Saturday, July 31, 2004

What To Hold Kerry To If He’s Elected

I have started a new journal. I call it “What To Hold Kerry To If He’s Elected”.

My first entry is from a daily email I receive from “The Center for American Progress” that’s called “Progress Report”. The entry was in the “Progress Report” of July 30, 2004:

“KERRY PUSHES NEW TECHNOLOGY THAT BUSH IS CUTTING: Kerry said he would seriously increase funding for alternative energy research. This is a stark contrast to the current administration. In his very first presidential budget, Bush proposed cutting $277 million out of renewable energy research, while spending an additional $2 billion on coal-related programs. His FY2004 budget tried to "slash funding for numerous clean energy and energy efficiency programs, including funding for bioenergy, wind and geothermal electricity sources." Those cuts "were announced less than a week after the president announced his goal of energy independence in the State of the Union address." While the president has announced efforts to fund a hydrogen car, he took the money to pay for the program out of efforts to develop more fuel efficient vehicles in the short-term. Even the Bush tax cuts included provisions that make the energy situation worse. His latest tax bill included a provision creating a $100,000 tax writeoff for large SUVs like the Hummer (which gets just 10 miles to the gallon). Meanwhile, similar tax benefits for hybrids remain paltry.” (from “Progress Report”, “Center for American Progress”)

If Kerry is elected, I will look back on this and quotes like it to see if Kerry really follows through. If he doesn’t, I expect his present day supporters to join me in calling him on it, protesting his misleading the American public and beginning their support for his defeat for reelection in 2008.

Basically, I’m sick and tired of transparent partisan publishing, whether it’s Rush Limbaugh on the right or Randy Rhodes on the left.

Is it too much to ask talk radio hosts to call it as it is rather than to stick to party lines and make excuses?

We need to make the Repulicrats obsolete and start anew with a legitimate "third" party.

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