Friday, November 12, 2004

Message I Am Writing to All Progressive Publications and Organizations

I am writing to tell you what I think. I will not only write to you, but I will write to every organization and publication that considers itself “progressive”. I shall be prolific in my writing, writing the same thing over and over again. I may make some enemies. I may, hopefully, finally convince some people.

I think that the time of the Democrat and Republican should cease.

We saw, in 2004, a candidate for president from The Democratic Party whose views on almost all issues were almost exactly in synch with those of George W. Bush.

Senator Kerry’s views did not line up with those of true progressives.

He supported our invasion of Iraq on many occasions. Yes, there were those occasions on which he opposed it, I admit.

He never spoke to minimizing the adverse affects that organizations such as the WTO and GATT have on third world countries.

He never spoke to the affect that agreements such as NAFTA have on the American worker.

He spoke in broad terms of “improving health care”, but did not support the true progressive view of single payer health insurance.

He opposed the rights of gay men and women to marry, although he supported “civil unions”. Such was the same with John Edwards.

Democrats and Republicans are merely pawns of the true government of the world, The Corporacracy.

It’s almost too late, but progressives must begin today, the moment you finish reading this letter, to begin to support the obsolescence of The Corporacracy, i.e., The Democratic and Republican parties. They are two arms of the same party.

We can say that, since we have a Republican Administration, a Republican Congress and a Republican Supreme Court (despite the fact that it’s supposed to be non-partisan), we have a one party rule in the former United States of America.

However, I say the Republicans and Democrats don’t really care if they win or lose elections. Look how quickly John Kerry conceded the election, in spite of possible voter fraud.

The members, especially on a national level, of the Republican and Democratic parties are quite wealthy to begin with and most have inherited their wealth and not earned it.

Republicans and Democrats know that they have no less than an 50/50 chance of winning any election, no matter what the polls show. That’s because they’re the only game in town.

If Republicans look as if they’re in trouble, they’ll lean a little to the left. If the Democrats look as if they’re in trouble, they’ll lean a little to the right. The latter has happened in elections beginning in 1992.

However, once they get into office, they do the bidding of those who put them there, large global corporations.

It’s time that true progressives discarded this game that’s played every two years and began supporting true progressive candidates. You won’t find true, progressive candidates in the Democratic and Republican parties. They are the same, no matter what they say during any given campaign.

In discarding The Corporacracy, true progressives must turn to another organization, if Diebold allows it.

I am a registered Libertarian, but I think that the best organization to which progressive publications and organizations should turn is The Green Party of the United States of America.

Let’s all of us progressives begin today to put all of our efforts into getting Green Party candidates elected in 2006 and 2008.

This means that progressive publications and organizations should rescind their support of The Democratic Party and begin to cover the Green Party with vigor and aggressiveness.

This means progressive publications and organizations should cease being Democratic Party apologists and support, with the same enthusiasm and temerity with which they supported a candidate that didn’t even represent progressive issues, candidates of The Green Party of the United States of America.

There won’t be much corporate money with which to work, hopefully none, so there need to be fund raisers nationwide, phone banks and all of the activities that were behind the support for John Kerry.

This support needs to begin now, as soon as you finish reading this message if you, indeed, read it.

As I mentioned, it may be too late because I’m sure that the Diebold virus will spread across the nation like wildfire. Elections may be determined before anyone even casts a ballot.

But, if there’s a chance at all, it does not rest with the Democrats or Republicans. At this point in time, it looks like we should get behind the Green Party and create a legitimate second party.

Please let me know that you are going to help.


mediagonebad said...

Thank you for the kind words on my new Freeze Frame blog. You are right, we do think alike.

As a resident of Ohio, the corporate headquarters of Diebold, I suspect that voter fraud was widespread in this election. Rather than demand an independent investigation, Kerry conceded to Bush without so much as a whimper.

I'm with is time for progressives to dump the Democrats and Republicans and build the Green party. I will bookmark your blog.

Anonymous said...

Michael , i was surprized how easy Kerry gave up , i thought he would fight. There was such obvious voter fraud and problems, why did he give up so easy? Unbelievable . Will there be anything done about this illegal ,screwed up election? What's wrong with the Democrats ! Bring on the Green Party and the Libertarians, it's way past time. Thanks for keeping me updated .Peace,AP.

Michael said...

AP, as I said, the day of The Democrat and Republican should be swiftly coming to an end.

Trouble is, I’ve communicated with people, some of whom wrote columns in places such as Common Dreams, who seem extremely progressive or, as one of the people insisted on calling it, liberal.

Progressive, liberal, it doesn’t matter. Even these people, who wrote outstanding columns, want to try to fix The Democratic Party.

They think that people look at The Green Party as a bunch of loonies. People look at them as a one issue party, that issue, of course, being the environment.

However, if you read the platform for The Green Party,, you’d see that they’re not just a single issue party.

The Libertarians and The Green Party, as well as The Reform Party and The Socialist Party, are thought of as third parties.

My question is how can they all be “third” parties? Is it 3(a), 3(b), etc.?

It’s time that we, just as so many other countries in the world do, look at those parties simply as “other parties” and let the voters determine whose third, fourth or ever first. We may be surprised.

But, alas, The Republicans and Democrats are very wealthy and own everything, including the media. Members of The Republican and Democratic Parties are anything but democratic or even democratically republican. If they were, they’d give all opposing parties the chance to have equal time to present their points of view.

We are a one party nation. That party is The Corporacracy.

“Democracy is the name we give the people whenever we need them.” - Marquis de Flers Robert and Arman De Caillavet