Sunday, October 31, 2004

Where Has Alll The Employment Gone?

I recently had trouble with Norton Firewall. Basically, it made it so that I lost everything on my hard drive.

I went to the Norton web site to find a telephone number through which I could speak to a human being about my problem.

I finally found one, but it cost $29.99 to talk to a human being.

I figured it was worth it.

So I called the number.

I waited for one hour listening to music I didn’t like the first time I heard it.

Finally, a man with a very thick East Indian accent came on the phone. We struggled first to understand one another and then to figure out how to resolve the problem. We struggled for two hours.

Finally, he was able to talk me through taking every and any piece of software that had to do with Norton and/or Symantic off my computer.

I think he was about to tell me how to get it back on correctly when, yep, we were disconnected. I guess the communication between California and India is OK, but not perfect.

Outsourcing jobs to people who will do the job for considerably less of an income is something that corporations love to do.

I heard recently that outsourcing is good because it creates parity among nations.

Well, I agree, it creates parity.

Corporations send their work out to people who are poor and pay them the wage that they’re used to, $1.00/hour or less for 24/7, 365 days a year, and they take jobs away from the workers in industrialized nations, like the former United States of America, dropping those workers to the same level as the workers who get the work. So, yes, there’s parity. Only the parity does not happen as it was presented to me.

We don’t make workers in third world countries better off by outsourcing. We just keep them poor and make American workers, or former workers, just as poor.

Yep, parity.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I posted this in the slot of the search engine and there was another person who had posted the same. not only putting the same way I did but I really wanted to know,....herein lies the danger it is selfdefeating by not only taking help from who is really capable of giving it.