Thursday, July 07, 2005

So It's Morality You Want?

So it’s morality you want?

We’re now being ruled by a born again Christian?

This administration was going to bring family values and dignity back to Washington?

The morality started before the administration even took office or, more accurately, was unconstitutionally selected. President to be Bush describes what he thinks of a reporter who probably asked him a question about dignity. As the children say, it takes one to know one.

The morality, obviously an improvement over Clinton’s “immoral” administration, continued with Dick Cheney’s greeting Senator Leahy on the floor of the senate.

After sending 1,749 (at the time) American citizens to their death, and, since they don’t count those who die on the way to a hospital or those who die in a hospital after being wounded, we know it’s got to be many, many more, it’s very touching to know that Bush thinks about Iraq “every single day”. That’s the best he can do? Think of Iraq every single day? He doesn’t think of the dying humanity every single day, he thinks of Iraq. He damn well better do more than “think about Iraq every single day”!

Now, the latest show of morality has surfaced. President Bush, preparing for what should be a somber speech on Iraq, mocks the people he’s had murdered thus far with some “innocent play” before the speech. Yep, that’s our president.

Has anyone heard Bush say anything about amending The Constitution to ban same sex marriages since he cheated his way into a second term? I haven’t. You know why? Because he doesn’t fucking care, that’s why! What did he say about Kerry? He’ll say anything to get elected.

I’m not saying that I would have ever been offended by any of the “human peccadilloes” exhibited by Bush or Cheney – except the “every single day” quote - weak . In fact, and I’m sure this is what the blind followers are probably going to say, I may have said, “Good for him” about Cheney’s outburst or “Bush is just showing a down to earth, human side” about Bush. But these people claim to be above reproach. They tow the Christianist Right line. They smear everyone in their path with claims of un-American or unpatriotic or against God or immoral! They open their mouths while sitting behind a wall of glass. Well, here come the rocks.

His supporters don’t want to address his mortal sins like lying to the American people about Iraq or talking about The Downing Street Memos or trying to screw people out of social security benefits.

No, no. They want to talk about Terry Schiavo and the Ten Commandments and the horror of being overtaken by homosexuals.

They want to campaign on morality and family values.

Well there’s their family fucking values, right there!

When are the people who are covering for this loser and his imperialist friends going to wake up? How big of a 2 by 4 do they have to be hit over the head with?

To friendship,

“Hypocrisy is the Vaseline of political intercourse.” – Billy Connelly

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