Monday, September 27, 2004

Progressives Or Democrats?

On September 23, Working Assets sent me three ActForChange actions that they wanted me to take.

The first was to write to my senators asking them to join with other members of congress to release the CIA National Intelligence Estimate to the public so that the American people can see for themselves that progress in Iraq is not being made.

In fact, the report, given to the president, presented him with three possible scenarios for Iraq. They range from the continued quagmire in which we are steeped to all out civil war. None of the scenarios are positive.

Yet, the president is telling the American people that progress in Iraq is being made and that democracy is “on the march.”

I did not hesitate to send the letters to my senators. The American people deserve the truth from the president.

The second action they wanted me to take was to urge an investigation into the ethics practices of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Although I can not support any unethical activities of DeLay, Working Assets is proving, through this request, that it is more a Democratic Party apologist than it is a real progressive group.

The unethical conduct by DeLay consists of “illegal fundraising and trading legislative advantages for corporate contributions.”

If Working Assets would urge congress to move against any and all of its members who trade “legislative advantages for corporate contributions”, I would take action.

Unfortunately, it would be almost impossible for Working Assets to urge such a thing. If we urged congress to take action against such legislators, congress, for the most part, would have to impeach itself.

When are MoveOn, Working Assets, FAIR, Air America and other so called progressive organizations truly going to become progressive organizations and cease to be Democratic Party apologists?

MoveOn is a superior money raising organization. It should be using its talent to support The Green Party of the United States of America, not the Democrats. As I’ve written here before, The Republicans and Democrats are two arms of the same party.

Kerry’s stand on Iraq is the best proof of that.

This has to become clear when the goal is to vote against a certain candidate instead of voting for one.

Kerry gives us a corporate bought and sold candidate who, because of the arcane electoral system in the US, is the only candidate that has a realistic chance of fulfilling the goal of “anybody but Bush”.

I will vote for Kerry, but I feel that I’ve sacrificed my democracy by doing so.

Thirdly, Working Assets wants me to speak out against developing Utah’s Wild Lands for the purpose of drilling for oil.

I think that’s an admirable goal.

However, I can use the same argument for not speaking out against that development as I used in refusing to urge congress to act against DeLay.

The Democrats and Republicans are two arms of the same party.

Until progressive organizations such as Working Assets and the others I mentioned above truly begin to support progressive candidates, drilling will happen.

How much clearer can it be? Our government, our legislature and, unfortunately, consequently, our judicial system are all owned by corporations.

I will not speak out against the drilling because I don’t believe these so called “progressive” organizations are any more than Democratic Party apologists and The Democrats are as bought and sold by The Corporacracy as the Republicans are.

So this merely gives me one more chance to ask MoveOn, Working Assets, Air America, etc. to become the progressive organizations that they claim to be.

Let’s make The Democrats and Republicans obsolete.

It’s time for that starting over that Jefferson wrote so eloquently about.

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