Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Long For A Better World

I write this for every human being who would humble me by reading it.

I realize that is a fraction of a fraction of all humanity, but it may be, if I’m graced, humanity just the same.

I wonder why I write so much about injustice. I wonder why I’m so passionate when it would be so much easier to be oblivious.

It dawned on me.

I long for a better world.

As, if I remember correctly, my birth certificate has no expiration date on it, I felt as if I should share my longings in a timely manner with as many people as would be so kind as to share them with me.

For example, I long for a day when those who possess more than most of us could ever dream of will begin to share their riches with those who struggle and can only dream of possessing the basic necessities of life.

I long for a day when people accept spirituality in one of two ways.

I long for a day when those who don’t believe in spirits at all realize that this is the only life and the only world they will ever know and that they must use that life to make this world a much better place than they found it.

I long for a day when people of faith, people who believe in a spiritual world, people who believe in a higher power, a Creator, cease to believe in the creator of the books, cease to believe in a vengeful creator, a jealous creator, a murderous creator, a creator who commands its very own creations to set upon one another in death and destruction, especially upon its own behalf.

I long for a day when people who believe in a Creator believe in a Creator whose intent was for its creations to exist without war and destruction, from beginning to end.

I long for a day when such beliefs birth tolerance;

tolerance among those whose skin pigmentation produces hues of appearance which significantly differ from one person to another.

tolerance among those whose language and culture of ethnicity differ dramatically.

tolerance between genders so that each gender looks upon the opposite with total respect and equality.

tolerance towards those who love, cherish and honor another human being to the point where the two human beings wish to spend their lives together and share those lives, no matter the race, ethnicity or gender of either of the two.

I long for a day when all people everywhere realize that earth is finite.

I long for a day when all people everywhere appreciate the gifts that earth has given us.

I long for a day when all people everywhere realize that the entity earth has needs as well.

I long for a day when all people everywhere give back to the earth by, if in no other way, realizing that earth is finite and belongs to every creature which travels upon it.

I long for a day when people realize that life is a process.

For all of recorded time, humanity has had its eye on the goal, the finish line, the prize. It has either not realized nor cared about the process used to reach its goal.

Subsequently, the process has been trampled upon and flawed and filled with destruction.

Consequently, when the goal was reached, it was not sustained.

Throughout recorded history, there have been communities that have lasted for many years, but, by far, the greatest number of communities of note have failed. The great communities of note are no longer with us. They all ultimately failed.

I long for a day when humanity keeps its eye on the process and that process contains everything for which I long.

If humanity is more attentive to the process which contains everything for which I long, it will reach a goal and that goal will be called Peace.

Peace is giving and accepting.

I doubt I will see Peace in my life time, but maybe, just maybe if we all long for it with the intensity needed and we are acutely attentive to the process, a generation someday in the future may experience world wide Peace for the first time in history.

That goal will be sustainable.

That goal will never fail.

To friendship,

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Anonymous said...

Dear Michael Bonanno

I appreciate your honest words. The American Republic has never been totally forgotten, just out of sight for awhile. The destruction of those that make it difficult for this planet have already been identified. Not as many as you would think. Once they have been re-educated, re-located and or replaced the world will start to heal and change. The American Mujahideen Army Council, etc was named for the intent of freedom fighter (patriot), nothing more. No Islamic affiliation whatsoever. You can google Judah Ben-Hur, Amb to get a list of statements, etc.

The Powers that be know exactly where I am, and will do nothing to stop me or the others that help.

The battle is not with you or the ones around you, but with those that are in Direct control of this planet.

The American Republic is a real as I am, and those that are in support of its existence. Don't look for it in front of your face, but from the side of a shadow. North America will be under a new rule order called the American Republic one way or another. What you write is appropriate for those that wish to cling. What we write is what we are doing, Now. Keep up the good work, and leave the battle to us. If you were to join up with us, you would have to be willing to sacrifice your life, liberty and property to save the many and even the few, without compromise or fear. That is not possible for you, so the best is to continue what you are doing...

Judah Ben-Hur
The American Republic
American Mujahideen Army Council
Headquarters: United States of America

Michael Bonanno said...

