Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Representative Ellen Tauscher – The New Neocon

I wrote to Representative Ellen Tauscher some time ago asking her to encourage The Regime to bring our troops home from Iraq as quickly as possible. I received her response today, September 11, 2005. To say that I was disappointed with her response would be an understatement. It was John “I can kill in a more organized fashion” Kerry all over again.

Tauscher spoke about “winning the peace”. How long does she think it will take to coerce every rival group in Iraq to forget about hundreds of years of infighting and hatred? How long does Tauscher think it will actually take to “win the peace”?

She lauded the Iraqis for risking their lives to vote in the election. She doesn’t say much about what exactly motivated the Iraqis to vote. She doesn’t say that at least part of the reason that so many of them turned out to vote was to speed up their “democratization” dog and pony show so that the US would leave as soon as possible.

She never says that the population wasn’t even familiar with the candidates who would draw up the Iraqi “constitution”.

She never says that the “constitution” would not be satisfactory to one or more of the factions. She doesn’t even admit that’s what’s going on now.

She claims that “it would be unconscionable to now leave (the Iraqis) with inadequate security just as they begin to transition to an independent democracy”.

An independent democracy? She doesn’t seem to realize that a good portion of the Iraqi population doesn’t seem to want “an independent democracy”. Even those that are attempting to draw up a “constitution” seem to be leaning toward an Islamic theocracy. She doesn’t seem to realize that this is what 2,000 Americans have died for – an Islamic theocracy. Where there once was a tyrannical dictator heading up a secular government, there will now be Islamic extremists. This is what our sons, fathers, daughters and mothers have died for? This is what Tauscher believes more of them should die for? This is what’s unconscionable! Proposing that one more American life should be lost for no good reason, to help establish an Islamic theocracy where there was none, is unconscionable.

She is shifting the blame from the US to the UN, saying that “the United Nations has failed so far to live up to its tradition of assisting countries emerging from conflict. The Secretary General made unfortunate comments about the offensive against Fallujah and the UN has refused to help Iraqis establish a war crimes tribunal.”

Well she’s got one point right. Every move the US military makes in Iraq is offensive as this country was never threatened by Iraq. How could any military move made by the US in Iraq ever be considered defensive?

Has Tauscher forgotten that there is already a war crimes international court? Has she forgotten that it is our government who refuses to recognize that court? Doesn’t she understand that The Regime in Washington has committed the war crimes, has broken Geneva Convention agreements that the US signed on to? These agreements speak very specifically about one nation preemptively attacking another.

Has she forgotten that the UN Security Council didn’t approve the preemptive strike? Has she forgotten how passionately French Foreign Minister Dominique De Villepin spoke out against the invasion of Iraq? Why is she blaming the UN for not doing enough when the UN didn’t approve of the invasion? She’s one of those “it was wrong to go there, but since we’re there, we may as well ‘finish the job’” people. There is no finishing this job. The people who she calls “insurgents” live there. We only have 130,000 people who have no vested interest in Iraq trying to maintain an occupation of that nation.

She questions Rumsfeld’s stop-loss policy. She doesn’t suggest conscription, but how else are we to cover the occupation? It’s bad enough that there are military personnel who can’t tell what their mission is or how they’re supposed to accomplish it. I guess she’d be for a draft, the forcing of those who absolutely don’t want to go to Iraq, who don’t even want to serve in the military to do so. Increasing the heartbreak, spreading it among even more American families would be the only way to get more bodies on the ground. It would be a good way to get more bodies into the ground as well. I didn’t think Tauscher was too young to remember Vietnam, but apparently she’s forgotten that lesson.

She’s trying to convince me that what was an absolutely immoral action to begin with is worthy of perpetuation until the “job is done”.

Other than complaining that we’re not training the Iraqi military or police quickly enough, she hasn’t mentioned how we are to defeat the people of the Middle East. Maybe the ultimate weapon will hone the population enough to where we can actually wipe out those that are left. I have no idea of what the hell this letter means. It means nothing, nothing at all.

It means that Ellen Tauscher should be thrown out of office as quickly as possible. She should join The Regime in resigning. After all, she’s obviously joined them in making excuses to continue the death and destruction that the US initiated without rhyme or reason. She’s obviously either as delusional as The Regime, she sure uses those delusional talking points, or she’s lost it altogether.

Either way, those of us who will be going to the polls in her district in 2006 need to bombard her with letters promising the termination of her service in Congress. Others of you need to write to her as well, telling her she’s taking the “loyal” in loyal opposition much, much too far.

To friendship,

“War should be the politics of last resort. And when we go to war, we should have a purpose that our people understand and support.” – Colin Powell


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