Friday, October 08, 2004

OK, Let's Pull Out All Of The Stops

I sent the following letter to my local newspaper, The Contra Costa Times.


It’s your weird and whacky ex chemical worker again.

Please, before you immediately delete this, read it. Then you can delete it.

You have 26 days to perform a service to your nation that maybe no one else in the history of The United States of America has had. You may have 26 days to save us.

Thus far, I’ve given you reason to think that I’m orbiting some other planet. Well, at least that’s what I think considering you’ve not responded to me.

The article about chemical and nuclear energy plants that I sent to you last night, the one written by Robert Kennedy Jr., should give you some hint.

In the next 26 days, someone needs to inform the American people of their fate.

I’m not a big John Kerry fan. I think that politics in America is the possession of The Democratic Party and The Republican Party. I don’t think that you can get as far as Kerry or Bush or Pelosi or Tauscher or Chris Dodd without money. I don’t think that you can even be in a position to run for the presidency of The United States without the backing of some very depraved sources. I think everyone from Pelosi to Bush accepts payola from global corporations.

For a person with a conscience to be president of our nation would take a complete overhaul of our electoral system. This won’t be happening anytime soon since the people who can make the change are the same people who benefit from the presently corrupt system.

So, this is not an anti Bush, pro Kerry political statement.

This is an admonishment to you and all of the main stream media for overlooking what many of the rest of us know.

Why isn’t Bush forcing chemical plants and nuclear energy facilities to protect themselves better from catastrophic events?

Why doesn’t Bush care whether or not Americans are employed?

Why didn’t Bush call up the National Guard and Reservists, as he did, but keep them home, forming a human wall around the entire US borderline? Wouldn’t spending money doing that be more logistically protective of our land than spending it on a war in Iraq?

Why has Bush turned his back on our allies?

Why has Bush turned his back on doing our part in nuclear nonproliferation? Why is Bush rushing to get The Guided Bomb Unit-28 manufactured, otherwise known as “bunker busters”?
Why are global corporations so supportive of Bush’s environmental policies?

Why does Bush have such little interest in protecting the environment?

Why is Bush so dramatically non-curious about things scientific?

Why hasn’t Bush picked up on the Israeli/Palestinian peace process that every president since Nixon has worked so hard on?

I will tell you that the answer lies in the word “Dispensationalism”.

I can tell you that the answer lies in the word “Armageddon”.

I can tell you that the answer lies in the word “Rapture”.

I can tell you that the answer lies in the words “The Project For A New American Century”.

Well, you think I’m crazy anyway, so why not tell you what else I know?

First, Google search these words with the word “Bush” in the search title.

Secondly, I think that, before the election, you owe it to the American people to do a Sunday “Perspective” centerfold on “The Project For A New American Century”.

Do you even know about “The Project For A New American Century”?

Do you know what its driving forces are?

Do you really know what Bush’s agenda is for his second term?

I’ll tell you what I know. It can’t sound any crazier that anything else I’ve already said.

Bush believes that he’s been chosen by God to bring on the second coming of Christ. He’s been working on it by restarting The Crusades.

He’s been working on it by turning a blind eye to the genocide of Palestinians by the Israelis. I’m not anti Semitic. I’m talking The Holy Land, Israel, where Armageddon is physically located.

Because the main stream media will not pick up on such an “out of the box” story, true as it is, he will be reselected.

After he is reselected, he will use his “bunker busters” at Armageddon to bring on the second coming of Christ.

I mean, just look at his religiosity. Read his speeches.

Carter was very religious. He’s still a member of a church and teaches Sunday school.

However, Carter never wore his Christianity on his sleeve the way Bush does.

You owe it to the American people to at least investigate this craziness.

Bush has an agenda for his second term and it includes nuclear catastrophe which will bring on nothing more than the deaths of innocent people and a backlash that may very well put an end to The United States of America as we know it.

I know, I know, I should be in a padded cell, right?


You should be doing your job, doing the kind of research that I, and many others, have been doing.

This time you should listen to Chicken Little. He’s been studying, watching, observing and it all makes perfect sense.

What seems to make no sense at all – what did Richard Clark say? – it’s like when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor if one of FDR's advisors said we should retaliate by attacking Mexico – this nonsense in Iraq, this bloody nonsense is just the beginning.

The end is not too far away.

Please help.

Please feel free to comment on this!

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