Mr. Ben-Hur, I appreciate your scanning my essays/articles. It means a great deal to me that my writing is at least lucid enough to evince any kind of response. As you can see, my blog doesn’t receive the kind of traffic I would like to see. This is mostly because I don’t report news until after it’s been reported elsewhere, even in the least known but legitimate crevices of the internet.

I hope that my writing will enlighten people who don’t have the time to search for real news. What the lamestream media gives us is newsfotainment, for lack of a better word, and a heaven for peeping Toms who believe that watching reality TV is actually watching people at their most vulnerable. It’s a shame people can’t see beyond that façade.

I’ve once again looked up the word Mujahideen at

I suppose is just that, a dictionary. I’ve only used Wikipedia a couple of times because it’s an interactive site and who knows who’s adding to the definitions.

The only definition at that does not include the word Muslim is as follows:

“[Arabic or Persian mujāhidīn, pl. of Arabic mujāhid, one who fights in a jihad, active participle of jāhada, to fight; see ghd in Semitic roots.]”

If you lead a group of Muslims, I can understand why you’d want to retaliate against Americans who have chosen your entire religion to be a target of their hate. I know that, since September 11, 2001, there have been incidents in which Muslims, or even Sikhs, who are in no way related to Islam, have been abused and attacked. With Americans, it’s always been about the looks.

Caucasians from Europe or wherever have always been able to eventually blend in with the accepted race in The FUSA. However, those who carry their race, ethnicity and, in some cases, even their gender around with them have at one time or another, not been tolerated.

Even today, where we’ve recently had an African-American Secretary of State and now have a female African-American Secretary of State, there are Americans who think that, that darker one’s skin, the less of a human being one is.

Having said that, unless I’m missing something connected with the meaning of the word Mujahideen, your group is, if nothing else, made up of people of Arabic descent. It may even consist only of followers of Islam.

This is where I become concerned. I’m not concerned because you may be a group of Muslims. I’m concerned that groups which consist of only one ethnicity, one religion or one race is exclusionary.

One would not see an African-American, a Catholic, a Muslim or a Jew in a group of Skinheads and in The American Nazi Party. They’re exclusionary and that’s not the American Republic in which I want to live.

I no more want to live under an Islamic theocracy than under a Christian theocracy. I believe that a person’s religious and/or spiritual beliefs should be expressed within the confines of like minded people and not forced upon others.

I realize that both Jesus and Mohammed commanded their followers to convert everyone to their respective belief systems. It’s why people ring my doorbell on Saturday mornings. They merely believe that they’re doing what Jesus, in every case so far, has commanded of them.

I don’t even know if there was such a person as Jesus. There, of course, is more historical proof of the existence of Mohammed.

Nonetheless, if I believed in a higher power, a god, a supreme being, I would believe in one who’d want people to do nothing more than to live a good life and to take care of one another. There’d be no rules, no dogma, no churches. A loving god, as exposed in only parts of all of the holy books, would not care if people were Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Hindi or belonged to any other organized religion. He, she or it would merely be a loving god. I see no evidence of that and, in fact, see evidence to the contrary. This is why I don’t believe in any spirits, ghosts, angels, etc.

So, please, Mr. Ben-Hur, tell me how your organization has no Islamic affiliation.

There’s one more part of your comment that troubles me.

You say that, if I was to join you, I “would have to be willing to sacrifice (my) life, liberty and property to save the many and even the few, without compromise or fear." And, of course, you have the word “army” in your title.

Why the militancy? Why militancy ever?

Can’t we see that we are being told by The Regime that we must be willing to sacrifice the lives of our loved ones, if not our own lives, our liberty and, ultimately, our property in order to fight a war against a tact or an ideology? Can’t we see that there are still Americans who believe that we can defeat “terrorism” by spilling blood?

In his book, “1984” Orwell wrote, “War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength” and The Regime has convinced far too many Americas that this is true. There are far too many Americans who supply The Regime’s armor by rationalizing each and every time that it takes a chunk of liberty away from Americans. There are too many Americans who agree to give up liberties, one at a time, to enable The Regime to protect them against “terrorists”.

