Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The United World of The Corporacracy

That's right, my friends, those of you who don't read this blog may not have heard of the word "Corporacracy". You may have heard of the word "Corportacracy", a word coined by Mussilini to define fascism.

The word "Corporacracy" has been used by the likes of Ralph Nader and me to describe our form of government in the Former United States of America (the FUSA). We no longer live in a Republic, a Democracy, a Republican Democracy or a Democratic Republic. We live in what was once known as The United States of America and are just one colony in a much larger entity. This entity is global and the government is a corporacracy.

What is a corporacracy? I never thought you'd ask.

Corporacracy (co-por-AC-racy)
n. pl. co•por•ac-racies

1. A word combining "corporation" and "aristocracy".
2. Government by CEOs and top executives of global corporations.
3. Global corporations, considered the primary source of political power.
4. Wealth rules
5. The principles of gross financial inequality and fear of global corporations.
6. The reason the top 5% of the population control over 40% of the wealth.
7. A government that, by blatant disregard for humanity and the environment, is causing the American "middle class" to shrink, fading into an almost poverty level existence. They do this by taking advantage of the "middle class’s" apathy and its addiction to fossil fuels.
8. A government that buys figure head leaders, known as "presidents". These "leaders" are called Republicans and Democrats. Members of the shrinking "middle class" still embrace a fantasy which leads them to write editorial letters debating the differences between the two "parties". They are still under the false impression that there are only two "political" parties existing in the US.
9. The Corporacracy controls colonies in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. It’s sole rule of governance is to create money which creates more money.

When you type “Corporacracy” into a word document and it’s underlined because it’s not in the Word dictionary, choose “Add” instead of “Ignore”. It is, after all, the sole governing body on the planet.

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“Our ‘neoconservatives’ are neither new nor conservative, but old as Bablyon and evil as Hell.” – Edward Abbey

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Anonymous said...

by Erick Northsman revised ,3 July 2008

Of all experience. That ever existed . An all. That will ever exist. Every experience is unique, to the receiver. Mental stimulation. Inducing, action, Causing chemical exchanges. Between information processors. Of various life forms.

A description of our thought process that is accepted in this time & space, of human existence here on planet Earth. Humans have memory ! They can analyze memory. They can use the information. To Make calculated Judgments’ and decisions, resulting in, “objectives “. Allowing chemical exchange, within the information processor, induces , “Goals & Objectives” , Out of nothing more then a single thought.

This is absolutely correct. There is not one human on Planet Earth. That can prove the afore mentioned statement false….! . So, the receiver of this statement has to engage thought, as to reality. That the above stated fact, has not. Changed since the beginning of time.

Everything ever created by humans . Started as a thought. Chemical exchanges engaged by thought. Stimulated by , processes, within the brain. Out of nothing more then, impact. Of a significant, emotional event. That engrains memory . Out of less than thin air.

One thought, has created the largest * Corporacracy * of Power, anywhere. Ever known to exist. Our Government is what *they* decide! Have you been fooled ?

The above statement is absolutely correct. Meaning, all combined wealth of Corporations, as a majority. Control the largest quantity, of power. That ever existed .. Which means. The * Corporacracy * erases, nations’ , borders and steals sovereignty of the people. With objectives to expunge any reason for patriotism !

This statement is more factual. Than what is stated on the back of , U.S. Dollar bills. “ In God “ We” Trust ”.

Be grateful . To your Master .

**Condensed definition
* corporaracy: Functions independently. Controlling others. For separate purposes. To produce wealth and power. Achieving the ultimate master slave relation ship within a monetary exchange system of labor. Inducing government function. Producing predetermined results. Master controller of all that can be controlled ..…

Anonymous said...


There is a LIE being perpetrated against all U.S. Military Personal. It is the Verbal assumption that your job is protecting if you are ordered to traing or duty for the Military. That is a lie.
I have proof of this(seasoned) and there are thousands of x-military personal that have similar stories.

Corporacracy always wins. A soldier will be crushed squeezed and formed to fit the needs of all desires of Corporacracy. If corporacracy chooses not to re-employ you that is just how it will be.

The Secretary of Defense so far has failed. My case is the largest, long term failure of the Department of Defense to enforce their so-called law, which I can recall. I joined the Army in 1971.

The U.S. Attorney could not even enforce the so-called law backed with a signed confession from the corporation on the corporations stationary and signed in original.

Let there not be one soldier live to think his job is or will be protected, because he chooses duty before corporaracy. American Government will not save the blood of your labor income. There will be no penalty for the wrong doings of any corporation when it comes to soldiers re-gaining their job after being ordered to duty...

Any Questions ? Contact: