Saturday, June 26, 2004

Why Nader?

Not long after al Quaida flew jets into The World Trade Center and The Pentagon, “understanding, tolerant progressives” were pontificating, “Instead of hating the Muslim world, we should be asking ‘Why do they hate us?’”

Analogously, progressives, instead of writing vitriolic missives about Ralph Nader’s candidacy, imploring him to give up the ghost, telling him that his candidacy may well mean another four years of the delusional George W. Bush and his band of imperialists, should be asking why the polls show that 7% of the voters interviewed prefer him over John Kerry.

Surely, one couldn’t make the case that those polled really want another four years of a Bush theocracy. Surely, one couldn’t, in one’s wildest dreams, think that those polled support Bush’s push toward world hegemony.

So, if John Kerry is a progressive and worthy of the votes of 7% of those who surely consider themselves progressives and would never “spoil” the chance of putting a true progressive in The White House, then why are they taking the chance of doing just that?

7% of those polled are the messengers and Kerry and his supporters are ignoring the message. And, yes, they are using their keyboards and airways to shoot the messengers.

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