Franklin wrote, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Why does your organization feel that reclaiming the American Republic necessitates the sacrifice of lives, liberty and/or property. How is what you’re doing different from what The Regime is doing and asking us to do? Is there no other way to reclaim our Republic?

I’d love to hear an answer from you because, as you should be able to glean from my words in “I Long for a Better World”, I’ve had my fill of seeing those who are not wealthy or militarily overpowering sacrificing for those who are.

Michael Bonanno

Anonymous said...

The American Republic returns on September 11, 2008,


A Letter to The United States Congress and to The American People

Americans have lost their way by choice and coercion propagated by those that wish to have it all. Americans that have plenty are not bothered by the confusion and rape of the land and its people. The Americans that outnumber the wealthy are the ones that suffer in America. The idea of a Republic of America was an original perfect form of government. The ones that made the choice to write on paper their ideas for a perfect form of government were themselves imperfect. The document called the Constitution is a promise on paper and in spirit to Americans to protect and to serve Americans, our Nation with truth. That has not happened, thus the discord and confusion within our nation to Americans.

Our Nation, our Homeland has been sold, raped, and ravaged by many outsiders and insider traitors, which have allowed our eagle our National symbol to be locked in a cage with little sustenance. Our Star our symbol of truth has been buried in the sand with the trash of other nations.

This is not acceptable, and will be resolved.

Our current Congress has forsaken our nation by giving little and taking so much for themselves and their financial supporters. Congress has allowed Capitalist Businesses from within and out to take over our Nation and rule by the power of selfish money and lies.

Our Great and once powerful Military are ruled by those that give false and deceptive orders coupled by untruthful commands. They, the soldiers of our fortunes are engaged in ambiguous battle campaigns fighting under and for False Flag counter intelligence fueled by deceptive propaganda rhetoric. Human lives on all sides are dying for the few that have lost their way thru choice.

Our President, our leader of our Nation has with his advisors and financial empire brokers reinforced the ultimate crime to humanity by lying to himself, his family and his country. Our business leaders have lied to our Nation and prostituted our ingenuity to others for unnatural profit.

There are too many Americans that have some or little or none, and that Ladies and Gentlemen is not acceptable. Congress and others have failed to provide even the basics for our Nation to thrive. Too many selfish secrets, many which are known amongst a few, are tearing our Nation and Planet apart. By allowing those that know what lies behind the looking glass, to control the masses at will is an affront to GOD.

There is too much advertised hatred and racial prejudice fed by ignorance and choice. Religions have taken front seat to freedom and truth, thus confusing those that wish to know the truth, by self-choice.

On September 11, 2008, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, we Americans can and will make a choice to free our Eagle from its cage of captors, allowing it to be stronger and fly higher than ever before, and unearth and restore our Star to its rightful brilliance from the sand of trash of other Nations, and take back our country from those that have stolen it from us all. Annuit Copetis.

We have learned from the past, and we have learned from the present, now we will make a choice to either continue with America as is, or Change America to a True Republic that truly represents the sincere interests of its people and other Nations. It is not an impossible task to overcome; all it takes is an honest choice and the will to sacrifice.

We are a Legion of many, who will live a life of peace, and have respect for all living things, while having considerations for those who are different, and look for ways to truly accommodate those who are slow in understanding.

We support the poor, helpless, and defenseless people. We support the freedom of Women, we support the sane treatment of animals and the environment, and we support the freedom of religion and expression. We do not support ignorance, period.

We are a growing nation of people that encourage all Americans to become part of the New American Republic!


Judah Ben-Hur, Sui Juris
The American Republic
Diplomatic Mission: North America
A Sovereign Republic

Michael Bonanno said...

There is a comment in queue to be published to this post. I am a believer in the First Amendment and will always try to publish comments made to this blog. As you can see, not many comments are posted in response to the essays/articles.

Unfortunately, the comment awaiting publication refers to September 8, 2008 in the future tense. We know that 9/8 has come and gone.

I'll be gland to publish your comment if you can explain how something will happen on September 8, 2008 or possibly modify the comment so it makes more sense.

Thank you.