you’re having an affair, say that you and your spouse are receiving marriage counseling and, other than that, say it’s nobody’s business.

Admitting a mistake, explaining why one would have made that mistake at that time or explaining why you believe that what you did was the right thing to do and then moving on would be almost more than detractors can stand.

In addition to that, as Bill Clinton had “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”, a Fleetwood Mac song, as his anthem, if you do have skeletons, you could adopt Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” to speak to detractors.

5. Unlike Representative Kucinich, you, Senator Boxer, must never let your supporters down, not even if someone else captures the Democratic Party’s nomination.

You either have to continue right up until election day in November as an independent or claim that your followers are the “New Democrats” and thus name the party which you and your supporters will be creating.

6. Begin publishing essays at sites such as
Common on a regular basis. Become even more popular with the truly progressive community.

All of the “Barbara Boxer updates” should be published at
Common Dreams and other progressive publications.

Senator Boxer, the voting process in the US has been corrupted and the mainstream media has reinforced that corruption. I’ve seen the color spectrum, Senator Boxer, and there are many more colors in it than red and blue.

Unfortunately, Senator Boxer, because of a corrupt system whose change you can spearhead after the 2008 election, especially if you were to win the presidency, you need to express your intentions very early and begin campaigning very early as well.

We can raise money for you, Senator Boxer, I’m sure. However, if you were to use some of your own wealth to support your own candidacy, you would be sending another strong message.

Please heed our call for your candidacy, Senator Boxer. We need you now more than ever.

To the staff member who reads this and is assigned to respond to it: even if Senator Boxer doesn’t personally read this message from one of her constituents, please ensure that she reads as many messages as possible from people pleading with her to run in 2008.

Michael Bonanno

The Mind Of Michael

To friendship,

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