Tuesday, June 22, 2004

An Open Letter to Progressives

According to the most recent polls, there is a growing number of Americans who no longer support the George W. Bush's war in Iraq. This could be very good news for Bush’s presumptive challenger, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, Kerry’s goals for Iraq almost line up perfectly with those of Bush. The goal of each man is to stay in Iraq until Iraq is unified and secure. Each man says that failure is not an option.

Staying in Iraq will do nothing more than perpetuate the killing of more Americans and many, many more Iraqis.

Each man is wrong in saying that failure is not an option. The minute that our military set foot in Iraq under the false pretext that Iraq possessed so called weapons of mass destruction, we failed. Failure has already happened. Neither Senator Kerry nor Bush can undo that.

Failure continues to happen each time a human being dies in Iraq as a result of the combat.

Failure continues to happen each time an American civilian is mutilated in Iraq.

Failure continues to happen each time an Iraqi is wrongly imprisoned.

Failure continues to happen each time an Iraqi POW is tortured.

We have already failed. It’s not an option. It’s a reality.

Senator Kerry supported the strike. Like Bush, he is behaving as if freeing the people from the rule of Saddam Hussein was our reason for attacking Iraq.

Senator Kerry supports almost every budgetary increase that Bush asks for to fund the war in Iraq.

Senator Kerry has not articulated a time line for withdrawing our troops from Iraq.

The only difference between Kerry and Bush is that Kerry says he will include NATO in the bloodletting. Bush tried that and it didn’t work. Does Kerry have more money to offer NATO?

Those “progressive” organizations that so passionately support Kerry point to his domestic agenda.

Kerry supports “free” trade. He has yet to say he will withdraw from NAFTA, GATT or any other organization that diminishes the American middle class and keeps poor nations poor.

He’ll find it difficult to implement any other domestic programs if he, like Bush, continues to throw the American budget at an illegal, lost cause in Iraq.

A person who wishes to be known as a “progressive” should be doing everything and anything to urge other progressives to vote for a true progressive candidate. Right now, Nader looks like the only alternative. Is a vote for Nader a vote for Bush? Maybe.

As I see it, a vote for Kerry is just as much a vote for Bush. True progressives could never in good conscience support George W. Bush with a different face and a different voice. Senator John Kerry is not a peace candidate. He will be, like Bush, a War President.

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